Want to Be Governor of Pennsylvania? Steal This Idea from Alaska.

AP Photo | Ron Sachs

AP Photo | Ron Sachs

Hey Allyson Schwartz, if you want to break through and guarantee that you win the Democratic nomination to run for governor, have I got an idea for you. It’s loosely based on the philosophy of Sarah Palin, but don’t let that stop you.

You ready? Here goes. Pennsylvania is sitting on a mother lode of cash, right? The natural gas in the Marcellus Shale reserve is worth at least $2 trillion dollars.

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Tom Corbett Wants No Blame for Kathleen Kane’s Abandoned Sting

Tom Corbett has enough problems of his own. He doesn’t need to get on board Kathleen Kane’s sinking ship.

Gov. Corbett was, of course, one of Kane’s predecessors as attorney general. In fact, the sting operation that caught Philly Democrats taking cash payments started on his watch. Kane has suggested she was only the latest in a series of officials not to prosecute a bungled case.

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Corbett Primary Challenger to Stay on Ballot

PennLive reports: “Commonwealth Court Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt has ordered that conservative insurgent-turned-gubernatorial candidate Robert Guzzardi stays on the ballot in the May 20 Republican primary. Guzzardi, from Montgomery County, is not seen as a major threat to Corbett. But he promises to run a noisy campaign that could embarrass Corbett from the right at a time when the incumbent would love nothing more than to be consolidating his GOP support.”

Gov. Corbett Visits More PA Schools, Does Not Flee

Lehigh Valley Live reports: “Two Northampton County elementary schools made the grade today with Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett. Corbett visited the Wilson Area School District to present Williams Township and Wilson Borough elementary schools with the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Academics.”

He reportedly did not flee before being confronted with students or their parents.  That only happens in Philly.

(OK, we’ll move on from that joke now.)

Rob McCord Is Ready to Rumble


Of all the major candidates running for governor in Pennsylvania, Democrat Rob McCord is the one who seems like he might be happiest in a flat-out political brawl.

That tendency revealed itself again this week, when McCord criticized sitting Gov. Tom Corbett, calling Corbett’s alternative to a Medicaid expansion “boneheaded from beginning to end” and adding that Corbett doesn’t understand the state’s public pension system. For that, Corbett and the GOP decried McCord’s “bully tactics.”

“The fundamental tasks of the person who gets this job, meaning the job of the Democratic nominee for governor, the fundamental tasks are first, to actually win in November. To defeat and evict Tom Corbett,” McCord says. “And then second, to actually get good work done in my view, for working people primarily.”

McCord talked with Philly Mag this week about the campaign, his views, and his capacity to beat Corbett in November’s general election.

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Five Tips for Actually Meeting the Pope

Vatican Pope Family Meeting

Does it surprise you that Mayor Nutter and Governor Corbett were blown off by the pope? Doesn’t surprise me at all.

There’s a pecking order to life. You blow off the financial services guy who calls during dinner. A beautiful girl gets hit on by an average looking guy and opts for the quarterback instead. Even I, a lowly small business owner, am often asked to meet for coffee or lunch with people that want to “network” or “learn more” or “share ideas” and most of the time I just have to say no. We all have to choose how we spend our time. The pope could be meeting and hearing the pleas of mayors and governors from the cities, towns, provinces and protectorates of hundreds of countries every minute of the day. But he chooses not to.

Clearly, the pope visiting Philadelphia is something that could be handled at a lower level without taking up the Pontiff’s time. The decision didn’t require a private meeting between the man on earth closest to God and two dudes from Pennsylvania. A little groveling from them at a public session sufficed.

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