Major League Lacrosse Players Coming to Philly This Weekend for First Annual Courage Game

Major League lacrosse star Andrew Goldstein with Philly out youth and fellow lacrosse player Braeden.

Major League lacrosse players from around the country are convening in Philadelphia Sunday for the first annual Courage Game, held in conjunction with the NCAA Championship Weekend. The event was co-founded by two-time Dartmouth “All American” Andrew Goldstein and Washington-based coach Nick Welton to “encourage and support gay youth, rebuke bullying and promote wider education and awareness of LGBT equality within the sport of lacrosse.’

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Prince Theater to Begin Screening Movies This Weekend

Photo by Derek Brad

Photo by Derek Brad

Thanks to Philadelphia Film Society (PFS), the marquee is twinkling at Prince Theater again. The historic structure was bankrupt and all but extinct, when, in March, PFS swept in to save it. Since then, Prince Theater has rolled out some fine local entertainment, including a production by the Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus. This weekend, though, it’s gearing up for summer with its promised film programming, which will make it the only movie theater in Center City where you can catch a mainstream flick.

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Paine’s Park to Host Philly’s First Skate Festival This Weekend

Paine's Park

Paine’s Park image via Schuylkill Banks

On Saturday, skaters will be flipping and grinding at Paine’s Park — like they do every weekend. This will be special though, as this weekend the skatepark will be hosting its first-ever skate fest, Love on the Street Festival.

The LOTS Fest is free. The event includes skate demos, street art, food and skate vendors and a performance from the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts. On the XPN-sponsored Mad Dragon Stage, there will be musical performances from Radiator Hospital, Dogs on Acid, Moon Bounce, W.C. Lindsay, Jack Deezl, Clique and Mr. Sampson. If you’re wondering if any of these bands are appropriate for a skate festival, please just read some of these names. Dogs on Acid is such a cool band name it should probably exclusively play skate festivals. Read more »

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A Black, Lesbian Robot is Coming to Philly This Weekend



Philly Tech Week is officially upon us, which means we’re in store for a week’s worth of forward-thinking, innovation-driven events that give us a peek into what the world may look like 10 to 20 years from now.

As LGBT folks, when we look ahead we probably envision things like equal rights, a growing number of LGBT-parented families and maybe even a Cher farewell concert or two—but can you fathom sidling up to a bar next to a lesbian robot?

As you’ll learn from a couple Philly Tech Week events this weekend, the notion may not be as far off as we think. Tomorrow evening, Bruce Duncan of the Terasem Movement Foundation (TMF) will be in town to introduce folks to Bina48, a shockingly lifelike humanoid robot that was built to mimic human personality traits—including independent thought and emotion.

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