WATCH: Leslie Jordan’s Adorable, Hilarious Doritos Commercial

Is there anyone more adorable than Leslie Jordan? Here, the Will and Grace Emmy winner flaunts his cuteness in an ad for Crash the Super Bowl, a competition held annually by Doritos for the chance to have your commercial shown during the next year’s game. He co-stars with hunky models Joel Rush and Nick Ayler, which makes it even that much more fun to watch. Check it out above, and if you’re so inclined, vote for the spot here. Would love to see him get some Super Bowl-ad love.

Budweiser Black Crown to Debut During the Super Bowl, We Give It a Taste


Earlier this week Philadelphia magazine food editor Jason Sheehan and I sat down at the office (it’s a tough job) to try Budweiser’s brand new Black Crown beer. Black Crown is making its marketing debut during the Super Bowl and we wanted to share what we thought of the beer. Black Crown is the result of  25,000 votes in a project  Anheuser Busch called “Project 12.”  The experiment  had twelve master brewers setting out to create a new beer that was consistent with the Budweiser name. The winner of the exercise was from Los Angeles and that beer is now Budweiser Black Crown. Black Crown uses the same yeast strain that Adolphus Busch used in the original Budweiser back in 1876 and like the original Bud Heavy, it is also beechwood aged. The beer weighs in at 6% alcohol by volume and promises more taste.

Until the Super Bowl,  there is just this short Budweiser Black Crown preview video to whet your appetite. Well that video and the one Jason and I did while tasting the beer. Bonus points if you get the reference we ran with in making the video.

Watch the Video »

Cookies From Deion Sanders, Via Whipped Bakeshop


We got Deion Sanders cookies from Whipped Bakeshop (as featured in this weekend’s Super Bowl ad for Century 21)!

Are you jealous? Well you should be. Because while we briefly though about keeping the cookie forever as a kind of weird souvenir of the sort of fleeting fame that can come and go without anyone but some food nerd website noticing, Art and I were both kinda hungry, so we just ate it.

And Deion was delicious.

Whipped Bakeshop [Official website]

The ad in which the cookies were featured [Youtube]