Cory Wade Hindorff’s Sassiest “Top Model” Moments

cory tyra top model

Cory sits with G Philly for an interview at El Vez.

Cycle 20 of America’s Next Top Model comes to an end tonight and a new top model will be crowned. Tyra has breathed new life into this season of the reality show by adding male models in the mix, and we’re all chomping at the bit to see if one of the boys — particularly a certain fellow from our neck of the woods — will scoop up the big prize.

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SMIZE QUEEN: Frazzled Kitties, Horny Elephants and an Elimination Twist

The Girl Who Gets Kissed on an Elephant

At the top of the episode, Tyra surpises the models by gathering them for a much-needed therapy sesh, or what she calls chakra-aligning. When Marvin breaks down in tears, Tyra consoles his weepy ways by giving him the confidence boost he so desperately needs. Throughout the rest of the session, Jourdan unveils her deep insecurities; Cory gushes over Momma Tyra, reminding her that the gays love her; and Jeremy scores some pointers on what to do with his buff bod. (I’ll tell you what you can do with that buff bod!) Then things come to a halt when the emotional tension between Nina and Chris is revealed, leaving Nina even more of a frazzled-puss than ever before. Poor kitty.

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SMIZE QUEEN: The Models Go to Bali

The Guy Who Has a Panic Attack

We’re getting pretty far into Cycle 20 of Top Model, which can only mean one thing: A trip! This season, Tyra sent the remaining models to the tropical oasis of Bali, a place that she said transformed her life. Does that mean we’ll see big changes in the TM house? Or will things continue in their regular high-drama fashion? Lo-cal brownie points to whomever guessed the latter.

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