Where To Eat This Weekend: Brunch, Tacos, and Brunch Tacos


Okay, quick: First thing you have to do is see whether or not Barbuzzo has sold out of the salted caramel budino choco-tacos we told you about on Monday. They went on sale at 11am and the restaurant was going to be selling them upstairs until they sold out.

Now assuming that the budino choco-tacos are gone (or that they will be shortly), you’re still going to need something else to eat this weekend, right? Well, you’re in luck because this weekend is busy. There’s a ton of stuff to do and places to go. And we’re here to tell you about the best of it.

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La Peg Promising Taco Trucks at Every Corner for Debate Tonight

This evening, La Peg is hosting “a proudly biased” viewing party for the third presidential debate. In response to Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez’s famous “taco trucks on every corner” line, chef Peter Woolsey is converting La Peg’s food truck into a taco truck for the night.

Guests will be have access to $3 carnitas tacos and $3 black bean and pineapple tacos. There will also be $3 Narragansett and Lionshead beers to make the debate bearable.

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Cheap Eats: Philly’s Tastiest Tacos — By Neighborhood

Tacos at Buena Onda | Photo by Davide Luciano, styling by Claudia Ficca

Tacos at Buena Onda | Photo by Davide Luciano, styling by Claudia Ficca

The biggest food story of Philly in 2016? The upscaling of quick cuisine. Philly chefs are turning their attention to sandwiches, salads and tacos, Philly restaurant owners are dreaming up killer concepts, and Philly eaters are demanding that every meal is just better — better tasting, better quality. The result is our new fast-food revolution, where takeout is as exciting as a meal at Vetri. This week on Foobooz, we’ll be publishing our guide to this new world of cheap eats. (There’s not a cheesesteak mentioned!) Or pick up the October issue of Philly Mag, on newsstands this week, to see it all in one place.   Read more »

Buena Onda Coming to Chestnut Street

Buena Onda Tacos is coming to Rittenhouse

Buena Onda Tacos is coming to Rittenhouse

In June, Jose Garces teased that his fast-casual fish taqueria would be coming to a location close to Philadelphia magazine’s offices. And today we can confirm that the second Buena Onda is indeed opening around the corner from the magazine’s offices, to the former Charlie’s Jeans at 1735 Chestnut Street.

The lease has been signed but no timeframe has been announced. We’re not holding our breath as the former clothing store will require an extensive buildout to become a restaurant, fast-casual or otherwise.

In June, Garces told us that he had plans for three Buena Onda locations in total in Philadelphia. No word on where that third one might land.

Buena Onda – Rittenhouse [Foobooz]

Make: Healthy Shredded Chicken Tacos With Avocado Cream

Shredded Chicken Tacos with Avocado Cream | Photo by Becca Boyd

Shredded Chicken Tacos with Avocado Cream | Photo by Becca Boyd

Taco Tuesday is pretty common but, though we love Mexican food, it’s not one we implement in my house. I just never seem to have all the right ingredients on hand at the same time. But I’m thinking it’s really time to change that, because besides a salad — which, let’s face it, can get a bit boring — I can’t think of a better (or more crowd-pleasing) way to get summer’s bounty of fresh produce into one delicious meal.

Because the ingredients involved in these shredded chicken tacos are simple, the flavors are allowed to shine, and the avocado cream is literally lick-the-plate good. Coming together in under 30 minutes, this recipe works well for weeknights, but as you can see form the photo, the end result is so fresh and pretty that it also works for entertaining guests. Happy cooking! Read more »

Tonight: Grubhouse Tacos at Sancho Pistola’s

Yada Yada Tacos, tonight at Sancho Pistola's

Yada Yada Tacos, tonight at Sancho Pistola’s

Sancho Pistola’s Fishtown Taco Exchange series continues this evening with the Grubhouse crew coming in for “Yada Yada” Tacos. We could tell you what the tacos are but then you might not watch this amazing video.

We will tell you that the Taco Exchange kicks off at 7 p.m. at Sancho’s and $12 will get you two tacos and a sweet treat.

Fishtown Taco Exchange XXII: Grubhouse [Sancho Spielbergo]
Sancho Pistola’s [Foobooz]
Grubhouse [Foobooz]

Taco And Beer Dinner At Sancho Pistola’s

TB_NOV-14 Cover2CX_kb.inddTacos and beer together—it’s a beautiful thing. Which is why on Tuesday, March 29th, Sancho Pistola’s is holding their 2nd annual Tacos and Beer dinner.

The dinner will include five courses and five beers for $65. Here are the beers they’ll be pouring:

  • Dogfish Head- Romantic Chemistry
  • Jack’s Abby- Saxonator
  • Ommegang- Rosetta
  • Firestone Walker- Luponic Distortion
  • Allagash- TBA

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Let Me Go Wild: Revolution Taco Reviewed

Duck Tacos at Revolution Taco | Photo by Claudia Gavin

Duck Tacos at Revolution Taco | Photo by Claudia Gavin

The first time I walked into Revolution Taco, they were playing “Blister in the Sun,” and all the people in the neighborhood were still getting used to it. At the counter, everyone seemed to know someone.

Your first time?


You’re gonna love it. This place is great.

The tables were crowded, and turned over quickly. The space was spare, clean, simple—just a box painted yellow, blond wood tables, the barest necessities. Lunch rush was running the small kitchen ragged, and customers kept coming as fast as the crew could get them out the door, but the place wasn’t much more complicated than the food truck (or trucks, really) that it’d been born of. A roof instead of wheels. An open kitchen to replace the submarine claustrophobia of a repurposed panel van. But the vibe was the same: Get ’em in, give ’em tacos, get ’em out.

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Taco Time: Heffe Reviewed

Bellicimo Burrito at Heffe

Bellicimo Burrito at Heffe

They were taking the Christmas lights down at Heffe on the day I showed up. Everyone was wearing gloves and hats; collars  turned up against some of the first serious cold of the year. It was the kind of afternoon that made the smooth white stones of the outdoor seating area, the picnic tables, the sand-colored stucco of the walls and all the lime, the chilies, the summer-sunlight flavors kind of a joke. Who eats street tacos in January? In Philly?

No one but me … and the half dozen people already waiting ahead of me, and the additional half dozen who filed in behind. Enough people that maybe it isn’t really a joke anymore, but a question—semi-serious and a little bit darker: How desperate for tacos do you have to be to risk frostbite in Fishtown just to get your fix?

Heffe has no indoor seating, just those red picnic tables. There’s no dining room, no service, no silver, no booze. No credit cards are accepted (it’s cash on the barrelhead, but relatively cheap), though if you count the two column heaters and those Christmas lights (now gone), an ATM makes up fully one quarter of the exterior decor.

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Meet Your New Favorite Cleanse, the Taco Cleanse

Guys, guys, guys: There is a cleanse called the Taco Cleanse, and it is not a figment of your imagination. According to the Los Angeles Times, the cleanse, created by three ladies who call themselves taco scientists (really), is anywhere from one to 30 days — your choice — of tacos, tacos and more tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh! And it’s vegan. Read more »

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