PPA Sells 3 Taxi Medallions — At a Discount

Photograph by Jeff Fusco

Photograph by Jeff Fusco

Good news, Philly! You’re getting more taxis!

Not-so-good news, Philly! You’re only getting three of them.

KYW reports that — months after they first went up for auction — the Philadelphia Parking Authority has sold three taxicab medallions, which are needed to operate cabs in the city. When they first went up for auction in the fall, the PPA had authority to sell 45 of the medallions, part of an effort to expand the number of wheelchair-accessible cabs in the city. Read more »

The Price of a Philadelphia Taxi Medallion Keeps on Dropping


The taxi business apparently isn’t what it used to be in Philadelphia.

The Pennsylvania Parking Authority in May will start selling cab medallions — the licenses required to own and operate a cab in the city — starting at $50,000 for a minimum bid. That might sound like a lot, but it pales compared to the $475,000 per medallion that the PPA tried (and failed) to sell just last fall.

PPA’s “General Counsel Dennis Weldon says there were concerns about the cost of making cabs accessible, which the medallions required, and competition from ride share services,” KYW reports, “so the authority is starting a new process with a minimum bid of $50,000.” Read more »

No More Stinky, Old, Beat Up Cabs for Philadelphia?


Anyone (okay, almost anyone) who rides taxicabs in Philadelphia with any frequency knows that compared to other major cities, our cabs are pretty terrible, which is part of the reason that services like Uber, UberX and Lyft are so damn popular here. Why on earth would you want to take a dirty old cab when these newfangled car services are so convenient, modern and clean? Read more »

Introducing … Ask Liz: Your Philly Conundrums Solved


If the taxi I’m in gets into a fender-bender, do I still have to pay the fare? — D.W., Northern Liberties

The Public Utilities Commission, which regulates taxis in Philadelphia, doesn’t have a rule for this particular situation. But assuming you’re unhurt, you’re governed by the same rules you always are in a taxi. In other words, has the driver taken you to your intended destination? If so, pay the fare. If you’re five blocks away and the two drivers are still swapping insurance info, dust yourself off, pay what you owe, and get another taxi — or just walk, for God’s sake. Not that I do, mind you, but I hear it’s good exercise. Read more »

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