9 Tips to Get a Startup Investment



You wake up in the middle of the night with an idea that you’re sure is going to make you a Brink’s truck full of money. Pictures of being on the cover of Inc., Forbes and Fast Company flash through your mind. You can imagine the regional managing partner of Ernst & Young presenting you with the Inc. Entrepreneur of the Year Award and everyone is taking pictures.

Unfortunately, your no-risk high-reward idea needs some fairy dust in the form of money. Maybe a few hundred thousand, but no more than $1 million. You’ll put together that hockey stick spread sheet and checkbooks will come at you from all angles. Read more »

Comcast vs. Amazon for Philly Tech Talent

Comcast-AmazonThere’s a talent war going on in Philadelphia. Last week, Technically Philly reported that Amazon was coming to town for a three-day recruiting fest at the Loews Hotel in Center City. The Seattle-based online retail giant is offering immigration assistance and a “comprehensive relocation package,” to potential employees, Technically reported. It’s holding an invite-only party tonight and will be in town until Friday. Read more »

Meet 4 Philly Companies Redefining Innovation

The University City Science Center has been fostering innovation from young entrepreneurs long before it was trendy and cool. After 52 years, they know a thing or two about taking a company from the concept stage to a serious player in their industry.

I recently visited UCSC where I spoke to four very different entrepreneurs who are doing some seriously cool stuff. Here’s what I learned: Read more »

BizFeed: Philly Sports Teams Take Nosedive in TV Ratings

Philadelphia Phillies right fielder Ben Revere is unable to catch a fly ball triple by Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Howie Kendrick in the first inning of a July 6th game at Dodger Stadium.

Philadelphia Phillies right fielder Ben Revere is unable to catch a fly ball triple by Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Howie Kendrick in the first inning of a July 6th game at Dodger Stadium.

1. Phillies, Sixers and Flyers See TV Audience Shrink

The News: There’s not a whole lot of interest in Philadelphia sports these days. The Phillies are literally the worst team in professional baseball. The 76ers are coming off a horrific season, as part of its peculiar and (potentially genius) tanking plan. And the Flyers had an off year and missed the playoffs. That’s led to horrifying TV ratings for the three sports teams. For many fans, the Eagles’ Monday night opener against the Atlanta Falcons can’t come soon enough.

The Philadelphia Inquirer examined the Nielsen ratings, reporting that “Phillies viewership has plummeted 65 percent from 2011,” the last season of a glorious run of five straight playoff appearances. In news that should surprise nobody, “Sixers viewership has nosedived 72 percent over the same period.” The Flyers also lost audience, as viewership was down 36 percent. Read more »

Why Philly’s Innovation Boom Gives Techies New Opportunities

When you think of technology hubs, Silicon Valley and a few other regions come to mind, but Philadelphia may not rise to the top of your list. However, it’s no secret to those of us in tech that the region is not only tech-friendly, but also provides a great atmosphere to build a business. As Philadelphia continues to develop economically, new opportunities are opening up for a burgeoning Philadelphia-based technology industry. These changes, combined with a strong presence of talent and resources, are creating an attractive commercial ecosystem ripe for technology, innovation and growth. Now is the perfect time for tech companies to establish themselves in Philadelphia and capitalize on this region’s success. Read more »

Top Emojis in Philly … and More Stuff I Learned at Data Jawn

big data

“Big Data” seems to be the buzzword of today’s business world. With so much information available, are companies analyzing the right data? Are they asking the right questions? How do they make sense of it all?

RJ Metrics attempted to provide some answers during its first annual Data Jawn — a day-long conference with speakers from a variety of different businesses. Read more »

BizFeed: The 10 Best Philly Colleges For The Money

1. Best Colleges for the Price

The News: Money magazine has determined which colleges deliver the most value. It looked for schools that deliver “a great education, at an affordable price, that helps students launch promising careers.” Money used 21 factors in three equally weighted categories — educational quality, affordability, and alumni earnings — to rank each school.

Here’s how Philly colleges stacked up: Read more »

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