IN THE WINGS: A Conversation with Detroit Star Geneviève Perrier

Genevieve Perrier HeadshotMy name is … Geneviève Perrier. But if someone says Guinevere, Jean Vive, or Jonbenet, I usually look up.

I am …  an actor in Philadelphia currently playing Mary in Lisa D’Amour’s Detroit at the Philadelphia Theatre Company. I am not related to the Perrier bottled water empire.

I grew up … in Center City until age 11, then Blue Bell until I graduated from high school.

How would you describe Detroit in one sentence? A surprising, poetic dark comedy about change, the American dream, reality, and relationships.

In what way are you most like your character Mary? I too can be scared of change.

How are you different? I am not as controlling as she is.

To get into character for the show I … don’t have any particular ritual. I warm up, get into costume, and remind myself to “invent nothing, deny nothing, and stay in the moment.”

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IN THE WINGS: A Conversation with Great Expectations Star Josh Carpenter

Josh PhillyMag Image (1)

Josh Carpenter in “Great Expectations.” | Photo by Mark Garvin

My name is … Josh Carpenter and I am playing Pip in Great Expectations.

On opening night … I will eat far too many hors d’oeuvres.

My favorite part of Great Expectations is … watching the Mr. Wopsle players perform Hamlet.

To get into character for Great Expectations I … try to remember what it’s like to be a kid.

My favorite Dickens character is … impossible for me to pick right now, but I am in awe of the breadth and generosity of Dickens’ view of humanity.

If I lived in 1850’s London, I would be … dead now.

My first stage kiss … was in eighth grade, and I had very little experience with real kissing, so I’m sure I was extremely awkward.

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PHOTOS: 2014 Barrymore Awards

The 2014 Barrymore Awards made a spectacular return to the Merriam Theater last night, after an absence of two years when the Theater Alliance, the company that ran them for 18 years, dissolved. The Barrymore Awards are now run by Theatre Philadelphia, formed by several artistic directors and stage managers.

The 19th annual Barrymore Awards was dressed down a little bit, there was no red carpet as there was in years past, and the dress was cocktail casual. But the audience was enthusiastic and glad to return. Nearly everyone I spoke with said it was great to be back, not only to celebrate their peers, but they were excited for the after-party at the Kimmel Center.

I snapped some photos of the evening, which you can see above. For a full list of the night’s winners, go here.

Here Are the 2014 Barrymore Award Winners for Philadelphia Theater


On Monday night at the Merriam on Broad Street, the Philadelphia theater community gathered for the Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theatre.

The individual Barrymore Award winners included local talents James Ijames (right), Charlie DelMarcelle, Ben Dibble, Thom Weaver, Christopher Colucci and Liz Filios (left), who took home the $10,000 F. Otto Haas Award for an Emerging Philadelphia Theatre Artist (the award was actually increased to $15,000 at the event). Additionally, Filios, who also performs with the band Johnny Showcase, won the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical. As for theater companies, InterAct, Theatre Horizon, the Arden and Inis Nua were the biggest winners. Read more »

IN THE WINGS: A Conversation With Rapture, Blister, Burn Star Krista Apple-Hodge

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.32.44 AMMy name is … Krista Apple-Hodge, hyphenated (from Apple) since I married fellow actor Dan Hodge in 2012. We’ve decided that an “Apple-Hodge” sounds like a Colonial American dessert. We’re taking recipe ideas …

I am … incredibly shy, for someone who gets up in front of other people for a living. That’s why I started acting. It was the only thing, in high school, that could get me talking in public.

I grew up … in Springfield, Ohio. Proverbial home of The Simpsons; actual home of a Frank Lloyd Wright house that almost didn’t survive.

How would you describe Rapture, Blister, Burn in one sentence? “A bunch of wily women and one unfortunate man test the limits of feminism and idealism, and things go poorly for everyone.”

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8 Things To Do This Week In Philly: Battle of the Burger, David Lynch Film Screenings, What to See at FringeArts, and More

Tickets On Sale Now to See Bradley Cooper on Broadway in The Elephant Man

bradley cooper

Bradley Cooper is a busy man these days. Between filming Adam Jones in London and recording a recent string of Philadelphia Eagles commercials the Abington Township-bred actor has found time to prepare for the lead role in the upcoming Broadway production of The Elephant Man. This is the second time he’s played the role of protagonist John Merrick. The first time was in 2012 at the Williamstown Theatre Festival.

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Gay Guide to the 2014 FringeArts Festival

gay fringearts guide


Two Street by Tribe of Fools: The newest brainchild of the Philadelphia-based Tribe of Fools, the physical theater company has won critics over with its previous Fringe festival hits Heavy Metal Dance Fag and Antihero. The troupe, which consists of Terry Brennan, Zachary Chiero, Tim Popp and Peter Smith, welcomes Peter Andrew Danzig, Isa St. Clair, and Karina Balfour to the group for the FringeArts Festival take on Shakespeare’s classic tale, updated for queer contemporary audiences. More here. September 4-13, The Church of the Crucifixion, 620 South 8th Street. —Bryan Buttler

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