NFC East Roundup: Cowboys On the Brink

Photo courtesy: USA Today Sports Images.

Photo: USA Today Sports.

We’ve eclipsed the halfway point of the Eagles’ season, and the NFC East continues to be a bunched-up mess of a division, with just two games separating first and third place.

Here’s a look around the division in the aftermath of a busy Week 9. Read more »

Eagle Eye: Dez Bryant Is Back, And Dangerous

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

When the Eagles lost to the Cowboys in Week 2, they faced Tony Romo, but not Dez Bryant.

This time around, the Birds will face Bryant but not Romo, which obviously lessens the potency of the quarterback-receiver one-two punch.

Still, Malcolm Jenkins and company would be unwise to underestimate the impact that Bryant can have on an offense, even when handicapped by a quarterback like Matt Cassel.

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: Dallas, Dez And Darren

Tony Romo and Jason Garrett. (USA Today Sports)

Tony Romo and Jason Garrett. (USA Today Sports)

It’s not difficult to determine when the Cowboys’ season took a turn for the worst. After Tony Romo left their Week 2 game in Philadelphia injured, Dallas lost five consecutive games.

“There’s no question about it: Having a good quarterback improves your chances of winning and Tony has been a really good quarterback for us for a number of years,” Jason Garrett told Eagles reporters yesterday. “It’s always a team effort; it’s always a collaborate effort; you always win as a team and lose as a team, but certainly that position is significant.”

After Jordan Hicks hurt Romo in the Eagles’ first division matchup of the season, Brandon Weeden finished the game by completing all seven of his passes for 73 yards and one touchdown. After that, however, Weeden threw more interceptions than touchdowns in his next three games. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Reader Mailbag

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

The first game of the season provided us with several answers about the Eagles, but it also brought up even more questions after their up-and-down performance. You can always email us or comment on our Facebook page, but follow us on Twitter so you know when we’re looking for submissions for the next reader mailbag.

One quick note before I dive in: I was most frequently asked about why the Eagles didn’t take more shots down the field against Atlanta, which is something I discuss in my All-22 later this morning. Read more »

Kelly: Romo the Key To Dallas’ Offense

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Would Chip Kelly rather face Dez Bryant and know what to game plan for, or not face Bryant and have to game plan a little more?

“I’d say the latter,” Kelly told reporters with a grin Wednesday. “[Bryant]’s really good. Put a little bit more on the coaches and a little bit less on covering Dez? I think we’ll be up for that. We can figure out what they set in the game and get a chance to match it. We just know he won’t be playing.”

Kelly talked a lot about how the Dallas offense will look without Bryant, who is out for anywhere between four and eight weeks with a broken foot. He acknowledged that losing a big playmaker like Bryant will obviously affect the Cowboys in that they have one fewer receiver, but pointed out that Tony Romo — “one of the best quarterbacks in the league” right now, according to Kelly — has plenty of other weapons at his disposal.

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Wake-Up Call: How Sunday Affects the Eagles

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports.

Like many of you, I spent most of my Sunday watching NFL games. Although the Eagles don’t kick off their season until tonight, the other three NFC East teams were in action.

Let’s take a look at how the rest of the division fared in their opening games. Read more »

NFC East Roundup: Is RG3 Done?

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Washington Redskins

Two years ago, Robert Griffin III was the toast of the nation’s capital, but after a pair of injury-plagued seasons, it’s worth considering whether 2015 is a do-or-die campaign for the Heisman winner.

Rich Tandler takes it a step further, wondering if Griffin is done: Read more »

NFC East Roundup: Super Bowl And Draft Predictions

Eagles Draft 2015
Photo Credit: Kirby Lee - USA Today

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee – USA Today

With less than a week to go until the start of the 2015 NFL Draft, let’s take a final look at mock drafts for the other NFC East teams.

But first, a couple players from around the division have been making some predictions of their own for the 2015 season. Read more »

NFC East Roundup: Cowboys At It Again?

Tony Romo, Robert Griffin IIIHere is a look at what is happening elsewhere in the NFC East.

Andrew Brandt of is worried the Cowboys are once again spending their money frivolously:

[Tony] Romo’s 2013 contract extension, with a $25 million bonus prorated over the life of the deal, was negotiated knowing there would be future cap consequences. At that time, we could only hope that the Cowboys would not revisit it for several years, allowing the future stacked proration to settle down as the contract went.

So much for that.

Less than a year after signing that deal, the Cowboys converted $12.5 million of Romo’s 2014 salary into a prorated signing bonus to push out future cap charges. Now, a year after that restructure, the Cowboys have done it again, converting $16 million of Romo’s 2015 salary into another prorated signing bonus, adding another $12.8 million to the already stacked amounts of proration in the coming years. Romo now carries the highest amount of potential dead money—cap charges that will remain if Romo and the Cowboys part ways—of any player in NFL history. Though the possibility is remote, the amount of dead money acceleration would be $46 million if the Cowboys and Romo were to somehow part this year. That amount reduces to $32 million next year and $19.6 million in 2017, making Romo, for all intents and purposes, uncuttable and untradeable until then.

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