Penn Slips in New Colleges Rankings from U.S. News & World Report

It’s that time of year again — when college students go back to school, see old friends and probably hit the year’s first party. It’s also the time of year when U.S. News & World Report publishes its annual ranking of colleges.

The University of Pennsylvania is always a top contender, but this year had a slip in the rankings. In fact, it was the only school from last year’s top 10 to shift at all, dropping from a tie at No. 8 to No. 9.  Read more »

Philly Colleges with Highest Salary Potential

Which Philadelphia-area colleges lead to the highest salaries? PayScale has the answers in its recently released College Salary Report. It ranked more than 1,000 colleges by the median salaries of alumni (early career and mid-career) who obtained bachelor’s degrees. The rankings come from “millions of people” who have taken the PayScale Salary Survey, the organization said.

“Unless you want to live in your parents’ basement for the rest of your life, you want to pick a school that prepares you for a successful career, both in terms of getting hired and equipping you with the skills to properly do your job,” said PayScale. Read more »

Inside Temple’s Secret Shoe Museum

Chinese foot binding slippers

Slippers worn by an adult woman subjected to Chinese foot binding. | Photo by Lauren McGrath.

Temple’s School of Podiatric Medicine is home to one of Philly’s hidden gems — so hidden, in fact, that the unique charm of the place doesn’t quite hit you until you leave. Temple’s Shoe Museum is a far cry from the pristine halls of Philadelphia’s iconic Art Museum; its artifacts are preserved in a cocoon of cinderblock, yellow fluorescent lights and dusty shelves. The museum curator, Barbara Williams, is a no-nonsense woman who was not too keen on giving me a tour in the first place. (You can only tour the exhibit by appointment  …  with Ms. Barbara.) Crack her shell, however, and you will find that she’s a source of infinite shoe knowledge, so put more time in the parking meter than you think.

Read more »

Eight Great College Football Games to See (in Person) This Fall

Football is under siege — from parents, doctors, academics, a Kennedy, even from Buzz Bissinger, the guy who wrote the definitive book on football, Friday Night Lights. This makes us sad. Football is a wonderful game perfectly suited to the American spirit, and we’d miss it if it went away. We love us some Eagles, but for true passion — from guys who aren’t making millions a year to take the field — you can’t beat college football. Here are eight upcoming games featuring local college teams that should offer lots of rivalry, fun and excitement, not to mention cheerleaders and marching bands. Catch as many as you can — while you can. Read more »

Janelle Monáe and Jidenna Lead March Down Broad Street

Yesterday afternoon, music stars Janelle Monáe and Jidenna hit the streets of North Philly around Temple to lead a march to bring awareness to police brutality and the #BlackLivesMatter movement. According to NBC 10, there were around 150 protesters who “gathered near Broad and Susquehanna and marched towards the Uptown Theater on North Broad Street.”

They carried signs saying things like “Black Girl Magic,” “Black Joy” and “Black Lives Matter,” and stopped for a rousing speech that was partially caught in this tweet from the Philly Student Union:

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Kemar Jewel Graduates From Temple Wearing 5-Inch Heels

Sometimes when we hear from our readers, we can’t help but share their good news. Today is one of those days.

Earlier this afternoon, we received the following Tweet from Kemar Jewel (@K_Jewel), celebrating his graduation from Temple University:

Mr. Jewel, a choreographer whose work has appeared on MSBNC and Huffington Post, amongst other outlets, is surely owning those silver heels #LikeABoss. Congrats on your graduation, and on working those shoes like no one else!

Check out some of his work in the clip below:

Rare Big 5 Doubleheader Scheduled for Palestra This Season

The Palestra - Penn vs. Saint Joseph's

Penn and Saint Joseph’s before a January game at the Palestra in 2006. (Photo by John Shadle via Wikimedia Commons; used under a Creative Commons license)

The Palestra is always named among the best gyms in college basketball. The arena, built in 1927 and most recently renovated in 2000, used to be the biggest, best gym in the city. And so it hosted many double- and triple-headers involving teams from the Big 5, the city’s informal basketball association.

As college basketball became more of a television attraction, the doubleheaders became harder to schedule. The city’s round robin basketball games ended in 1991, but returned in 1999. Doubleheaders, though, have only been done sporadically since — teams understandably don’t want to give up a home game to play a neutral gym.

Fortunately, next season is one of those occasions. The Big 5 announced this morning that, on January 20th, four Big 5 teams will play in a a doubleheader. Penn will play Saint Joseph’s, while Temple will take on La Salle. The doubleheader is being held to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Big 5. Read more »

Cops Make Arrest in Temple Hit-and-Run


Rashan Roberts, via Philadelphia Police, and Rachel Hall, via Facebook.

Philadelphia police have made an arrest in the hit-and-run of Temple student Rachel Hall. Cops arrested 18-year-old Rashan “Robert” Roberts, charging him with leaving the scene of an accident that causes a grave injury. It is a third-degree felony.

Police say Hall, 22, was bicycling last week on the 1300 block of West Diamond Street when Roberts hit her with his car. She suffered severe head trauma and a compound fracture to her left leg. She remains unconscious. Roberts turned himself in the next day. Read more »

Cosby Won’t Speak at Temple Graduation

Comedian Bill Cosby at Temple University's commencement Thursday, May 12, 2011, in Philadelphia.

Comedian Bill Cosby at Temple University’s commencement Thursday, May 12, 2011, in Philadelphia.

Bill Cosby won’t speak at Temple University’s graduation ceremony this year.

The Inquirer reports that the announcement had long been expected. Cosby spoke at the university’s graduation ceremonies for many years. He resigned as a member of Temple’s Board of Trustees last year after allegations of sex abuse resurfaced. Read more »

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