Why Did Monmouth University Run a Super Bowl Commercial?

It was last Thursday when Tara Peters decided she was going to do it. Just like that, Monmouth University had a Super Bowl commercial.

Right before the second half of the Super Bowl, viewers tuned in to FOX 29 in the Philadelphia area saw an ad for Monmouth that featured the men’s basketball team.

Peters — Monmouth’s associate vice president of university marketing and communications, and a 1994 graduate of the school — thought about buying the ad spot all week. The deciding factor was what you might expect: money.

“There ended up being a break in price because we committed so late,” Peters tells Philadelphia magazine. She wouldn’t share how much the Super Bowl ad cost, but said the school used its existing marketing budget. Read more »

Matt Ryan Proves He Really Is From Here

Matt Ryan - Super Bowl

Losing quarterback Matt Ryan walks off the field after the Patriots erased a 25-point deficit to the Falcons to win the Super Bowl | AP Photo: Tony Gutierrez

Matt Ryan grew up in Exton.

That’s 45 minutes to an hour outside of Center City Philadelphia, but it didn’t stop local media from localizing his story as a Philly guy, even if Rolling Stone went to Exton and couldn’t find anyone all that excited about the Super Bowl.

There’s sometimes a debate around these things. Is Villanova a Philly school? Whenever Mike Trout — the Millville, New Jersey, native who’s put up superhuman numbers in his first five pro baseball seasons — is in the local news, people point out that Millville is about an hour outside Philly, too. The debate over Matt Ryan and Philadelphia is a little silly, of course, since he did attend high school in the city (at Penn Charter).

But even if he didn’t, the localization of even tenuous connections is always going to happen. Local media, especially television stations with a large coverage area, are going to try to find someone connected to any major national story. The local news still interviews disgraced Tour de France winner and Lancaster native Floyd Landis (about his new marijuana company!)

But there can still be a debate about whether these athletes are from Philly. Except for Matt Ryan, of course, who proved last night that he truly is an athlete from the City of Philadelphia. Read more »

How to Super Bowl Like a Pro This Sunday

Revolution Taco/Official

Revolution Taco/Official

Maybe you’ve got the most incredible buffalo chicken dip recipe known to man, or maybe you enjoy grilling in the cold. Maybe you’re just some sort of crazed masochist who actually enjoys holing up in a kitchen while your friends and family have all of the fun without you. Sane people? They like to relax on Sundays — especially Super Bowl Sundays — and you can too if you let a bunch of these Philly pros do the work for you.

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Philly-Area Man Has Chance to Take Down Patriots in Super Bowl

Matt Ryan

USA Today Sports

One Philadelphia-area man can prevent the Patriots from winning the Super Bowl with just his arm.

That man is Matt Ryan, Exton native and quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons. Ryan, a 2002 graduate of Penn Charter, led the Falcons to a 44-21 win in the NFC Championship yesterday. He’ll face the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Yes, a guy from Philly can stop the Patriots from winning their fifth Super Bowl. Since every Eagles fan knows our team will never, ever win one, this is something we can all get behind. Read more »

NATIONAL NEWS: Anti-Gay Bill Might Harm Atlanta’s Super Bowl Bid

Jason Getz | USA Today Sports

Jason Getz | USA Today Sports

The NFL is speaking out against Georgia’s recently passed “religious liberty” bill.

Georgia House Bill 757, which will allow institutionalized LGBTQ discrimination, has received opposition from the National Football League. League spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statement, “NFL policies emphasize tolerance and inclusiveness, and prohibit discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other improper standard. Whether the laws and regulations of a state and local community are consistent with these policies would be one of many factors NFL owners may use to evaluate potential Super Bowl host sites.” In other words, Atlanta, which has been named a finalist for 2019 and 2020 Super Bowl consideration, might not make the cut. Other organizations, including Google and Apple, have also publicly criticized the legislation. Read more »

5 Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials, Picked by Philly Ad Agency

Which Super Bowl commercials were a hit and which ones were just lame and bizarre?

Which Super Bowl commercials were a hit and which ones were just lame and bizarre?

The Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers weren’t the only ones fighting for supremacy on Super Bowl Sunday. Advertisers were battling for the top spot, too. With a $5 million price tag on a 30-second commercial, the stakes were high. Did advertisers take advantage of the 115 million people watching, or did they waste their money? Here are the spots that scored, and the ones that dropped the ball. Read more »

Takeout for a Winning Super Bowl Party


Fish tacos from Buena Onda, just one Super Bowl takeout/delivery option.

Whether you’re rooting for the Panthers or the Broncos (or Team Fluff, for you Puppy Bowlers), one thing we can all agree on is that it isn’t a true viewing experience without consuming an unhealthy amount of food.

Unless you’re dedicated to spending most of the day in your kitchen, we’ve compiled a list of great takeout options to make party planning a little easier.

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A Guy From Philly Nicknamed “Philly” Is in the Super Bowl

Carolina Panthers wide receiver Corey Brown (10) runs for a touchdown during the first quarter against the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship football game at Bank of America Stadium.

Carolina Panthers wide receiver Corey Brown (10) runs for a touchdown during the first quarter against the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship football game at Bank of America Stadium.

Corey Brown didn’t want to be called “Philly.”

It makes sense. Plenty of people drop their college nicknames when they leave school. Corey Brown only became Philly Brown to differentiate him from the other Corey Brown already on Ohio State’s football team.

He was always Corey Brown before that: While playing for the Oxford Circle Raiders as a little kid, while starring at several positions for Cardinal O’Hara in high school. Then he went to college and became Philly.

While he told Comcast SportsNet before the 2014 NFL Draft he didn’t want to come back to the city. “I don’t want to go back. It’s just not a place where you want to raise a family, not right now at least. Besides, I want to go somewhere hot.”

He ended up with the Carolina Panthers, and called himself Philly Brown. He played in 13 games his rookie year. He announced he was going back to Corey Brown — and his college number, 10 — after his rookie year. But after dropping a bunch of passes in preseason, Panthers coach Ron Rivera said he was going to call him “Philly” again.

“I’m going to call him Philly,” Rivera said. “Philly catches the ball. Corey is a nice young man.” Read more »

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