#OpenInPHL This Thanksgiving

Need a last second pie, or already plotting your escape from Thanksgiving with the family. The #OpeninPHL hashtag is here for you.

Thanksgiving Dining Rooms Where Decor Trumps Turkey

People like to focus on gourmet kitchens when it comes to Thanksgiving. But what if you’re a guest who is somehow pardoned from slaving over the homemade gravy and the basting? Then you get to admire a lovely dining room, that’s what.

Here we’ve gathered six different dining rooms for the variety of special snowflake families in the universe.

5901 Overbrook Ave./7 bedrooms/$539,900
For the family who likes needs tradition. Here, eat below this beautiful chandelier. Try not to scrape your fork on your china, dear. And sit up straight. Swallow your repression right along with your fresh cranberry sauce.trad

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Thanksgiving Eve 2013: Where to Drink and Be Merry

Where to get your drink on this Thanksgiving Eve. Photo courtesy: ShutterStock

Where to get your drink on this Thanksgiving Eve. Photo courtesy: ShutterStock

You know the spiel by now: Thanksgiving Eve is the unofficial drinking holiday nine-to-fivers live for –the coveted breathing room between work and the Thanksgiving Day stresses of family matters, whether in the gay world or otherwise.

Here, we lasso up all of the LGBT-related shenanigans happening tonight in our darling City of Brotherly Love — including one that just might tickle you “pink.” Read more »

Weather May Complicate Your Thanksgiving Plans

ABC News reports: “Thanksgiving travelers scrambled to book earlier flights Tuesday to avoid a sprawling storm bearing down on the East Coast with a messy mix of snow, rain and wind that threatened to snarl one of the busiest travel days of the year and ground giant balloon versions of Snoopy and SpongeBob SquarePants in the Macy’s parade.”

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Fat Pants: 5 Stylish Pants That Will Expand With You On Thanksgiving


“Oh, don’t even tell me she’s trying to look all cute in those tight pants on Thanksgiving.”

Three Super-Obvious Things Not To Wear On Thanksgiving:

1. Spanx. C’mon. Give yourself a break.

2. Tights. (These will inevitably roll down and begin to cut off your circulation around whatever course includes stuffing.)

3. High-waisted anything.

I have, at one point or another, worn each of these on Thanksgiving and I still regret it. My secret weapon? The pajama pant, that gift from the heavens that is both slouchy-chic (yes, that’s a thing) and wonderfully, blissfully, eat-all-the-freaking-food-you-want comfortable. Here, five pairs of pants (and what to wear with them) that are blessedly free of pesky things like buttons and zippers and belt-loops, so you can eat as much as you please without feeling restricted.

You’re welcome. Now pass the stuffing. (And maybe don’t tell my friends over at Be Well Philly about this, okay?)

Your most comfortable Thanksgiving ever awaits!

White House Asks America to Choose Which Pardoned Turkey Is Awesomer

This seems weird: Instead of just, you know, pardoning a turkey at Thanksgiving, the White House is giving America two candidates for survival, birds that go by the charming names of “Caramel” and “Popcorn.” “Both turkeys will be pardoned, but only the American people will decide which bird takes the title.” America will decide which is which. So go vote!

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An Event To Prove a Space Will Work

lanxgivingTom McCusker of Honest Tom’s alerts us to an event happening Saturday, November 23rd at the corner of Lancaster and Hamilton (between 38th and 39th in West Philadelphia. Lanxgiving is taking place in a huge warehouse at the corner. The concept is to show the property owner that the neighborhood wants what McCusker and others have in mind. The Keystone Center is envisioned as a multi-use neighborhood event space for flea markets, rotatating food vendors, musical showcases, farmers’ markets and etc.

So tomorrow there will be four bands (Pattern is Movement, Pile, Hound, Amanda X), food from Poi Dog and Ranch Road Tacos will be served with free cold drinks. The fun starts at 7 p.m and McCusker encourages everyone to come down to show their support.

Lanxgiving [Facebook]

PYT Brings Back Its Thanksgiving Burger

We all know what a turkey burger is. This isn’t a turkey burger. This is PYT’s Thanksgiving Dinner Burger. For the fourth year the Northern Liberties extreme burger joint will be serving up this monster:

We start with a deep fried turkey leg meat patty, topped with homemade mashed potatoes, bacon stuffing and cranberry spread…with a side of hot turkey gravy to pour on as desired.

The PYT TDB is available for a limited time.

PYT Thanksgiving Dinner Burger [Facebook]

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