Earth in a Box?

earth_bread_breweryWe’ve been talking about delivery at Luke’s Lobster and Paesano’s over the past couple of days. And now comes word that Mount Airy’s Earth Bread + Brewery is finally doing takeout. After five-years in business they are finally taking call-in orders for their fine pizzas flatbreads.

Days and times may be restricted due to how busy the dining room is but the dream of walking out with a hot flatbread in a box in one hand and a growler of EB+B beer in the other, is finally a possibility. Give them a call, you might just be in luck.

Earth Bread + Brewery [Official Site]

Restaurants Offering Super Bowl Food To-Go


Heading to a friends house for the Super Bowl? Don’t be THAT guy who shows up empty-handed. Here are a handful of restaurants offering special takeout options for the Super Bowl. Bring an order of Ela’s wings (pictured) and a local growler and quickly go from zero to hero.

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Introducing Our Growler Guide

The growler, the best way to get draft beer to go. It’s eco-friendly, it’s fun and sometimes it’s cheap.

We’ve surveyed bars, brew pubs and breweries across the Philadelphia region to find out the details on getting draft beer to go.

Check out our Growler Guide for how much the glass costs, how much it costs to fill the growler , who offers the cool flip-top containers and even who occasionally offers specials.

Growler Guide [f8b8z]
Mobile Version of Growler Guide [f8b8z]