Taste of Summer: 7 Sweet Treats That Won’t Melt

Jack N’ S’mores shake at Frankford Hall | Photograph by Claudia Gavin

1. Crepes in a Cone

Rolled up into a paper cone and stuffed with tasty fillings, the Japanese crepes at T-swirl Crêpe are an ideal sweet-on-the-go. Go classic with strawberry banana, or kick it up with the matcha azuki bean, which comes with a scoop of Japanese green tea gelato, red bean paste, strawberries and Pocky sticks. (Bonus: These crepes are gluten-free.) Multiple locations.  Read more »

Barry’s Buns Opens in Chestnut Hill

Barry's Buns is now open in Chestnut Hill

Barry’s Buns is now open in Chestnut Hill

Have a hankering for a sticky bun? How about one made from 100% natural ingredients, with over six flavor options? Well today, a new family-owned bakery—Barry’s Buns— has opened at Market at the Fareway (formerly the Chestnut Hill Farmers’ Market) in Chestnut Hill, and you can head over there right now to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Owners Joel and Jen Singer are offering six sticky bun flavors, with an additional seasonal flavor, “made to order” liege waffles with Belgian pearl sugar and a choice of toppings, plus cinnamon buns. Also on the menu is crumb cake and butter cake (are you hungry yet?) All of the baked goods are made with natural ingredients and have no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

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Hershey’s Kisses Are Doubling In Size

BigKissIn the chocolate world, this is big news.

Because, in the chocolate world, Hershey executives haven’t seen change like this in 25 years. They can talk about how this–a change in size, a hazelnut, some gold foil–is the biggest innovation to the Hershey’s Kiss since someone first though of shoving an almond in one, and not mean it in a snarky, ironic or cynical way.

There’s a guy quoted in the USA Today piece about the change who says, “It took 55 years just to change the color of the foil. Then it took another 38 years to put something inside the milk chocolate.”

So yeah, this is not exactly a company that moves…


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Kermit’s Bake Shoppe Is Now Delivering


Kerminator Pizza – now available for delivery.

Kermit’s Bake Shoppe is kicking off delivery today. Pizzas, pastries, hot pockets and more are just a phone call away. In addition to now offering delivery, Kermit’s has refreshed its hours and menu. The bakery and pizza shop is now open at 8 a.m. daily, with delivery starting at 11 a.m.

Menu additions include breakfast hot pockets, seasonal items like pumpkin blondies and sweet potato pop tarts. The “Kerminator” pizza which has been a special recently, is now a permanent member of the menu. The Kerminator is topped with choucroute, caramelized onions, applewood-smoked ham, gruyere and creme fraiche.

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