The Fan Hack to Help You Survive the Heat Waves of Summer

It is going to be hot this weekend. Like, really hot. And, while sweating does have its perks, it’s not something I’m interested in doing all weekend long. But I also don’t want to spend boatloads of money on my electric bill from blasting my air conditioner. If you feel the same way, I have a question to ask you: Do you know what direction your ceiling fan is set to turn —  clockwise or counterclockwise? Don’t worry, I didn’t think that was a question I ever needed to ask myself either, until this morning.
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LGBT Black History Month Spotlight:
7 Questions With HIV Activist
Antonio Boone

In partnership with Philadelphia Black Gay Pride, every day throughout the month of February we will spotlight an influential black mover and shaker in the city.

antonio boone

Today: Antonio Boone, a diehard HIV/AIDS activist who has worked to shine a national spotlight on young people living with HIV. He works with the Sexuality With Education and Truth Project (SWEAT), which helps bring support to HIV-positive gay and bisexual men between the ages of 18 and 30.

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