Suspicious Package at Temple Library Was Student Project

Whoops! False alarm, everyone! This is the second time in two days this has happened; Penn dorm Kings Court English House was evacuated yesterday in a similar science project situation.

Incidentally, in 2006 Saint Joseph’s University evacuated a building and called police due to a bicycle with a sticker of the band This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb.


A suspicious package has been reported at Paley Library, at 1210 Polett Walk, on Temple’s main campus in North Philly.

This has been quite the rough few days for Temple, with students being attacked late last week.

Photos on Twitter show students clustered outside.

More on this as it develops.

Everyone Says Philly Is a Great Basketball Town


Philadelphia’s a great basketball town.

You’ll hear this a lot, and it makes sense. The city has a rich basketball tradition. After being invented in Springfield, basketball spread to other east-coast cities, and eventually the Philadelphia SPHAs were one of the top teams. The Sixers may be down now, but they’ve had some of the biggest superstars in NBA history: Wilt Chamberlain, Julius Erving, Charles Barkley. More recently, the Sixers had Allen Iverson, the most exciting, interesting player of the post-Michael Jordan NBA.

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Temple Senior Breaks Story of CIA-Senate Spying

You may have heard it in the news recently: The Senate believes the CIA spied on its computers. Dianne Feinstein said today that CIA Director John Brennan said the agency may have gained access to an internal review.

The story of the Senate probe into the CIA’s spying was broken last week by the DC bureau of McClatchy, the Sacramento-based company that purchased and immediately sold the Inquirer and Daily News in 2006. Working for the McClatchy bureau and tri-bylined on that story? Temple journalism senior Ali Watkins.

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Morning Headlines: Saffron Says New Templetown Housing Achieves the Impossible

paseo verde

Image of Paseo Verde apartment house via Paseo Verde website.

In her latest column, Inquirer architecture critic Inga Saffron writes about the new North Philadelphia development Paseo Verde, calling it “a trifecta of socially responsible development.” And it achieves what seems almost impossible: it “makes peace with gentrification.” If development around Ninth and Berks were to follow “the usual Philadelphia script,” says Saffron, there would be two possibilities:

Either the neighborhood would surrender to developers and allow a construction free-for-all. Or, it would dig in, using its political power to hold onto the acres of vacant land in the hope that someone, some day, might build subsidized housing.

Instead residents found a third, and better, way…

The four-story apartment house makes peace with gentrification by accepting high-end, modern apartments as a fact of life. But it also ensures that longtime residents will have a good place to live if the area takes off and prices spike.

To achieve that tricky balance, nearly half of Paseo Verde’s 129 units are set aside for low-income residents at reduced rents. The other 67 go for market rates. After a quiet opening in the fall, Paseo Verde is now home to a mix of Temple University students, professionals, and low-wage workers.

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Trans People Needed for Local “Trans Home Project” Study

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 10.52.37 AMMax Andrucki, an assistant professor of social and cultural geography at Temple, is looking for area trans individuals willing to take part in a new study called “transhomesproject,” which seeks to understand how “trans* identities are expressed in private spaces.” The study will evaluate:

  • Trans* people’s diverse experience of home (including not having one) and about the process of finding a home.
  • How everyday activities, like housework and gardening, are re-negotiated and experienced differently by folks in trans* households.
  • Home decor and whether it has anything to do with your identity.
  • How moments of transition have impacted your living space, and whether there’s any correlation between the two.

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Shoeless Delaware Student Competes on Jeopardy


Notice anything special in the photo above? That’s right: In the green dress and Delaware sweatshirt is College Jeopardy! contestant Sarah Stevens, and she’s not wearing shoes. For Jeopardy! Competing shoeless on a game show is more of a Survivor type of thing.

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