The Most WTF Swimwear On the Market Right Now

the most WTF swimwear out there right now

Nasty Gal, what happened? You’re usually so, so good. | Images via Nasty Gal. [1] [2] [3]

Hey swimwear designers, I’ve got one question for ya: WTF is going on? I’m seeing all kinds of cray cray styles happening right now, and “cool girls” are buying in. Is this a joke? Are we seriously wearing gigantic technicolored stars over our crotches and calling it cute? Please show me one body type in the universe that is flattered by bikini bottoms that cut the torso mid-gut, awkwardly short of high-waisted. What’s up with these high-necked tops, as if tan lines aren’t a thing that people experience in the sun? And please don’t get me started on that middle bikini pictured above, because if I try to sum up what I’m seeing here, I might actually get fired.

We present the most WTF swimwear out there right now. If you have an explanation, please comment. We are genuinely confused—and concernedRead more »

Where to Shop Warm-Weather Vacation Gear Right Now


Styles currently in stock. | South Moon Under [1] [2] [3].

One of our editors recently fled our suddenly harsh winter for Puerto Rico. Before she left, she shopped around the city for warm-weather, vacation-appropriate pieces like swimsuits, coverups, lightweight dresses. Her findings? A whole lot of sweaters, coats, boots and thick scarves … and nary a bikini in sight.

Philly is a buy-now, wear-now type of city – while we can preorder spring/summer pieces now, very few of us actually are – which means that finding off-season merch is often an uphill battle. But we tried: We surveyed many, many stores to find you the one that stocks the most warm-weather pieces now, perfect for a mid-winter jaunt to sunnier shores. And we found it, your pre-vacation HQ: South Moon UnderWhat you’ll find.

5 Best High-Waisted Bikinis Out There Now


Storming of the swimsuits!

Right before my honeymoon, I bought what basically amounted to the entire swimwear selection of Victoria’s Secret (I know, I know). For weeks, boxes of bikinis arrived at my doorstep, all tiny and stringy. Fast-forward several years (seven, to be exact), and my swimwear arsenal still only consists of these skimpy suits.

Problem is, the pools I frequent these days aren’t quite as glamorous as the saline lagoons of Hawaii, and it feels sort of weird to slink around the backyard pools of my friends, playing with their four-year-olds, wearing a tiny black triangle top. But I refuse to give in to the call of the one-piece. Though I know it’s just as chic (if not more so!) to cover up, I can’t help but imagine my mom back in the ’80s, sitting on the beach in a skirted one-piece. I’m not ready.

Happily, there is a middle ground, and it’s the delightfully retro high-waisted bikini, which counts Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and even Rihanna as fans. Far from prudish, it’s actually the most high-style way to do swimwear now. For this final month of summer, why not try one? Here,  my top picks.  Read more »

Market Report: 6 Ways to Make Beach Coverups Look More Stylish


Breezy beach style. | Shutterstock.

  • Beach coverups don’t have to always be caftans and sarongs. This is how you can rock the coverup game with pieces you’ll want to wear long after you’ve taken off your swimsuit.  [Vogue]
  • Here’s a sneak peek of all of the items from Target’s collaboration with jewelry designer Eddie Borgo. (You’ll want them all.) [PopSugar]
  • After conquering the fashion world with The Row, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are breaking into the beauty sphere with body oils and hand cream. We’re adding these to our shopping list now. [Byrdie]

Up Next: Audrey Hepburn’s weird (and semi-dangerous) beauty trick.

The Best Places to Shop for Swimwear in Philly


When I think about what makes a great womenswear store, I think about curationa strong aesthetic, a refined point of view, a smart mix of designers. When I think about think about what makes a swimwear store great, well, curation goes out the window. Here, it’s all about selection — sizes, styles, prices, add-ons — and these stores have the best of it all.  Read more »

7 Dos And Don’ts of Men’s Swimwear


No. So much no. | /

Men’s swimwear is a tricky thing to maneuver. It’s full of oddball prints and inseams that range from the crazy-long to the super-short. But somewhere in between the Speedos and cargo shorts is a happy medium. The dream suit doesn’t hug your gut or veer into male culotte territory, and it isn’t — God willing — this horrifying man thong.

We chatted with local menswear pros to get the skinny on what to look for —and what to avoid — when shopping for suits. Guys, listen up.  Read more »

Monday Obsession: Get Any Word You Want Printed on These Bespoke Swimsuits


Say my name. | Images via Bruna Malucelli.

Sometimes the best statements are the simplest. Case in point: Bruna Malucelli’s custom one-piece swimsuits, classic in design (scoop neck and low scoop back) and basic in color (black or white), but much cooler (and chicer) than your run-of-the-mill Speedos.

Customize your suit with up to nine characters (you can choose word you want, but we recommend you stay simple with your first name) in black, white, gold or silver. In three weeks, you’ll have the best bathing suit on the beach. Better than the ubiquitous neon bikinis that dot every shoreline in Jersey? We think so.  Read more »

American Apparel Bikini Gets Barista Bounced From Philly Pool


UPDATE July 24th: American Apparel is flying pool-barred bikinied barista Lisa Conn to its L.A. headquarters to pick out some free bikinis. For the full update, go here.


Lisa Conn loves to swim. The 30-year-old South Philadelphia barista usually wears a swimsuit under her dress so that she can jump into one of Philadelphia’s public pools at a moment’s notice. But she claims that her American Apparel bikini led to “harassment” by male city employees at two public pools this week, and that she wasn’t allowed to swim at one of those pools as a result of her choice of swimwear. Read more »

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