President Obama Will Be at Temple on Sunday

President Barack Obama will headline a campaign event for Tom Wolf on Sunday at Temple’s Liacouras Center. Sunday’s event is at 4 p.m. — so good on Wolf for making sure it does not conflict with Sunday’s 1 p.m. Eagles game. The election is next Tuesday.

Tickets to the Obama/Wolf rally at the Liacouras Center are free. They can be picked up at any one of Wolf’s district offices, including 1337 Castle Avenue in South Philly and 1212 Walnut Street downtown.

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Top 10 Pennsylvania Careers Destroyed or Damaged by the Jerry Sandusky Scandal


Now that Seamus McCaffery has retired from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, it’s worth asking: How many significant Pennsylvanians have had their careers destroyed or derailed because of the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State?

The line between Sandusky and McCaffery isn’t a straight one, of course, but: The “racy emails” that ultimately led to his suspension then retirement were discovered by Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s office as it investigated whether her predecessor, Tom Corbett, had done a sufficient job of investigating the Sandusky case in the first place. No Sandusky, no Kane investigation, and maybe McCaffery is spending this week on the bench instead of vacating it.

Here are the Top 10 careers that have been destroyed or damaged, either directly or indirectly, by the Sandusky scandal, ranked by a combination of their relative importance to the entire state and the damage done to their careers. As you can see, the fallout has spread beyond Penn State and fairly widely across several branches of Pennsylvania state government.
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Tom Corbett Signs Anti-Mumia “Revictimizing” Bill

At the site where Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner was shot and killed in 1981, Gov. Tom Corbett today signed a bill today that would let crime victims sue convicts for seeking publicity or money. The bill is a direct response to Mumia Abu-Jamal, giving a graduation speech at Goddard College earlier this month.

Even people with only a cursory understanding of the legal system can guess this bill is on incredibly shaky footing — two lawyer friends of mine called it “laughably unconstitutional” — and will end up in the courts sooner rather than later. Last week Joel Mathis called the bill’s language “so broad as to be meaningless” and “a violation of the First Amendment.” Andy Hoover, legislative director of the ACLU of Pennsylvania, agreed.

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What Happened to 93,000 Pennsylvania Workers?

Let us first acknowledge the good news: There are more people employed in Pennsylvania than there were a year ago. There are fewer unemployed. The unemployment rate, as a result, is 5.7 percent — a number that sounds almost normal for a normal economy.

If Gov. Corbett wants to take a victory lap, we can’t blame him.


There’s one number in today’s labor statistics that is really bothersome, and it’s this: There are 93,000 fewer Pennsylvanians seeking work now than there were a year ago.

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Tom Corbett’s Campaign Photoshopped Him Next to a Black Woman


The above image is at the bottom of every page on Tom Corbett’s campaign website. But it turns out these smiling people were not all happy because they were meeting Tom Corbett: Some were happy because they were being paid to be in stock photographs.

Buzzfeed reported last night on the black woman directly next to Corbett, identifying her as a woman in the “Financial Advisor Talking To Senior Couple At Home” photo on Shutterstock (see below).

The Photoshopped black woman is what websites are leading with, generally, because it’s funny anD it makes a good contrast with some of Corbett’s quotes. And the Corbett campaign eventually ’fessed up, admitting the woman was Photoshopped into the footer image.

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Four Charts That Show Tom Corbett Doesn’t Understand Pennsylvania’s Economy

What? Me worry?

What? Me worry?

Tom Corbett seems determined to end his governorship the same way he arrived: By blaming the poor for their inability to find good work in Pennsylvania. 

He did it again this week, in a meeting with the PennLive editorial board, saying more people could find work in the state if only the could pass pre-employment drug screenings.

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Corbett Says Natural Gas Tax May Be in Future


After years of resisting a tax on natural gas production in the state, Gov. Tom Corbett now says a tax is an option. He does, however, have an alternative method of doing so in mind.

Rather than tax all the gas extracted in Pennsylvania, Corbett proposes to tax only the gas transported within the state, according to StateImpact Pennsylvania. Because the federal government regulates interstate pipelines, Corbett’s tax would be limited to pipelines contained entirely within the state.

“Maybe the tax instead of being at the wellhead, should be in the transmission line,” Corbett told StateImpact. “Now we can probably only tax it in the transmission line that is intrastate because if it goes into interstate, that is a Washington issue.”
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The Newest Member of the Clintons Is a Philadelphia Eagles Fan

Chelsea Clinton, second from right, leaves Manhattan's Lenox Hill hospital with her newborn baby, Charlotte, husband Marc Mezvinsky, left, mother Hillary Clinton, partly visible, second from left, and father Bill Clinton, in New York, Monday, Sept. 29, 2014. Charlotte was born Friday, Sept. 26, 2014.

Chelsea Clinton, second from right, leaves Manhattan’s Lenox Hill hospital with her newborn baby, Charlotte, husband Marc Mezvinsky, left, mother Hillary Clinton, partly visible, second from left, and father Bill Clinton, in New York, Monday, Sept. 29, 2014. Charlotte was born Friday, Sept. 26, 2014.

Last night, Hillary Clinton spoke at the National Constitution Center at a rally for Pennsylvania gubernatorial hopeful Tom Wolf. And we learned one very important fact about the Clintons: The newest Clinton is a fan of the Eagles.

Chelsea’s husband is Marc Mezvinsky, the son of Edward Mezvinsky and Marjorie Margolies. He’s From Here! One can only hope when Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky is inevitably President of the United States, she remembers to rule in a way that would best benefit the Philadelphia Eagles. Can the president request replay reviews? I think the president should get to request unlimited replay reviews.

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