WATCH: Is This Surveillance Video of the hitchBOT Murder?


Two days after the non-robotic hitchBOT was savagely murdered on the streets of Philadelphia, overtaking the deaths of that lion in Africa in the social consciousness, surveillance video has emerged that appears to show hitchBOT being smashed apart by a man who may be wearing a Philadelphia Eagles Randall Cunningham jersey. Read more »

You’re Welcome, America: We Killed hitchBOT

HitchBOT via Facebook

hitchBOT via Facebook

Most weekends I don’t leave South Philly, let alone the East Coast. But I spent the past couple days in Los Angeles, and I have to admit that by Saturday evening I started to entertain the idea of extending my stay.

Because really, California doesn’t seem like such a bad deal. It never snows and it barely rains. There’s a beach to the left and mountains to the right. If you forget your laptop in a coffee shop, it will be waiting for you behind the counter with a glowing barista who smells like sunshine and rainbows. What, I wondered, do I have against happiness? Why do I insist, year after year, on proving that I can survive Philadelphia?

And then you beautiful assholes killed hitchBOT. Read more »

9 Cool Events to Do at Philly Tech Week


Philly Tech Week is upon us! It certainly has come a long way in five years. Just look how dated this website from the first one looks! It would still be functional now, but it’s nowhere near as nice as the fancy, sponsored-by-Comcast look of this year. Plus, Christopher Wink and Brian James Kirk got their own profile here in Philadelphia magazine this year.

Right: Philly Tech Week is bigger than ever. That means there are even more cool events to go to this year than in previous years. Here are nine event picks for Philly Tech Week, one for each day. Read more »

Cable-Free HBO is Finally Available on Your iOS Devices and Apple TV

Game of Thrones, one of the many HBO shows you can now stream on your iOS devices without a cable subscription (or pirating).

Game of Thrones is one of the many HBO shows you can now stream on your iOS devices without a cable subscription (or pirating).

You can now get HBO shows and movies on your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV without a cable subscription.

The announcement that HBO and Apple were teaming up was made last month during the unveiling of the Apple Watch. The deal is this: You pay $15 a month to get HBO shows on all the aforementioned devices. If you sign up this month, you’ll get a 30-day free trial.

Read more »

Google Sheets Has a Secret Rainbow Trick That Will Make You Smile

After all the depressing Indiana drama last week, we could really use a good dose of silly, uplifting gay fun. Lucky enough, we can thank Google for providing it to us: There’s a secret way to convert Google Drive Sheets (i.e. their version of Excel) into a rainbow flag, and it’s pretty darn cool.

To start, visit the Google Sheets homepage. On the bottom right hand side, you’ll see a green circle with a “+” in the middle; click this to create a new sheet. You’ll get a standard spreadsheet that looks like this:

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Drexel Announces iPad Vending Machine

Had they unveiled it a day earlier we might have thought it was a prank. Drexel and the Free Library — spurred on by the success of the school’s MacBook dispensing unit —  announced yesterday that an iPad vending machine of sorts at the Dana and David Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships will make a cool dozen Apple tablets available, free of charge and for four-hour stretches, to Drexel ID-brandishing students and library card-carrying residents of the neighboring Manuta and Powelton Village neighborhoods. Read more »

Coming Next From Philly Mag: BizPhilly


Tom McGrath, Philly Mag editor, here. Over the last few years Philly Mag has undergone tremendous growth and change — with a lot of that change originating right here on

In January we launched Citified, our politics and urban affairs channel, which people around the city have been buzzing about. Last fall we unveiled a digital Sunday edition, which has quickly become a must-read for people subscribing to it (you can sign up here). We’ve done more and more when it comes to live events, including our annual ideas conference, ThinkFest, and our annual fitness event, Be Well Philly Boot Camp (reserve your spot now for this June’s boot camp). And this is to say nothing of the other channels — from Shoppist and Ticket to Wedding and Birds 24/7 — that we’ve created to cover Philly on a daily basis. Read more »

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