We Spent 2,572 Trillion Hours Worrying About the Temple Boathouse

temple boathouse

Rendering of Temple University boathouse that never was. Via temple.edu

At first, the question was whether Temple University should renovate its decrepit old boathouse, which the crew team hadn’t occupied since 2008. Then the question was whether to build a new boathouse. Subsequently, another question was raised: Could the new boathouse be sited on Kelly Drive, under the Strawberry Mansion Bridge? Leading to another question: If so, how to hold Temple accountable for the parkland lost when the boathouse was built? The debate over each question was fierce, particularly the last one, which pitted conservationists and parkland advocates against players and enthusiasts of college athletics.

If we could add the hours of argument up, and then multiply by a factor of emotion, aggravation, passion and despair, the number would soar into the stratosphere — so many minutes gone, never to be gained again. And for what? The tragic reality is that Temple no longer has a crew team. The point is moot.

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