3 Specific Questions for Tom Wolf

York businessman Tom Wolf during a Democratic gubernatorial candidates forum Tuesday Feb. 4, 2014  in Philadelphia.  AP Photo | Jacqueline Larma

York businessman Tom Wolf during a Democratic gubernatorial candidates forum Tuesday Feb. 4, 2014 in Philadelphia. AP Photo | Jacqueline Larma

This isn’t an election. It’s a coronation.

Unless something very game-changing happens these last few weeks before the November 4th election, Tom Wolf will beat Tom Corbett for governor. It won’t be close. And really, that’s as it should be — not because Democrats are awesome and Republicans are stinky, but because Corbett has plainly governed Pennsylvania for four years in a manner that almost no one (including most Republicans, according to polls) finds all that pleasing.

But let’s not pretend that Tom Wolf has somehow earned the governorship. He made one very smart tactical move early: He spent lots of money on advertising before his chief rivals for the Democratic nomination could get out of the gate — and has never held a less-than-surmountable lead over both his primary and general election opponents since then. It would be unfair to say his campaign is on cruise control — it’s clearly not — but it’s also not really required to break a sweat most days.

Wolf went too far this week, though, in a moment noticed by John Micek at the Patriot-News:

Asked whether he will have to get more specific about the proposals, Wolf said his push during the debate was to highlight Corbett’s shortcomings in job creation, fiscal management and education funding and that those are the areas that should be talked about.

“I think the specificity is on his (Corbett’s) shoulders,” Wolf said.

Micek’s response: “Sorry … run that past us again? It’s up to the other guy to discuss the specifics of his plans — but you get a pass on yours?”

Exactly. So. In the interest of producing a bit more specificity before the election, here are three questions for Wolf:

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Pa. Governor’s Race: Wolf Keeps Big Lead Over Corbett in Latest Poll

Tom Wolf, the Democratic candidate for governor, continues to hold a huge lead over Republican Gov. Tom Corbett in the latest Franklin & Marshall poll. Wolf leads Corbett 49 percent to 31 percent among Pennsylvania’s registered voters and has a larger lead (54-34 percent) among self-reported likely voters.

About 1 in 5 voters are undecided.

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GOP Flier Links Wolf With Gosnell

Newsworks reports that the Pennsylvania GOP is sending out a flier linking Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf to murderous “House of Horrors” abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell.

Wolf, the flier says, wants “to turn back the clock to the days when abortionists like Gosnell were able to commit atrocities without oversight.” Wolf has condemned the ad.
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Tom Corbett: “Dead Man Walking”


The news isn’t getting any better for the governor:

Corbett is down 24 percentage points to Wolf, according to a Quinnipiac University Poll of 1,161 likely voters. With less than two months until the Nov. 4 election, Corbett has virtually no chance of closing the gap that shows 59 percent of voters support Wolf, compared with 35 percent of voters who support Corbett, said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac poll.

“He is dead man walking,” Malloy said.

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Magazine Says Pa. Governor Race Is “Likely Democratic”


Less than two months to the election, and Tom Wolf’s defeat of Tom Corbett is increasingly looking like a sure thing.

PoliticsPA points to Governing magazine, which every year offers election forecasts. The magazine has changed its forecast of the Pennsylvania governor’s race from “leaning Democratic” to “likely Democratic,” and seems likely to be the only Republican-held governorship to change hands this year.
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