Sweet! Target Announces Lower Prices on Groceries

Hat tip to the folks at Refinery29 for alerting us to the very welcome news that, like Whole Foods, Target has announced lower prices on all sorts of items, including those in the grocery aisle. Meaning: You’ll have more money to spend on all the crap you don’t need, but always makes its way into your cart anyway. (Pastel Sharpies! Mason jars! Living room poofs!)

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South Philly Is Getting a New Target

A rendering of the Target at Broad and Washington projected to open October 2018.

A rendering of the Target at Broad and Washington projected to open October 2018.

Target just announced the location of its latest Philly development. The retailer will open yet another small-format store in the city and this time around the 36,000-square-foot space will open in South Philly at Broad Street and Washington Avenue.

The store, projected to open October 2018, will be in Kimco Realty Corp.’s Lincoln Square mixed-used development. And as with all of Target’s other small-format spots, the store will provide “quick-trip” shopping through an assortment of items from apparel and personal care products to groceries, toys, home goods, and baby care items. It’ll also include a CVS pharmacy and Target’s order pickup service that allows customers to pick up purchases made online.  Read more »

Northern Liberties Is Getting a Target

Target has snagged yet another Philly location for its small-format store expansion, and this time the retailer will plop down in the southernmost reaches of Northern Liberties.

Target has signed a lease for a 47,000-square-foot space at 456 North 5th Street and anticipates opening in July 2018, the Business Journal reports (paywall).  Read more »

Want to Meet Charles Barkley? Go to the City Avenue Target

Charles Barkley in a Target

Cory Goldman with his son, Eli, and Charles Barkley at the City Ave. Target.

Cory Goldman was shopping at the City Avenue Target with his wife, Jen, and their 5-month-old son, Eli, when he saw someone he knew in the pharmacy department: Charles Barkley.

He didn’t want to approach the Hall of Fame basketball player, but when they ended up directly behind Barkley in the checkout line, Jen decided she wanted a photo of her son with Barkley. Sir Charles said he’d take a photo, and Cory ended up jumping into the picture, too.

“He was the nicest!” says Jen Rosenstock Goldman, a Philadelphia public school teacher when she’s not chatting up Sixers legends. “He was talking to an older woman in front of him about her grandson playing ball. He was just a normal guy buying toothpaste and Diet Coke.”

And the Goldmans weren’t the only ones to see Barkley in the City Avenue Target. A scan of social media shows that if you want to meet Charles Barkley, you might as well just camp out there. Read more »

A Tale of Two Targets

Target - Rittenhouse Square - 19th and Chestnut

The new Target at 19th and Chestnut streets opened with a ribbon-cutting last night. | Photo: Dan McQuade

Colleen Hastings said she never saw someone more excited for the opening of the Target.

It was last night. The girl must have been six or seven years old. She had dragged her father to the outside of the new Target store at the corner of 19th and Chestnut streets, which was about to hold its ribbon-cutting.

“She was so excited,” says Hastings, the store team leader for Center City’s second Target. “She said she wanted to work at Target when she grows up. People would come up and ask what was going on, and she would fill them in: ‘This is the new Target, it’s opening in a few minutes!’”

Residents of Rittenhouse Square might be sharing in that little girl’s excitement today: Last night, the new Target officially opened for business. So how’s it different than the one that opened in July seven blocks away on the 1100 block of Chestnut? Read more »

Local Mom Launches Petition to Bring Autism-Friendly Checkouts to Target

NavyAnna Jackowski and her mom, Kristin, who launched the Change.org petition to bring autism-friendly checkout lanes to Target and other big-box stores.

NavyAnna Jackowski and her mom, Kristin, who launched the Change.org petition to bring autism-friendly checkout lanes to Target and other big-box stores.

Shopping in a big-box store with young kids can be an aggravating experience for anyone. But if you have a child on the autism spectrum, it can be downright harrowing, what with the beeping cash registers, crowds, and people staring judgmentally when they see a child who is, in their eyes, acting up. Well, one local woman has an idea to alleviate some of that stress. Read more »

Target Is Holding a Three-Day Job Fair for Its Rittenhouse Store

Target store at 1900 Chestnut - under construction

Target’s store at 1900 Chestnut is under construction and is scheduled to open on October 5th. | Photo: Dan McQuade

Target expects to bring 70 new jobs to Center City Philadelphia this fall when it opens its 1900 Chestnut Street location in October. The company opened its first Center City store on the 1100 block of Chestnut last month. The new Target stores downtown are part of the chain’s “flexible format” type; they are about 15 percent of the size of a regular big-box target.

“Philadelphia is a priority market for Target, and we’re excited to build a talented team as we prepare for the October opening of our second flexible-format store downtown,” said Colleen Hastings, store leader of the Rittenhouse Square location. Read more »

What You’ll See in Center City’s New Target

A mural inside Target on Chestnut Street shows Philly landmarks in Target's design style

A mural inside the new Chestnut Street Target. (Photo: Dan McQuade)

The wait is finally over. Center City has a Target.

The new Target, located at 1128 Chestnut Street, is one of the discount chain’s 23 “flexible format” stores and the first located in Philadelphia. It is the 35th Target in the Philadelphia area.

The store can be entered from either Chestnut or Sansom Street, and is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturdays and 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sundays.

It’s smaller that an average Target, which is around 130,000 square feet. The one on Chestnut Street is just 19,000 — which means it won’t be selling big-screen televisions, couches or other big-ticket items you’d find at a Target store. Read more »

The Creepy Science Behind Why You Love Target So Much

why you love target

The mind games are real, people. | iStock/Kasahasa.

It’s no secret Target has our hearts — with those colorful housewares, punchy desk supplies and racks of bathing suits priced oh-so-perfectly, how can we resist? Center City certainly can’t, with people nearly lining the block in anticipation of Target’s new location opening this summer. Target is what my mom calls a ‘$100 store,’ meaning you can’t just pop in for one thing — you’re definitely dropping at least a Benjamin while you’re there, even when you have no intention of doing so.

But why is it that Target has such a hold on us (and our wallets)? Is it the mascot dog with the cute bullseye? The mini sale section in the front? That deliciously sinful, buttery popcorn? We sought out local experts — retail analysts, psychologists, professors at some of the top fashion programs in the world — to help us crack the code, revealing the science behind why you love Target so much. Their answers were insightful, surprising, and, well, downright creepy.  Read more »

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