Ladies’ Night: Bites & Flights Tonight at Time

LOGO bites&flightsHaving the title “Executive Chef” seems to be a generally male-dominated position in the culinary world — so Time restaurant has created a monthly series to celebrate the women of the local food and beverage industry.

Hosted by executive chef Mackenzie Hilton, Time, located at 1315 Sansom Street, debuts “Ladies’ Night: Bites & Flights,” featuring casual pairings of small plates and beverages and socializing with local ladies of the industry.

Chef Hilton will be collaborating with local female chefs, reps, brewers, barkeepers, distillers, farmers, entrepreneurs and more to help focus the series on the hardworking ladies in the industry. The restaurant is hoping for this event to become an opportunity to build a sense of community among Philly’s strong workforce of female movers and shakers.

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It’s Time for Back to the Future Day

Back to the future PartySince October 21, 2015, was the day Marty McFly arrived when he time-traveled in Back to the Future II, I’m sure most of us are pretty disappointed there are no real hoverboards or flying cars yet in 2015.

So, to make our presence in the future a little bit cooler, Time Restaurant, located at 1315 Sansom Street, is throwing a Back to the Future Party this Wednesday, packed with 80’s nostalgia and even better stuff than what the movie predicted.

From 9pm-1am, the 80’s inspired cover band Clock Radio will be performing in the restaurant’s venue, playing plenty of classic hits you’ll most likely know all the words to.

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This Is How Much Philly Has Changed In Three Decades–And It Continues to Do So

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Remember that mesmerizing slider that compared the Center City of 1965 with the one from 2014? Well, we stumbled upon an old CityLab post (old meaning two years ago) that highlighted an interactive time-lapse of various satellite images from NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey’s Landsat program. It gave us an idea…

According to CityLab, the Timelapse project–which Google has GIFs of!–is a venture between TIME, Google, NASA, USGS, and the CREATE Lab at Carnegie Mellon University. It’s meant as a kind of digital flip book that puts the “stunning change across the earth’s surface, in both our natural environments and our man-made ones” right before our eyes.

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Brian Manucci Fundraiser Will Happen This Sunday at Time

Brian Manucci was one of those people that everyone in the industry knew and loved. He helped open up Del Frisco’s and Route 6 and worked at tons of other places around town including Varalli and Perch Pub. One of the city’s old school waiters/bartenders, he recently had a heart attack and died while on vacation in Mexico.

Tim Heuisler and the staff at Time are holding a benefit on Sunday the 25th from 5 p.m. to close to try to raise money for his family to cover expenses and for homeless veterans. Brian had served for a number of years in the military.

Brian Manucci Obituary []

Side Project Jerky Does Pho

The broth’s flavor intensity is what does it for me, but to others, it could be another component. Maybe it’s the crunch from the Moyashi that contrasts so soundly with the delicate beef and supple noodles. Maybe it’s the thai chili’s heat cut by its tart lime counterpart. But most likely, it’s all of it. There’s a reason pho has the following it does — it’s a perfect mixture of ingredients, and its balance is unparalleled.

So when Marcos Espinoza (Side Project Jerky) and Chef Sean Magee (Executive chef at Time) ran into each other at a thrash metal concert, they threw a few back between sets, and parted ways when it was over. It wasn’t until Sean Magee saw that Espinoza had an interest in chef collaborations that he emailed Side Project with his idea. As a self-styled pho addict, he decided to create pho flavored jerky.

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Time for Fall

Its that time again, for fall menu additions at Time. Fall’s hearty flavors leave their mark on every part of Time’s menu. Check out chef Sean Magee’s  seasonal hearty appetizers like the Roasted Quail with foie gras stuffing, cherry gastrique sweet potato puree and puffed wild rice or the Risotto Balls with wild mushroom and truffle emulsion.

The theme continues into the entrees with autumn doused items like Acorn Squash with whipped tofu, seared wild mushrooms, cinnamon, star anise oil and ginger snap and the Smoked Rabbit with farmers cheese spaetzle and fall vegetables. In order to experience these fall flavors in full, opt for the five course tasting menu at $45, or the seven course at $65.

Time Fall 2012 Menu (PDF)

Time [Official Site]

Third Time the Charm for Time

Adam Erace revisits Time on Sansom Street after a less than stellar first impression. Now he’s back to see how the restaurant has changed under the tutelage of chef Sean Magee.

Magee takes risks, both on the nightly menu and in the five-course ($45) and seven-course ($65) tastings of on-the-fly caprices and percolating experiments. The risks don’t always pay off, but I’ll take one dud for every four inspired successes. That creative spirit is what makes Time more relevant as a dining destination than it ought to be, best exemplified by the Kung Pao bone marrow, a long canoe of jellied beef fat brushed, while roasting, with soy sauce and brown sugar and fortified with Szechuan peppercorns and Chinese chilies. Crushed peanuts, chopped scallions and shards of crystallized ginger released their essential oils over the hot marrow’s surface, creating another layer of flavor that drew me in bite after bite after bite. I loved the ginger in particular, sneaky little grenades of sugarcoated fire.

Third Time [City Paper]
Time Restaurant
[Official Site]

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