Roundup: Super Bowl Specials

Super Bowl XLIX | Photo via Shutterstock

Super Bowl XLIX | Photo via Shutterstock

For many Americans, Super Bowl Sunday is a holiday. There are rules and rituals to follow, guacamole quotas to meet and commercials to scrutinize. One ubiquitous feature of the Super Bowl experience is food. What you eat during the game is often as important as the teams themselves. So whether you’re rooting for the Seahawks or the Patriots this Sunday (or cheering for neither because you’re busy bitterly sulking that the Eagles aren’t in playing), we’ve got you covered with deals from around the city to make your day a culinary success no matter how your team does.

Of course if you’re attending or hosting a Super Bowl party, we’ve got your catering options covered as well.

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Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski to Host NBC’s Super Bowl Pre-Game Show

From NBC Sports.

From NBC Sports.

OMG: Philly-born Tara Lipinski and Coatesville’s Johnny Weir, the two utterly fabulous figure skating divas (yes, we used “divas” purposely), will be joining NBC’s Super Bowl pre-game coverage this Sunday, and, no, this isn’t a joke.

The New York Post reported that Lipinski and Weir were added to the line-up to provide a “unique perspective:”

“During their inaugural Super Bowl broadcast, the dynamic duo will be doing regular spots from the tailgate party and interviewing celebrities…During the six-hour pregame show, their colorful commentary will be mixed in with the usual gridiron grind from seasoned sports broadcasters like Bob Costas, Josh Elliott and Dan Patrick. Expect to see more of the former skaters in the first three or four hours of the program, which kicks off at noon.”

Of course, the duo quickly took to Twitter to announce who they think will win the big game:

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 4.26.53 PM

The 2004 Eagles’ Super Bowl Starters, Then and Now

Photos | Philadelphia Eagles

Photos | Philadelphia Eagles

It seems like only yesterday. But it has been nearly 10 years since February 6th, 2005 — the last time the Philadelphia Eagles appeared in the Super Bowl.

That season was a magical one for Eagles fans, with the team winning its first seven games en route to a 13-1 start. Donovan McNabb instantly clicked with new wide receiver Terrell Owens. Safety Brian Dawkins and newly acquired defensive end Jevon Kearse terrorized opposing offenses. Jeremiah Trotter returned from two years in exile — Washington — to reclaim his starting middle-linebacker spot. It was a dream.

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Where to Get Super Bowl Sunday Takeout That Will Score Big

The home of Super Bowl XLIX, Glendale Arizona - Parking lots and dirt.

The home of Super Bowl XLIX, Glendale Arizona – Parking lots, dirt and sprawl.

UPDATED: 1/30/2015

Patriots, Seahawks, football, blah blah blah.

Look, we like football as much as anyone. But this year, owing to various regional animosities and deep-seated issues with certain Pacific Northwestern waterfowl, we’re way more excited about Super Bowl Sunday as a food holiday — an excuse to amass the maximum amount of deep-fried calories possible and then see how many of them we can consume before passing out on the couch.

To wit, we have assembled a short list of places offering fancier-than-usual grub for game day — a little something for everyone, even if you’re the sort who thinks sushi is the perfect half-time break between the tacos and the chicken wings.

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Jersey Transit Says It Lost Money on Super Bowl

Warning to everybody who still wants to bring a Super Bowl to Philly: It might be more trouble than you expect. Newsworks reports that New Jersey lost $5.6 million transporting riders to and and from the stadium for January’s big game — despite reaping more than $1 million in ad sales along the route.

One reason for the loss: The agency expected to transport 10,000 people to the game — and ended up taking 30,000.

And that sounds pretty incredible. Then again, just imagine what those numbers would be like if the transit system had actually worked well.

A Frame-By-Frame Analysis of the Geico Philly Cheesesteak Commercial


Did you watch the Super Bowl Sunday? Of course you did, it’s the Super Bowl, and even football-hating heathens tune in. While we didn’t get the Bucks County-born defense lawyer’s amazing two-minute spot here in Philadelphia, we did get a ridiculous local ad of our own: The Geico gecko at the Cheesesteak nexus!

Foobooz covered this yesterday, but I figured I’d take a closer look at today at the two-minute spot.

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Joe Namath: His 8 Best Fashion Moments … And That Coin Toss Coat


Photo via Vox Sartoria.

I was running late to a Super Bowl party last night, so I missed the coin toss. It wasn’t until much later, when I checked my Twitter feed, that I realized something interesting had happened before the game even began.

That coat.

That giant fur coat Joe Namath wore to toss the coin. 

He clearly had this outfit planned, long before an updated weather forecast had been released. It was cold out there in New Jersey. We’re in a polar vortex! It was cold, and therefore he’d wear a giant fur coat. He’d planned his (otherwise quite normal) outfit around that coat. So what if it was 49 degrees at kickoff? Joe had an utterly crazy absolutely fantastic coat and, damn it, he was going to wear it. So what if he looked a teeny bit like a 1970s pimp? It’s called vintage, people. And no one rocks 1970s pimp like Broadway Joe. Here, a look back at his eight best sartorial moments. Spoiler alert: There is lots of fur.

More fur ahead.

Super Bowl Party at Pat Burrell’s Penthouse


Yesterday, Tommy Domalski (pictured above) and Amber-Joi Watkins hosted their second annual Super Bowl party. Domalski owns the penthouse that was the former pad of Pat Burrell. Attendees included the suddenly ubiquitous Kate Beaver, Miss Pennsylvania Intercontinental  Julia Pauline and chef Jason Cichonski, who served vegan burgers, a new addition to the menu of his forthcoming bar/eatery, Gaslight, which had a soft opening on Saturday.

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