Gov. Wolf Wants to Decriminalize Marijuana

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Good news for N.A. Poe: Gov. Tom Wolf says he is in favor of decriminalizing pot.

“I believe, for a number of reasons, that we ought to decriminalize marijuana use,” Wolf told Pittsburgh TV station WPXI. “I think our prisons are over-crowded as a result of people going to jail for reasons that, you know, we break up families for reasons that we shouldn’t.”

He added: “We destroy lives and we make it hard to find employment. So often right now possession of a small amount is a felony and an employer looks at that and dismisses (the person) automatically.”

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Penn State Students to Tom Wolf: Help End “Epidemic” of Campus Sex Assault


They’ve called out the mighty Penn State administration. They’ve organized rallies in support of women who were allegedly pictured nude and unconscious on websites run by the school’s Kappa Delta Rho chapter. And now, they’re knocking on Gov. Tom Wolf‘s door.

Penn State senior Lauren Lewis and alumnus Josephine Rose met Friday with John Hanger, Wolf’s secretary of policy and planning, to urge the him “to do everything possible within his authority to ensure that campus sexual assault survivors are supported and protected.”

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Pa. Senate Committee to Vote on Medical Marijuana Today

A Pennsylvania Senate committee is expected to approve a bill legalizing medical marijuana today; the bill then goes to the full Senate, where it is also expected to pass.

The same thing happened last year — only to founder in the House, and this year’s version of the House is more conservative than last year’s. But the bill’s main backer, Sen. Daylin Leach, tells PennLive the bill is better positioned than last year.

Given how late the Senate’s vote came last year, Leach said he’s more optimistic that the early start will help the bill’s chances this year. Also, the timing means medical marijuana could become part of a compromise on the budget.

“It will be another thing, as we’re trying to get everything done, that’s on the plate now,” he said.

Another advantage for Leach. Then-Gov. Tom Corbett long opposed medical marijuana implementation, but new Gov. Tom Wolf has said he will sign a bill if it reaches his desk.

Pa. State Police Will Carry Anti-Overdose Drug

Gov. Tom Wolf formally announced today that Pennsylvania State Police will start carrying a drug that helps reverse heroin overdoses.

Naloxone — also known as Narcan — will be carried in hopes of reversing an ugly trend: Heroin and opioid overdoses are the leading cause of accidental death in Pennsylvania, reportedly killing as many as 2,400 people in the state in 2013. Read more »

Governor Wolf Draws Up Petition for LGBT Anti-Discrimination Bill in Pennsylvania

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The worrisome passage of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) has elicited a lot of responses in people—from calls to ban travel to the state to outright protests. Yesterday, lawmakers in Harrisburg sent a letter to Governor Tom Wolf, asking him to take a stand against RFRA, and today he has responded by drawing up a petition calling on PA legislators to support a law that would protect Pennsylvanians from ever being subjected to a discriminatory religious freedom law. As you may have heard, we live in a state where it is legal to fire someone or kick someone out of their home or a place of business for being gay. Wolf has said he would sign a bill protecting LGBT people from discrimination, but, unfortunately, no such bill exists.

Last year’s legislative session saw the introduction of House and Senate bills 300, which would protect LGBT people in the state of Pennsylvania from discrimination. Even though the bills had support on both sides of the party lines, the session ended without any definitive votes being cast. So far, this year’s session hasn’t seen any such bills, which is why Wolf is calling on lawmakers to get the ball rolling.

In an email sent out Thursday morning, he wrote:

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Governor Wolf Urged to Do More in Response to Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act [Updated]

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

UPDATE: A representative from Wolf’s office, responded to the original article with this statement: “What happened in Indiana is wrong, and Governor Wolf knows we need to advance equality right here in Pennsylvania. Indiana’s actions should serve as a call for Pennsylvania to pass non-discrimination legislation right now. All people—regardless of sexual orientation—should be treated equally under Pennsylvania law. This fundamental right is essential, and it is the very principle on which our Commonwealth was founded by William Penn, who envisioned a Pennsylvania that is open, diverse, and inclusive for all people. Now is the time for real progress.”

ORIGINAL: Members of Pennsylvania’s LGBT Equality Caucus in Harrisburg hand-delivered a letter to Governor Tom Wolf this afternoon in response to the anti-gay Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in Indiana.

The letter, signed by Senators Daylin Leach, Vincent Hughes and Larry Farnese and Representative Dan Frankel, urges Wolf to “to stand with the people of Indiana and the nation in making it clear that this sort of law is unacceptable.”

Until an online town hall event yesterday, Wolf hadn’t spoken publicly about RFRA. At that event he said that he has “continued to support equal protection for people in the LGBT community in Pennsylvania,” and called equal protection “absolutely essential.”

Words are one thing, but the LGBT Equality Caucus is asking for action. In the closing paragraphs of their letter, they write “While many of our municipalities have passed their own anti-discrimination ordinances, many of our citizens still have no legal protection against the sort of bigotry that results in people being denied service by private companies. We urge you to redouble your efforts to work with the legislature to pass an [LGBT anti-discrimination] bill that you have already said you will sign.”

Read the full letter below.

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Council to Nutter: Find Your $105 Million Somewhere Else

Philadelphia City Council  | Photo Credit: City Council's Flickr page

Philadelphia City Council | Photo Credit: City Council’s Flickr page

Close, but no cigar, Mayor Michael Nutter.

That was the general message from Council members at their hearing Tuesday on Nutter’s five-year fiscal plan, the first budget hearing of the season.

Lawmakers said they expect to provide additional money to the city’s cash-starved school district, but not in the way the mayor has suggested. In response to a request from school officials for an extra $103 million, Nutter has proposed raising property taxes by 9 percent in order to send slightly more than that, $105 million, to the district.

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Embattled State Police Nominee Gets Democratic Support

State Sen. Vincent Hughes has thrown his support behind Gov. Tom Wolf’s embattled nominee to lead the Pennsylvania State Police.

Hughes endorsed Marcus Brown Wednesday, after reports that Brown had received a racist letter opposing his candidacy for the job. Opponents have complained that, as acting director of the agency, Brown has worn the state police uniform even though he didn’t graduate from the agency’s academy. Brown’s predecessor typically wore a suit on the job. Read more »

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