Going to Be In AC Tomorrow?

The Big Teplitzky Police Challenge happens tomorrow as Atlantic City Police Officers compete in a fund-raising eating challenge. Spectators can take advantage of specially priced cocktails and free appetizers.

Teplitzky’s [Official Site]

Starr Out At Chelsea


Stephen Starr is out at Atltantic City’s Chelsea just a year after the casino-free hotel opened. Teplitzky’s and Chelsea Prime will soldier on without Starr’s backing. According to the Press of Atlantic City’s story, most of the staff was kept including the executive chefs.

Starr Restaurants checks out of the Chelsea [Press of Atlantic City via Grub Street]

Value Bites Down The Shore

Craig LaBan is back at the shore this week. This time checking out value nibbles by the beach.

Brown’s (Ocean City) – “Freakies,” mishapen doughnuts full of crunch and crispness.

Teplitzky’s (Atlantic City) – Roast chicken crisped to a succulent brown over sauteed spinach and roasted potatoes.

Megan’s Good Grub & Pub (Atlantic City) – Sloppy Joe with Kobe beef in an aromatic sauce on house-baked buns.

Trattoria Il Mulino (Atlantic City) – The cheesecake was “irresistable.”

701 Mosaic (Ocean City) – Authentic jerk chicken is among the best LaBan has ever tasted.

Ocean City Seafood (Ocean City) – The cream of crab soup was “knockout rich.”

Mud City Crab Cake Co. (Forked River) – The crab cakes “deliver a purist’s pleasure” and the muddy sauce might be ugly, but sure is tasty.

Fine flip-flop fare [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Win Some, Lose Some In Atlantic City


Adam Erace’s review of Teplitzky’s at the Chelsea in Atlantic City reads like a prototypical one-bell, hit-or-miss review of another reviewer in town. But that’s not to say there aren’t dishes worth doting over.

Two tender matzo balls bob like buoys in the broth. On the shimmering surface, golden droplets of chicken fat-the only way to conjure them is making the stock from scratch, which Murphy admirably does-catch the light like shipwrecked jewelry on gentle Atlantic swells. These magic molecules inform a broth so deep it sends echoes down the esophagus. Now I get why they call this stuff Jewish penicillin. All the single bubbes, put your hands up. I’m available.

Diamonds and Clubs [Philadelphia Weekly]
Teplitzky’s [Official Site]

Shore Dining Preview

Headed to the Jersey shore this weekend? Craig LaBan has a rundown of the quiet start to the season.

The usually bustling Atlantic City scene, in particular, is eerily quiet, with none of the splashy openings that have marked the casino town’s emergence in recent years as a restaurant destination. Instead, the late-August openings from last year will get some extra attention. For example, Stephen Starr’s two spots in the nongaming Chelsea hotel – the luxury steak house Chelsea Prime, and the updated Jewish diner Teplitzky’s – will get considerably wider exposure this year in their first full summer.

And of course there’s always Mack & Manco’s.
The dining scene is off to a quiet start [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Atlantic City Deal At The Chelsea


Readers of the Daily Pennsylvanian (which you are since you read that last post) are entitled to a pretty good looking deal at the Chelsea in Atlantic City. 

Weeknight rooms start at $45 for a room and $85 on Fridays. The rooms also come with a food and beverage credit plus $5 drink specials on Fridays. 

So why not book a room and check out Stephen Star’s Teplitzky’s and Chelsea Prime.

Spring Specials at the Chelsea [Official Site]

Checking Out The Chelsea

The Chelsea
Adam Erace checks out the Chelsea in Atlantic City and knows nothing will ever be the same.

Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. There are moments in life when you realize, Nothing will be the same from this point forward. In the timeline of Atlantic City, those pivotal moments occur on occasion: the first time we set foot in Borgata; first bite of banana cream pie at Chef Vola; and now, earlier this week, when we walked into the lobby of Curtis Bashaw’s boutique hotel The Chelsea. Dude, after this, nothing will be the same.

Restaurant Paparazzi: The Chelsea [Blogalicious]
The Chelsea [Official Site]

Quick Bites

Mid-September should see Bar 210, the new bar inside of Lacroix make its debut. [The Clog]

Stepen Starr’s Teplitzky’s still isn’t open in the Chelsea Hotel in A.C. A.D. says it is still a couple weeks out. [Ice Pack, City Paper]

Drew Lazor has a photographic tour of the new Pumpkin Market. [The Clog]

Georges Perrier will be closing Le Bec-Fin to update the decor sometime in November. We’d link to the story but the Philly.com link is wrong. Maybe this is an example of that Inquirer first philosophy. Update, found a working link! [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Government records say Julia Child was a spy! [comcast.net News]

Chelsea Opens

Chelsea Prime
Atlantic City’s first non-gaming hotel since the 1960s officially opened over the weekend. And although it may not have slot machines the Chelsea doesn’t skimp on luxury featuring two Stephen Starr restaurants.

The Chelsea Prime, a retro steakhouse and Teplitzky’s, a cocktail lounge and coffee shop will both open July 28th.

Chelsea Atlantic City Opens; Stephen Starr is There; His Restaurants to Follow Shortly [The Illadelph]

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