Mike Nutter Hates WHYY Pledge Drives As Much As You

Every year I get suckered into thinking that my contribution to the local public radio outfit will somehow make the local public radio outfit stop asking me for money, as if my dial was linked into my personal account. (Wait, that’s an amazing idea. If NPR actually figured out a way to do this, donations would skyrocket.) In any event, Michael Nutter is just as annoyed as the rest of you with WHYY’s current fall membership drive.

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PHOTO: Meet Terry Gross’s Cat

Terry Gross did a cat show today. So her staff decided to throw some pictures of their cats up on Tumblr. The big gray feline lady up top–Mighty Mite–is Terry’s. (Can I call you Terry?)

The best of the rest? A Fresh Air key:

(Left) Associate Producer John Sheehan’s cat Molloy

(Right) Assistant Producer Molly Seavy-Nesper’s cat Sullivan

(Left) Executive Producer Danny Miller’s cat Spotty

(Right) Administrative Assistant Dorothy Ferebee’s cat Mr. Sweetie

(Left) Director Roberta Shorrock’s  cats Sully (in a bag) and Gracie (right)