How Donald Trump Could Bankrupt the Jersey Shore

What’s The Donald been up to down there in Washington these days? Conspiring to practically destroy the Jersey Shore’s seasonal workforce, apparently.

A Wall Street Journal report on Sunday detailed Trump’s plans to drastically reduce five employment-based cultural exchange visas part of the United States’ J-1 visa program for international students. The J-1 program gives university students overseas the ability to come work in the United States and learn more about our culture and business practices. It’s a diplomacy sort of thing. Read more »

Wanted: Ocean City Seagull Murderer

Photo courtesy of the Ocean City Police Department.

Police in Ocean City are looking for a hot-tempered Shoregoer who they say intentionally killed a seagull on the beach with an umbrella on Monday afternoon.

The strange saga began just after 12 p.m. when officers responded to the 1200 block of the beach following reports that an unidentified man had just beaten a seagull to death. After locating the suspect, police were told by the man that he killed the “aggressive” bird to protect young children in the area. The officers took no action at this time and lifeguards removed the deceased seagull from the beach. Read more »

Two Small Girls Drown in South Jersey

Swimming pool with stair

A 4-year-old girl from Levittown died on Monday after she was pulled from unguarded waters at Lake & Shore RV Resort in Ocean View, Cape May County several days prior, the Press of Atlantic City reported.

The girl’s death was the second drowning of a small child down the Shore in three short days. A 6-year-old Philadelphia girl died on Saturday after she drowned in the pool at the Nantucket Inn and Suites in Wildwood, police said. The motel has posted signs around the pool that state, “No Lifeguard on Duty” and “Swim at Your Own Risk.” Read more »

How to Not Lose Your Mind When You’re Stuck in Shore Traffic

It’s Fourth of July weekend, people! Which means the inevitable Fourth of July Shore traffic is in many of our very near futures. To make sure you don’t turn into one of these people screaming obscenities out your car window, we asked mindfulness coach and meditation teacher Ali Tomlinson, of In-Power Performance Coaching, for her top tips to stay sane when stuck in Shore traffic.

First step? Submit to the fact that — despite your best intentions and your very early alarm — you will, most likely, get stuck in traffic. Then, read on for the rest of Tomlinson’s tips to deal once you are.
Read more »

Body Washes Up on North Wildwood Beach

Photo courtesy of the North Wildwood Police Department.

Police in North Wildwood are actively investigating the discovery of an unidentified man after his body washed up on the beach between 24th and 25th avenues last night.

The body of a man believed to be in his early 20s was found dead on the beach on Sunday around 9 p.m., the North Wildwood Police Department said in a statement. There were no obvious signs of trauma to the body. Read more »

Sea Isle–Avalon Bridge Reopens Following Emergency Repairs

Photo: Google Maps.

Shore-goers rejoice! The Townsends Inlet bridge finally reopened today after undergoing emergency repairs on its foundation, the Press of Atlantic City reports.

Connecting Sea Isle to Avalon via Ocean Drive, the 77-year-old span was closed indefinitely in April after divers discovered a crack in a support piling while performing a routine inspection ahead of future substructure repairs. Cape May County Engineer Dale Foster said at the time that he hoped to have the bridge open prior to the July 4 weekend. Read more »

Check Out Dr. Seuss’s “Unorthodox Taxidermy” Down the Shore This Weekend.

When you see an illustration by Theodor Geisel – known best by his pseudonym Dr. Seuss – there’s no mistaking it. Seuss’s work possesses its own inimitable style that has the uncanny ability to transport you instantly back to childhood when you see it.

A little known fact about the good Doctor (who wasn’t actually a doctor, of course) is that he had a secret passion: crafting whimsical three-dimensional art in his spare time. It’s been 80 years since Dr. Seuss produced what he called his largely unseen “Collection of Unorthodox Taxidermy” – which is now on display at Ocean Galleries in Stone Harbor through Monday. Read more »

Guess Who’s Also Heading Down the Shore for Memorial Day? This Shark.

Memorial Day Weekend down the shore is always a time when Philadelphians encounter unexpected guests at their holiday barbecues. Doesn’t it always seem like it’s somebody from your distant past who isn’t exactly a welcomed addition to the party?

This year, that freeloader could very well be Mary Lee – a roughly 3,500-pound great white shark who was pinged just east of Assateague Island off the Virginia-Maryland coast. reports that Mary Lee has traveled approximately 40 miles in the last 24 hours and is still heading north.

Mary Lee was tagged by OSEARCH, a nonprofit that specializes in researching great whites, in waters off Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 2012. They have been tracking her movements ever since, and you too can follow along on the organization’s website.

The shark was first spotted off the South Jersey coast in May 2015, when she spent several weeks stalking the waters between Cape May and Sandy Hook. Mary Lee returned later that fall and again in 2016, making her a regular shore bum.

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How to Not Lose Your Mind When You’re Stuck in Shore Traffic This Weekend

In our area, beach-bound Labor Day weekend traffic is, well, a given. It’s as inevitable as the sun burn you’ll get when you forget to reapply lotion, or the ice cream headache you’ll suffer when you scarf down a cone of Kohr Bros. custard too quickly, or the nausea you’ll endure if you ride the Sea Serpent one too many times at Morey’s Piers. (Guilty on all three.)

My husband will be the first to tell you that I’ve never been one to take traffic in stride. I’m one of those people who obsessively checks Google Maps for accidents or blockages and demands a re-route, even if such a move requires stop-and-go surface streets that will take as much time as staying the course on the traffic-ridden highway. My theory: I’d rather be moving than staring at someone’s taillights.  Read more »

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