How to Not Lose Your Mind When You’re Stuck in Shore Traffic This Weekend

In our area, beach-bound Labor Day weekend traffic is, well, a given. It’s as inevitable as the sun burn you’ll get when you forget to reapply lotion, or the ice cream headache you’ll suffer when you scarf down a cone of Kohr Bros. custard too quickly, or the nausea you’ll endure if you ride the Sea Serpent one too many times at Morey’s Piers. (Guilty on all three.)

My husband will be the first to tell you that I’ve never been one to take traffic in stride. I’m one of those people who obsessively checks Google Maps for accidents or blockages and demands a re-route, even if such a move requires stop-and-go surface streets that will take as much time as staying the course on the traffic-ridden highway. My theory: I’d rather be moving than staring at someone’s taillights.  Read more »

iStar Announces Multi-Billion Dollar Waterfront Renewal in Asbury Park

From left clockwise: 1101 Ocean, the Asbury, Monroe | Renderings via Asbury Park Waterfront

From left clockwise: 1101 Ocean, the Asbury, Monroe | Renderings via Asbury Park Waterfront

iStar, real estate investment trust extraordinaire and prospective Jersey Shore dream makers in the making, has embarked on a massive redevelopment plan that is sure to elicit a head-turn or two. Their venture, which involves more than twenty projects all together and will have a multi-billion dollar price tag attached, is to give a 1.25-mile tract of the Asbury Park waterfront in New Jersey a complete restoration and upgrade.

According to a press release, the plan will add 2,100 new homes and 300 hotel rooms to the area, while also working on a series of mixed-use and infrastructure projects intended to restore the town’s shoreline attraction. These developments will include The Asbury, a 110 key boutique hotel; Monroe, a 34-unit luxury condominium; and 1101 Ocean, a, quote, “landmark mixed-use hotel/condominium/retail project” set to be in one of the tallest edifices along the Jersey Shore. Asbury Lanes, a historic bowling and music venue, will also get a refresh.

Joining iStar in their effort are creative lead Anda Andrei, former Director of Design at the Ian Schrager Company; David Bowd, the visionary behind the SALT hotels brand; architects Chad Oppenheim and Gary Handel, among others; and renowned landscape designer Madison Cox. More importantly though, iStar is partnering with several Asbury Park businesses, cultural institutions, entrepreneurs, artists, and community groups to give the renewal an authentic touch.

“Asbury Park has a soul that makes it unique in America,” says Andrei in the press release. “There’s a love for that behind this project.  We’re mining the incredible history and one-of-a-kind character to amplify what’s already here.”

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Get Psyched, Shore Folks: Ellelauri and Frey’s Seasonal Boutiques Are Opening

How perfectly nautical is Frey Boutique in Ocean City?

How perfectly nautical is Frey Boutique in Ocean City?

If the onset of spring already has you daydreaming of summer Fridays and Shore trips, you’re in luck; Frey Boutique and Ellelauri are both reopening their seasonal shops this weekend. Both boutiques have Philly counterparts so you’ll be able to score all your favorite brands — with a beach-y flair — during your getaways this spring and summer.  Read more »

7 Reasons Beach Workouts Are the Best Workouts



The weekend has finally arrived, friends! I’m betting a large chunk of us will be flocking to sandier sidewalks for a few days away from the city. And while you’re there, maybe, just maaaaybe, you’ll find some time to squeeze in a workout. Here are seven fun reasons why a beach workout is so worth it.

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Jersey Considers Shore Smoking Ban Today

The New Jersey assembly today opened up debate on a bill that would ban smoking at state beaches and parks. Fines would run from $250 for first-time offenders to $500 for repeaters, and then $1000 for each subsequent puff. (It seems unclear how they would effectively police this.) Last summer, our resident Shore expert Jen Miller laid out a compelling case for such a ban. As she pointed out:

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Photo: Live Shark Washes Ashore at Rehoboth Beach

A shark washed ashore on Rehoboth beach Friday. This is an interesting fact. More interesting perhaps? That two men who found it decided to walk up to the four-and-a-half-foot deadly sea beast, grab it by the tail, and drag it back into the ocean. Here’s the cell phone pic one of them took:

[News Journal]

House GOP to Shore: Drop Dead

Hurricane Sandy’s victims will have to wait just a little bit longer (or forever) for disaster relief, for no apparent reason. After the fiscal cliff bill finally passed late last night, one more order of business remained for the 112th House of Representatives before its term ended: a vote on the Senate’s $60.4 billion Sandy aid package. Despite assurance from House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (no friend of disaster relief spending) that there would be a vote, Speaker John Boehner pulled the plug, meaning the bill is forever dead, and the new Congress will have to start over again when it reconvenes. No explanation was given. NY/NJ/PA congressmen on both sides of the aisle were livid, with Rep. Peter King (R-NY) calling the move “absolutely indefensible” and Rep. Rob Andrews (D-NJ) accusing House leadership of having “failed the people of our state and region.” [Inquirer]

Kanye Announces Kim’s Pregnant in Atlantic City

From Hurricane Sandy, to MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” to the troubled Revel casino, where Kanye performed this weekend, the Shore has become synonymous with disaster. How appropriate, then, that last night in A.C. Yeezy announced his girlfriend Kim Kardashian (still married to former Jersey baller Kris Humphries) was pregnant with their first child. If the Kanye didn’t make it clear in the video clip below, Kim’s publicist has confirmed. [Perez Hilton]

Ocean City Arts Center Displays Wanamaker-Themed Art

An invitational art exhibit at the Ocean City Arts Center this month is Wanamaker-themed. Local artists will have paintings on display that portray many traditions associated with the now-extinct Philadelphia department store. Many of the paintings include renditions of the infamous Wanamaker eagle, while others pay homage to more symbolic aspects of the store’s existence. [Inquirer]