High Street Doing More Friends And Family Dinners (Plus Bonus Night Market News)


Okay, so at a certain point someone is going to have to go after chef Eli Kulp with a tranquilizer gun just to get him to slow down a little. He already has like nine different menus working between Fork and High Street on Market, he’s overseeing A.Kitchen and A.Bar and doing events like Franklin Flea and Taste of the Nation. But that’s apparently not enough for him. Because he also does special Friends and Family dinners on Tuesday nights at High Street, which are continuing throughout the spring.

For example, on Tuesday, April 22 he’ll be doing a dinner with Phickle’s Amanda Feifer which will continue their Fermentation Series celebrating all things fermented–from coffee and chocolate to cheese and yogurt, beer and wine to pickles and kim chi. (Other dates include Tuesday, May 13 and Tuesday, June 17.) And on Tuesday, May 6, it’ll be a cheese dinner with Valley Shepherd Creamery, with cheesemaker Jaenine Dargis and some of her 30+ Basque-influenced cheeses. All the dinners start at 9pm and are just $25 per person (plus booze, tax and tip).

But wait, there’s more…

Coffee & Cheese Pairing Tonight in Old City

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How’s about a ménage-à-quatre for your Friday evening. Just you, some coffee, some cheese, and some beer. The four of you, together at last.

It’s A Story of Philadelphia’s Coffee Revival, it’s happening tonight at 7 pm at Hylo Boutique at 242 North 3rd Street, and everyone’s participating: Di Bruno, Ultimo, Bodhi, Shot Tower, Elixrthe Madame Fromage (Tenaya Darlington), Eclectik Domestic, and Brew. All of them, joining forces for an evening of culinary passion and celebration, all of them paying their respects to a scene that turned this city upside down.

It’s like a hipster’s dream come true, and we’re all about it.

A Story of Philadelphia’s Coffee Revival [hy•lo Boutique]

Your Recommended Daily Allowance of Beauty: In Deep Autumn

We write a lot about chef collaboration dinners. About collaborations between kitchens and brewers or makers and purveyors. What we don’t write about so often is collaborations between artists working in the food world.

But recently, Marisa McClellan (of FoodInJars.com), Tenaya Darlington (MadameFromageBlog.com), the cheese nerds from DiBruno Bros. and Jason Varney (of VarneyPhoto.com, and the guy who shoots a lot of the really beautiful stuff you see in Philadelphia magazine every month) got together to do a little project of their own called “In Deep Autumn” and it is just beautiful.

There are recipes and pretty words, pairing suggestions and gorgeous photography. Posts about the project currently appear on the blogs of all concerned, but you can check out “In Deep Autumn” in its entirety by following the link below.

Go on and click it. You’ll be glad you did. Consider it an early Thanksgiving present to yourself.

In Deep Autumn [Official]
Fussing With Forks [Jason Varney]
Food In Jars [Marisa McClellan]
Madame Fromage [Tenaya Darlington]