The Official Shoppist Style Ranking Of NFL Uniforms

We here at Shoppist are passionate about sports. This probably comes across in posts like this (it can be cold out there on the field!) and this. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that today, in honor of the Super Bowl which we hear is on Sunday, we compiled a complete ranking of all the teams in the NFL. We spent countless hours deliberating and, yes, sometimes it got heated. But after filtering each team through the same set of considerations (use of color, use of graphics, proper employment of metallics, font choice, neckline, helmet design, execution of figure-flattering design i.e. stripes on leg, and shoe choice) we are proud to present you with The Official Ranking Of Every Team Uniform In The NFL. (Also, if you’re a betting reader, you might want to take into consideration our number one choice. A good-looking uniform goes a long way. Just sayin’.)  Go team!



18 Super Bowl Sex, Drug Arrests Made

Super_Bowl_XLVIII_logoGet this: People are selling sex and drugs to the rich tourists in New York for Super Bowl week! It doesn’t always go so smoothly: Today police began arresting 18 individuals wanted for selling sex and cocaine “party packs.” The investigation took 11 months.

The scheme, says New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office, was similar to the one that ensnared John Bolaris in 2010.

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5 Super Bowl Calorie Bombs to Avoid This Sunday



There is no argument: Everyone loves a good Super Bowl party. Honestly, you don’t even have to be into football to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday; with all the gambling, trash-talking, snacks and beer, you’re bound to have a good time. But then Monday morning rolls around and you realize, “Holy cow, I consumed at least 7,872 calories yesterday and I really don’t see myself being able to button my pants today.” That part’s not so fun.

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Market Report: What Will Erin Andrews Wear To The Super Bowl?



  • Forget the football stuff. This is the important question: What will reporter Erin Andrews wear on the Super Bowl sidelines on Sunday? See her outfit options here. [Glamour]
  • Bangs are a big risk: Love ‘em and you’re good to go. Hate ‘em and you’ve got a long grow-out process ahead of you. Be prepared with this best-ever roundup of all the bangs that every celebrity has ever had (or so it seems). So, tell me, do you want the Hayden or the Rashida? [BellaSugar]
  • Better look carefully before you buy that Super Bowl jersey. Feds seized a ton of counterfeit merch (to the tune of $21.6 million). Remember: Knockoffs are never in fashion. [Huffington Post]

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Philly Police Will Provide Super Bowl Security

6ABC reports Philadelphia Police will be on hand for Sunday’s Super Bowl in New Jersey: “The Philadelphia Police Department’s Counter-Terrorist Unit is a key part of the security plan for the Big Game. It is a plan that will include a total of 3,000 law-enforcement professionals. New Jersey State Police made sure to bring in Philadelphia’s Anti-Terror Unit because it is one of only a handful across the country with the technology, equipment, and training needed to secure an event of the Super Bowl’s magnitude.”



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