What Governor Tom Wolf Means for Philadelphia

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Four years of Tom Corbett have, to put it mildly, been rough on Philadelphia. Chaos in the state-managed and largely state-funded school district. Cuts to social services that Philly’s high-poverty population rely on heavily. A general sense that the city’s worries and challenges were not a priority for a Republican governor from the other side of the state.

Well, Corbett is finished, in significant part because 88 percent of Philly voters cast their ballots for Wolf.

So how will the city fare with Governor Tom Wolf, a progressive Democrat, running Pennsylvania?

Better, probably, but not nearly as well as many imagine.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Our New Governor

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Photo | Jeff Fusco

In September, Philadelphia magazine’s own Steve Volk profiled a man with an even shorter name than him: Tom Wolf. The article, “Perfect Stranger,” was a close look at the man who many don’t know much about even after almost 1.9 million Pennsylvanians voted for him on Tuesday.

Here are five quotes from Volk’s fall profile to keep in mind when Wolf begins his term next year.

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Live Coverage of 2014 Election Returns

Tom Wolf at a recent campaign rally with President Obama. Photo  | Jeff Fusco

Tom Wolf at a recent campaign rally with President Obama. Photo | Jeff Fusco

Follow the 2014 election returns with live tweeting from Patrick (@pkerkstra) Kerkstra and Joel (@JoelMMathis) Mathis, who’ve commandeered the Philly Mag Twitter account.

Five Predictions for Tomorrow’s Election


Predicting this year’s election results isn’t that hard. But perhaps more important than the returns are the reasons behind the vote, since understanding the electorate’s mindset provides insight into what direction the country will take.

The American people have always accepted their government not being efficient. After all, democracy — free people governing themselves — is not a particularly efficient system. Just the best.

But for whatever reason, things have become exponentially worse. Now, there is a pervasive feeling that we have returned to the Jimmy Carter years, where nothing seems to work because the system is utterly broken.

Examples abound: the Obamacare website failure was a multibillion dollar fiasco; the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s website repeatedly crashed after the recent airbag recall; the CDC’s response to Ebola was fraught with amateur mistakes; NASA cancelled the shuttle program without a replacement, and its latest rocket exploded in spectacular fashion; the immigration crisis continues unimpeded; and the Secret Service’s multiple failures, including its inability to literally lock the front door to the White House, makes them look like the Keystone Kops. And the list goes on.

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Tom Wolf Will Use Tax Dollars to Pay for “Gender Experimentation,” Warns ACTION of PA

You’ve just got to laugh at some of the ridiculous—and really quite offensive—election propaganda that’s floating around out there right now. Check out this doozy of a press release I just received from ACTION of PA, “a group of concerned Christian men and women who have joined together to help promote the election of men and women to local, state, and national offices who will support Judeo/Christian principles on which our nation was founded.” The last-minute word of warning to Pennsylvania voters says that Tom Wolf will use state tax dollars to pay for sex-change operations, or as the ACTION of PA puts it “gender experimentation.”

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WATCH: Philly Boy Band Serenades Obama at Philly Campaign Stop

President Obama was at Temple University yesterday stumping for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf. While backstage in the green room, the President was treated to a ditty from Philly soul group Brotherly Love, who sang a five-song set at the rally. According to NBC 10, group members asked Obama if they could sing him a song and he not only said yes but he bopped and clapped right along with them, telling the group that they’ve “got a really great single there.”

“He was stoked,” 21-year-old group member King Kasheef told NBC 10. “He’s a genuine guy. Exactly the same as you hear him speak. He’s definitely a stand-up guy.”

Check out the video above, and read more about the group’s experience here.

PHOTOS: Barack Obama and Tom Wolf at Temple University


President Barack Obama was at Temple University yesterday stumping for gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf. Pennsylvania’s Democratic machinery, including State Senator Mike Stack, Mayor Michael Nutter, U.S. Senator Bob Casey, U.S. Representative Chaka Fattah, and Wolf’s one-time opponent for the nomination, former Pa. Department of Environmental Protection Secretary and former chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, Katie McGinty turned out.

Jeff Fusco was on the scene, as well as at a Tom Wolf campaign stop at the 52nd Street ShopRite on Saturday.

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