Penn Dropping Essay Portion of SAT Test

Editor’s note: The original headline has been changed to reflect that Penn won’t require the essay portion of the SAT Writing test.

Remember way back in — oh, has it been 10 years already? — 2005, when the College Board created an uproar by adding a new essay-writing component to its longstanding Verbal and Math SAT tests? A spokeswoman for the Board at the time said the move was made in response to demand from colleges and businesses, who hoped that “writing will become more of a priority across the United States.”

Now the University of Pennsylvania is creating its own little uproar by announcing that as of next year, it will no longer require applicants to submit scores from the essay sections of either the SAT or the ACT. Dean of Admissions Eric Furda told the Chronicle of Higher Education that the decision was one that had been “carefully considered”: Read more »

PA Bosses Are Stealing Up to $32 Million a Week From Their Workers

Pennsylvania bosses stiff their workers to the tune $19 million to $32 million each week, a new report from Temple University’s Sheller Center for Social Justice concludes.

The phenomenon is called wage theft, and it manifests itself in a bunch of different ways. Unpaid overtime. Unreimbursed expenses. Stolen tips. And more.

Up until now, evidence of wage theft has been mostly anecdotal. But according to the Sheller Center report, wage theft is pervasive, particularly in the restaurant and home health care industries. The study concludes that:

  • About 130,000 Philadelphia workers (almost 11% of the Philadelphia workforce) experience wage theft in any given work week.
  • 40 percent of workers surveyed in Philly’s restaurant industry reported working off-the-clock without pay.
  • 90.4 percent of home health care workers suffer from off-the-clock pay violations.

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Go Green: Temple Offers Sneak Peek at “Verdant” Master Plan

Image by LRSLA studio Inc. via Temple News

Image by LRSLA studio Inc. via Temple News

Will Temple University ever build that much-whispered about football stadium everyone thinks they’re planning? Speculate all you want, it honestly doesn’t seem like the Owls are even thinking about that at this point. Instead, all signs point to the school buckling down on prepping for the upcoming green redesign of its main campus.

Visualize Temple, TU’s Campus Master Plan (.PDF), which came to our attention last December, will involve the demolition of Barton Hall, Beury Hall, and the Biology-Life Sciences building. Taking their respective places would be a new 210,000-square-foot library designed by Norwegian architect Snøhetta and Philadelphia-based Stantec, where Barton now stands, and a massive central green space – informally referred to as “the quad” –, where Beury Beach, its namesake hall and the Bio-Life building are currently located.

Other projects would also be phased in within the next five or so years, according to an October article from Temple News, including an interdisciplinary science building at 12th and Norris. This latter construction would be the only other structure slightly stepping out of Temple’s footprint, which university officials stress they have no plans to expand.

Complementing Visualize Temple is Verdant Temple, the university’s landscape master plan, which launched its pilot project at Temple’s Liacouras Walk and Wachman Plaza a little over a week ago. According to Temple News’ Brandon Lausch, work at the site will pave the way for “more social space” and better accessibility to Wachman Hall with the rest of campus.

It also serves as preview of what’s to come.

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Headlines: More Football Stadium Speculation as Temple Demos Buildings

shutterstock_temple-flag-940x540It seems like everytime Temple looks to demolish any university-owned structures (of any size), the old football stadium question starts to pop up. Remember all the hubbub over William Penn High School? The latest round of speculation is actually quite intriguing.

Naked Philly recently spotted that the Triangle Apartments near Broad and Norris, long used as graduate student housing, have been razed. Given their proximity to the recreation facilities between Broad and 16th Street, it’s possible that Temple would have enough room to finally build that 30,000-seat (or so) stadium facility for their football program, which may or may not just be “big, bad idea” anyway.

Again, this is pure speculation, as Temple hasn’t announced their plans for the site. It was marked as “recommended for removal” under their recent master plan, Visualize Temple. So, will the Temple football stadium happen at this (or any) campus location? We’ll be sure to update you once more information becomes available.

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Temple Physics Chair Charged With Passing Tech to China

Xiaoxing Xi

Xiaoxing Xi

Xiaoxing Xi, the physics department chair at Temple University, has been charged by federal prosecutors with passing semiconductor technology back to his native China.

The indictment (see the full document below) alleges Xi — a naturalized U.S. citizen — went to work for a U.S. company in 2002 and 2003, obtaining access to a device that speeds the growth of superconductor film. He later used a U.S. Defense Department research grant to try to purchase the device. The unidentified company licensed the device to him after he signed a document promising not to reverse engineer, reproduce, or sell copies of that device to any third parties.

Instead, according to the indictment: Read more »

Partial Building Collapse Near Temple University, No Injuries Reported

It was a scary scene near Temple University today as a building partially collapsed around 11 a.m. near the intersection of 18th and Page streets.  The Philadelphia Police Department said that the vacant building at 2020 North 18th Street was being renovated by city workers at the time of the accident. Video from CBS 3’s Chopper 3 showed part of the roof had caved in and a significant portion of the front facade was ripped off. Damage to the adjacent rowhome at 2018 North 18th Street, an apartment building housing Temple students can be seen as well. No one was home at the time of the accident and no injuries have been reported thus far.

City records show Read more »

Temple ROTC Criticized for High Heels

It used to be the insult was: “Your mama wears Army boots.” Now, apparently, it’s changed to: “Your Army cadets wear high heels.”

And it’s all because of this:

Cadets and cadre put on their favorite pair of high heels and marched in Temple’s Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event to raise awareness of sexual assault against women. #TUWAM15

Posted by Temple University Army ROTC on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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Morning Headlines: Plans Still Unclear for Temple University’s Burk Mansion

Burk Mansion | Google Street View, Sept. 2014

Burk Mansion | Google Street View, Sept. 2014

Could Temple University replace one of the last mansions on North Broad Street with a full-service hotel called The Nest? Hidden City’s Bradley Maule reports that, while plans for the Victorian Italian Renaissance home at Broad and Jefferson at still unclear, the university has no intention of demolishing the building. In fact, it’s quite the opposite:

[Temple University architect Margaret] Carney also indicates that while the mansion is empty, it’s not uncared for. “We’ve invested over a million dollars just to stabilize the roof,” Carney says. “We’ve worked closely with the Historical Commission,” she says, referencing new lights, heating, and ventilation that have also been installed, along with improved landscaping along Broad Street and historically sensitive lanterns on their way.

That’s good news, considering the mansion dating back to 1909 wasn’t listed in Temple’s sweeping master plan, which includes, among other things, an innovative library designed by Snøhetta. Also, as Maule notes, Temple is kind of in the middle of a demolition-driven renaissance, with no less than four university-owned buildings slated to be razed.

Carney said Temple “did not commission” the designs for The Nest and is still searching for the best use for the mansion.

More headlines this way!

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