Belated FroYo Frenzy Continues


Although the frozen yogurt craze seems to be waning, two new frozen yogurt establishments are coming to Walnut Street.

The former Bonté at Juniper and Walnut is just about set to become Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. And then just a half-block away at the corner of 13th and Walnut will be the sequel to 18th and Chestnut’s Sweet Ending.

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Early Feedback from the Piazza

Living on the Vedge tells us about a promising margherita pizza and a salad at Vino that will hopefully be “figged out” next time. [Living on the Vedge]

The Beer Lass was there for the Swift Half’s soft opening and tries out a whole slew of dishes. [Beer Lass]

Phoodie has the lowdown on the Swift one’s Green Tomato Bloody Mary. []

Elsewhere In New

It was practically a stampede on opening day at Sweet Ending. “Solid, but not knee-buckling” is the verdict from Living on the Vedge [Living on the Vedge]

We only provided crappy nightime iPhone pictures of Silk City’s beer garden. Luckily Silk City has published their own. [Silk City]

Living on the Vedge also makes it to Verde and Varga Bar to see how the Turney siblings are doing. [Living on the Vedge]

Why Twitter Doesn’t Suck

Honest Tom’s is serving up fish tacos at Clark Park tonight at 5. [Twitter]

Why Marketing Works

Wawa may have abandoned much of Center City but we love their Hoagiefest ads so much we’ll probably seek them out anyway. [Wawa]

Opening Day At Sweet Ending

Philly Mag’s Restaurant Club raced out of its offices to try out Sweet Ending Yogurt which opened yesterday at 18th and Chestnut.

Sweet Ending is planning on staying open till 2am on Fridays and Saturdays for those who want to eschew Little Pete’s. And what flavors are best? Check the link to find out.

First Bite: The (Frozen) Skinny on Sweet Ending Yogurt [Restaurant Club]

FroYo On Chestnut

[slideshow id=2]
Over the weekend printed signs appeared in the window of the former Raindrop Cafe/Amazon Cafe at the corner of 18th and Chestnut. The signs simply stated, “Frozen Yogurt 6/1/09.”

Will this be Philadelphia’s first Pinkberry or RedMango? Our own observations don’t lead us to believe that the space will be home to either of the best known national tart frozen yogurt chains but the space is certainly modeled to resemble the popular places.

Check out the fancy stools and red-tiled counter above.

Does it look like another frozen yogurt chain?