Percy Street Is Out of the Comcast Center


Last Friday was the last day for the Percy Street BBQ at the Comcast Center. Steve Cook tells us that he has no further plans for the place, so don’t expect a Federal Donuts to pop up there. When asked if Percy Street might look for another storefront, Cook told us you never know, but that they’re “really excited about what Erin [O’Shea] is doing at the mother ship right now.”

The Agenda: The Week in Openings

Percy Street Combo: Sandwich, side, soda – $10

A look at the week ahead:

That great smell coming from the Comcast Center is Percy Street Barbecue’s sandwich shop. It opens today.

Jessie Prawlucki’s (FondBelle Cakery is just days away. Place your Thanksgiving orders now.

Wegmans is opening its Wegmans Wines, Liquor and Beer in Cherry Hill this Friday, 11/11. It’ll be big, really big.

Chip Roman tells us that he and Jason Cichonski will be opening Ela to the public this Friday.

The Craft Beer Express might just mark the opening of the upstairs at Sidecar Bar & Grille.

Percy Street at the Comcast Center Is Opening Monday

The following post is written from the midst of a food coma. This morning (10 a.m.) I went to sample the new sandwiches from the Percy Street BBQ sandwich shop in the Comcast Center. Just what I needed, brisket, pulled pork, smoked ham, boneless ribs and turkey before my morning caffeine rush had subsided. But duty called and it smelled so damned good I couldn’t resist trying all of the sandwiches. Any sandwich on the menu plus a side and drink can be had for $10 (tax included).

My favorite sandwich today was the pulled pork with collard greens and Provolone. But the smoked ham with Swiss cheese was really good too. Even had me muttering that mom never made me a ham and cheese like that. Then there was the chopped brisket with fried onions an pickles. Plenty of good crunch there. By then we had decided that we would just have a different one every day. So Thursday would be the smoked turkey with tomato-bacon may and avocado. And Friday, hmm, that must be the sliced brisket then.

I predict that when Percy opens on Monday, Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook will be hit with a Federal Donuts like onslaught. Which of course begs the question:

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Cannoli Happy Hour

Every Friday from 12 to 2 p.m. at the Termini Bros. in the Shops at Comcast Center is happy hour. During those two hours mini-cannolis are just $1 and come with a complimentary cup of La Colombe coffee. What better way to get you through Friday afternoon?
Shops at Comcast Center [Official Site]

Percy Street Coming to Comcast Center

This October a second location of Percy Street Barbecue will be opening in the Market & Shops at Comcast Center. Chef Erin O’Shea will be offering a menu of smoked meat sandwiches and popular side dishes from the South Street original.

The shop will take the place of the former Au Bon Pain just off of the food court’s main floor. Hours will be Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Among the highlights from the menu:

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Is it really the end of summer? There are a several last of the summer events tonight. As we said earlier, it’s the last of Center City Sips. It’s also the last of the Standard Tap’s Beers of Summer Wednesdays. They’ll be pouring Lancaster Cream Ale. And last but not least it’s the final Concert in the Park at Rittenhouse Square.

We suggest one of two courses of action if you are headed to the park. Plan one has you starting out at the Market at the Comcast Center where you can pick up some discounted sushi, chocolate or DiBruno Bros. dinner. There’s a Wine & Spirits store across from the Comcast Center at 17th and JFK for your vino needs. Or if you’re starting south of the square,  pick up a big bottle of beer or two from Food & Friends market at 20th and Spruce, then swing by Metropolitan Bakery for bread and a sampling of their new American cheese selection. Then head to the park, join up with friends and enjoy.

DiBruno’s Comcast Fries

Di Bruno Brothers at the Comcast Center is now serving fries and offering a coupon for free gourmet dipping sauce with the purchase of a large fry order.

We here at Di Bruno Comcast like fries…a whole lot! So when we began serving our fries, we knew we had to do it the right way. We cut our fries fresh, from real potatoes. Our fries are first blanched quickly, at a cooler temperature to release the starch, and then fried a second time, in small batches. This ensures that you get the crispiest fries possible.

And of course, because this is Di Bruno’s, we couldn’t let you eat our delicious fries with just plain old ketchup (although we’ll give you that if you ask nicely!) Our chefs have come up with an array of gourmet dipping sauces like Roasted Tomato Aioli, Olive Ketchup, Wasabi Mayo and even a sauce featuring our famous Abbruzze cheese spread.

Fries Done Right [Queso Files]
DiBruno Brothers [Official Site]

Comcastic Cheese

The Market at Comcast Center

Did you know Di Bruno’s at the Comcast Center is now open Saturday and that you can save 20% off of your total purchase all day Saturdays and after 4pm on weekdays? 

Well you can, just follow this link and print out the coupon. 

It’s Comcastic [Queso Files]

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