The Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival Is Coming

Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival

If you’re looking for a fun, free way to celebrate the beginning of allergy season (or what some people call, “spring”),  on Saturday, May 2, head down to Center City for the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival. There will be a fashion show, beauty booths, live music, and most importantly food demonstrations and cocktail lounges.

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Afternoon Tea at The Dandelion

dandelion-high-tea-400England has really been at the forefront of our minds recently, ever since we heard that Emma Watson is maybe dating Prince Harry. We can’t all marry into the royal family (although this Foobooz intern is single and very open to propositions from royalty), but the next best thing is attending everyone’s favorite made up meal in the world: high tea.

High tea is the best import to America from England since…well, the colonists, and tea doesn’t come with deadly diseases. The Dandelion has officially begun offering an afternoon high tea every day from 3-5 pm with a traditional service including tea, cocktails, and sweet and savory menu items served on those very pretty (albeit impractical) tiered trays.

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Stephen Starr Invents Novel Way to Overpay for Pitcher


A Dandy growler at the Dandelion

Yesterday afternoon we received a press release from Stephen Starr’s PR firm regarding a new offer from the Dandelion. Starr’s attractive English pub is celebrating its fourth anniversary by offering a limited number of growlers for sale.

That intrigued us enough to duck out to figure out if this is any kind of deal. It isn’t. But beer and Starr rarely are. The Dandelion is offering the 32-ounce growler for $5 filled, $8 if you just want the glass. Then you are charged for three 10-ounce pours at regular price to fill it. So a growler gets you about two ounces extra. Many bars that fill growlers will fill your 64-ounce growler for the price of 3 pints, resulting in one free beer per growler. The Youngs Double Chocolate Stout was $10.50 for 32-ounces ($3.50 a ten-ounce pour), $4.50 less than the Yards Grapefruit infused Philadelphia Pale Ale that was $15 for 32-ounces.

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Gastronaut: Best of the Best (of the Best)

gastronaut-kagan-mcleod-042014I have absolutely no reason to eat at Dandelion anymore.

I mean, I have plenty of reasons: I like it there, there’s always a seat at the bar, generally a table is available. It’s close to my office. Its new chef is doing an admirable job. I like the beers on its list, and the menu is just deep enough that there’s always something on it I want to eat right then. As far as neighborhood restaurants go, Dandelion has everything I want, which is why I find myself there a lot. Yet I really have no reason to go there anymore.

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Six Pack: Mac and Cheese in Philadelphia

Macaroni and cheese: that ooey, gooey dish Mom used to make fresh after school with cheese oozing out of every bite. While we’ve all had it, we haven’t had it quite like these six restaurants serve it up.

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Potato Week: The Best Fries In Philadelphia

Yay, Potato Week! As our starchy celebrations draw to a close, we have one more big list for you–the results of our research into the realm of that most American(ish) of potato presentations, the french fry.

We had 82 different restaurants under consideration for this list–everything from crowd favorites like Village Whiskey and Hot Diggity to lesser-known (but know less loved) contenders like the long-gone crab fries at Sidecar Bar, the lovely frites at Grace Tavern or those at Eulogy (which had a fiercely committed fan base). Putting our waistlines and cholesterol levels on the line for you, we waded through the possibilities and winnowed everything down to a final list of 10: The best french fries of any variety, in any form, that you’re going to find anywhere in Philadelphia.

Hey, someone’s got to do it, right? This stuff is important. And while we here at Foobooz World HQ are absolutely sure that there isn’t one of you out there who will agree with every inclusion on the list (hell, we don’t even completely agree), there is sure to be something on here for everyone.

Happy Potato Week everyone. And now, on to the list…

Philadelphia’s Best French Fries

Philly Cooks 2012: What Are You Waiting For?

We’ve got Brad Spence from Amis, Jeremy Nolen from Brauhaus Schmitz, Robert Aikens from The Dandelion, Jason Cichonski from Ela, Evan Turney from Mercato, Michael Schulson from Sampan, Qi Chun Mai from Sangkee, George Sabatino from Stateside, Sylva Senat from Tashan, David Boyle from Davio’s and about two dozen other chefs from some of the best restaurants in the city.

What you need? $75 and a few hours free on Wednesday, February 22nd to come out to the 33rd Street Armory at Drexel for the 2012 edition of Philly Cooks.

There’ll be food, there’ll be booze, there’ll be awards handed out for the best this and the best that and a bunch of different lounges in which to kick back and hang out. But most importantly, you’ll have a whole room full of Philly’s finest hash-slingers cooking just for you–no reservations, no maitre’d’s, nothing but fun.

So here’s your 2-minute warning: We’ve sold out our first batch of tickets, but just released 200 more with only a couple days left to move them. So get on over to the Philly Cooks website right now and grab yours before they’re gone.

Philly Cooks 2012

February 22, 2012
6:30 – 9:00 PM
33rd Street Armory
at Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA
Tickets: $75
Must be 21+ with valid ID
Philly Cooks 2012 [Official website]

Dining On Doomsday: Name Your Last Meal

So in case you haven’t heard, the world is supposed to end tomorrow. No, for reals this time. And we’ve got it from an absolutely unimpeachable source: some “fringe Christian radio group” led by 89-year-old Marconi preacher Harold Camping. What’s more, camping is nothing if not exact. He claims that the rapture will begin Saturday, May 21 at 6pm Eastern Standard Time.

And while yes, 6pm seems a bit early for a civilized last meal, there’s still tonight. And in honor of the coming apocalypse (which the Centers For Disease Control is almost positive will be zombie-related), Esquire got 20 big name chefs on the horn and asked them what their last meal would be (brains not included).

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