Sancho Pistola’s Kicks Off Fishtown Taco Exchange Program

fishtown-taco-exchange-sancho-pistolas-4009Sancho Pistola’s is kicking off its new guest series, The Fishtown Taco Exchange Program with Will chef/owner, Chris Kearse on Monday, March 24th.

Sancho chef/co-owner Adan Trinidad is collaborating on Kearse on the taco that will be served only between 9 p.m. and midnight on Monday, March 24th.

The Will Sancho? taco is grilled lamb’s tongue, cole slaw and carrot barbecue sauce. Two tacos will be $13.

And since it is Chris’ Kearse’s taco, we imagine it might be the prettiest taco plate you’ve ever seen.

Sancho Pistola’s [Foobooz]

It Certainly Is a Taco Tuesday

interstate-drafthouse-tacosThere’s no denying alliteration works. How else can you explain the popularity of Taco Tuesdays?

And here are four we came across just now:

Miles Table also has a fish taco special for lunch today. Three seared tilapia tacos  with sesame Thai slaw, sweet and spicy aioli, pickled onions on blue tortillas are $12.

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The Tacos Are the Thing at Shifty’s Taco


Brian Freedman finds that Shifty’s Taco is a good reason to head west on Girard Avenue.

[T]he tacos here are Shifty’s raison d’être, and on that count, Chef Geoff Gabrick and his team (including Jeb Woody of Honey’s and Zack Shell of El Fuego) acquit themselves admirably. The Rub was a highlight, its tender strings of braised brisket singing a song of adobo and chipotles, the slow simmering heat building yet never cresting: Lovely. The Hem and Hawl, on the other hand, demonstrated the kitchen’s aptitude with fish. Well-cooked and tender tilapia done on the plancha was anchored by an attractive slaw that, though it could have been a touch brighter, nonetheless brought enough crunch and liveliness to each bite to win me over.

Excellent new tacos at Shifty’s on Girard [Philadelphia Weekly]

Shifty’s Taco [Foobooz]

Shifty’s Taco Is Now Open in Brewerytown


Shifty’s Taco wasted no time opening after getting the go-ahead from the Health Department. In a tweet on Friday evening the Girard Avenue taco shop announced they had passed their final inspection and planned to open the next evening for dinner. Zack Shell, who was formerly a manager at El Fuego will be operating Shifty’s in a soft-opening mode today and tomorrow with hours from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday, Shifty’s Taco will be serving up their full menu and hours. Delivery (Broad to Schuylkill, Girard to Spring Garden) is about a week away and this weekend will see brunch launch with options like huevos rancheros, chorizo egg burritos and plantain bread pudding.

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Taco Angeleno Opening in West Philadelphia


Taco Angeleno, a new food truck based in West Philadelphia, is opening this summer. The truck debuted the Go West Craft Fest, and also had a preview picnic on on May 17 and was at Clark Park on the 18th. The truck is run by Vanessa Jerolmack, who just completed a 9-month run as a cook at Loco Pez, where she honed her knowledge of the restaurant business. The truck will serve chicken, beef, pork, eitan, soy miso, and soy-free tacos that will also be available in burrito form.

There is also a rotating daily platter special such as enchiladas, taquitos, and tamales served with rice and beans. The truck will be based at 5019 Baltimore Avenue, which will have picnic tables where you can enjoy your tacos. If all goes well, Jerolmack plans on opening a shack on the Baltimore Ave. site that can house a full kitchen and some counter seating.

Look for the taco cart on Baltimore Avenue or at festivals throughout the summer. And you can check out a much longer profile on Jerolmack and her new truck over at West Philly Local.

 Taco Angeleno [Facebook]

West Philly To Have ANew Taco Food Truck This Summer [West Philly Local]

It’s Teacher Appreciation Day at Chipotle

ChipotleToday is National Teacher Appreciation Day and Chipotle is offering educators a special buy-one-get-one-free on burritos, salads, burrito bowls or orders of tacos.

The promotion is offered today, May 7th from 4 p.m. to close and teachers and educators must show a valid school ID.

Chipotle [Official Site]

Pure Tacos Closing in Center City and Ocean City, NJ


Pure Tacos at 1935 Chestnut Street is closing on Tuesday, May 7th after ten months in business. The gluten-free taqueria also had a seasonal location in Ocean City, New Jersey that will not be returning this year.

Chestnut Street has not been kind to Mexican spots as El Fuego, Moe’s Southwestern and now Pure Tacos have all closed. Of course there are still south-of-the-border options in Qdoba and El Rey.

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