Whaaat? This Scarf Will Stop You From Catching a Cold

Sickness-repelling scarves for everyone! | Image via Jasper Scough

Sickness-repelling scarves for everyone! | Image via Jasper Scough

The weather’s a-changin’ and I have to admit: I’m nervous. Every time the temperature makes a major dip or the moisture levels spike, I’m faced with a big, fat cold. I’m told this isn’t an uncommon phenomenon, so when our sister site Be Well Philly posted about these bacteria-fighting scarves equipped with filters to ward off germs, we were pretty psyched.

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Market Report: 15 Gorgeous iPhone 6 Cases For Your New Device

  • If you were one of the lucky shoppers to snag (or you know, camp out for) an iPhone 6, you’ve probably found yourself in a bit of a case rut. But don’t worry: Here are 15 super-stylish ways to protect your new phone. (We’re obsessed with the marble case.) [Lucky]
  • Could the 3-ounce limit on liquids on airplanes be a thing of the past? That’s what the TSA is hoping.  [Chicago Tribune]
  • Class is in session. Kanye West still has 250 hours left of community service which he’s wrapping up by teaching a course at Los Angeles Trade Technical College. The gossip mill is speculating it’s a fashion course. [Vulture]

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Here’s Why You Should Save Your Money and Skip Tory Burch’s New Fitbit Accessories


That brass bracelet costs $195. | Photo via Tory Burch.

I own a Fitbit. It’s black, and it’s not anything to look at. (Actually, it has broken twice, so it’s not really anything to swear by either, but that’s another post.) I bought one with two co-workers, the motley trio of us peppering the poor saleswoman at the City Sports on Walnut Street with questions not at all related to the actual technology of the device: Do these come in any other colors? Can I get this in silver? Can you stud them? 

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Cue Confusion: Diane Von Furstenberg is Collaborating With Google Glass for a Special Edition Pair of Lenses

Image via Jezebel.

Image via Jezebel.

You may remember Diane von Furstenberg’s first foray with Google Glass when, in September 2013, models sashayed down the runway  in the slightly less obtrusive eyeglass versions. It came with a hashtag—#DVFthroughGlass—and prompted New York Daily News to say: “The skinny frames gave off a hint of Star Trek style.” Well, now DVF is giving it another go with an upcoming collaboration with Net-a-Porter set to debut next week. And this is one instance of tech-meets-fashion that I really can’t get behind.

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Philly’s Ex-Chief Data Officer: I Quit After Clash with Revenue Commissioner

mark-headd-400Mark Headd, Philadelphia’s first Chief Data Officer from the fall of 2012 to April 2013, has finally explained why he left the position. It happened after a squabble with the city’s Revenue Department commissioner after Headd’s team built a real-time dataset of property tax balances.

Though the city built an API that would allow sharing of real-time data with other city agencies, Revenue Department commissioner Clarena Tolson wouldn’t allow the data to be released. Headd says the city has issued permits to tax delinquents who owe millions.

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Monday Obsession: Fashion Illustrator and It Girl Dallas Shaw’s iPhone Cases


Dallas Shaw’s designs for iPhone and iPad cases make tech stylish. Photo via Pretty Smitten.

Confession: I have a very weird obsession with finding the perfect cell phone case. It started about 10 years ago, when I searched far and wide for a blinged-out cover. (I ended up shelling out a pretty penny for a kit that let you do it yourself. The crystals stayed on for about 2.5 days and then they’d get stuck to my hair every time I talked on the phone. It wasn’t pretty.)

Now my phone sports this bunny-ear case, and I’ve been pretty content with it—until I saw these new creations by Wilmington-based fashion illustrator and all-around stylish gal Dallas Shaw.

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The 5 Best Shopping Apps You Need to Know About

Photo via Shuttershock.

Photo via Shuttershock.

“There’s an app for that.” It’s a phrase we hear just about every day. And, well, it’s kind of true; there’s seemingly an app for everything from haircuts to drug paraphernalia delivery. It got us wondering: What shopping apps are out there? Answer: a ton. So we did a little sleuthing to find out the best and most worthwhile (no one wants a battery-sucker) apps out there. Whether you’re finally ready to find the right bra size, or you’re looking to sell the loot from your spring cleaning sesh, as much as we hate to say it … yes, there’s an app for that.

Curious? Click here for our top 5 shopping apps.

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