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Photo by Jason Varney

Diving Horse | Photo by Jason Varney

It’s Friday, the ocean is calling your name, it’s going to be absolutely beautiful both today and tomorrow. Leave work now. The Internet has spoken, and here’s all you’ll need to know about where and what to eat this weekend. Read more »

The Edit: 8 Mini Skirts to Wear During Hot Weather


If this hot, sticky weather has you in a style rut (no, a clutch doesn’t double as a hand-fan), don’t fret: Mini skirts are the freshest way to stay cool and bare some leg when the temperatures soar. But before you start stressing about the implications of wearing a mini in the city, the new polished iterations pair just as nicely with a structured blazer as they do with an oversized tee (the ultimate warm weather outfit). So, rather than cowering in the air conditioning until September, snag one of these effortlessly chic minis and show off those gams with pride.

Click here for prices and details.

6 Science-Backed Reasons to Embrace Your Sweaty Self



I’m sure you don’t need me to remind you, but we are in the middle of a serious heat wave. With temps in the city crawling up to triple-digits today, plus humidity, anyone who steps foot outside for more than a few minutes is bound to be a sweaty, sticky mess. I, for one, am no fan of the heat. This is my first summer in Philly, and I’m thoroughly accustomed to the Northern way of receding into air conditioning until there’s snow on the ground. Turning into a sweaty disaster on my five-minute walk to the train is a brand-new phenomena for me, and one that I’m not exactly loving.

But did you know that all that sweat is actually healthy? Here, I found six science-backed reasons that being a sweaty pig actually is good for you. (Just don’t forget to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!) It sure isn’t going to transform me into a summer-lover, but it might help me sleep just the tiniest bit better in my unairconditioned apartment tonight. In the meantime, if you have an igloo I can borrow, let me know.  Read more »

10 Places to Mooch Free Air Conditioning in Philadelphia


It was Thomas Jefferson who famously wrote that the core of American identity rides on the preservation of life, liberty and the ability to blast every cell in our sickly bodies with frigid artificial air the second the weather gets slightly hot. But what Jefferson failed to consider when penning his seminal treatises (note to stoned high-school students: He didn’t actually write that, head elsewhere to plagiarize) was just how much the cost of energy would rise along with the republic.

Not sure what kind of setup T-Jeff had at Monticello, but it was likely more efficient than the junkbox ‘80s-era window units most of us rely on to chill our sweatbox South Philly apartments. There’s no more defeating feeling than swimming through sauna-like, ice-on-neck surroundings, only to be steamrolled by an insane PECO bill whose total resembles Chase Utley’s batting average (good Chase, we mean). What’s a stinky, sticky, sans-central-air citizen to do?

Mooch off other peoples’ AC, of course.

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WWE SummerSlam Heatwave Tour Coming to the Wildwoods

wwe summer slam heatwave tour wildwoods

Wildwood is going to be rumbling in a few weeks when it hosts World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)’s Live SummerSlam Heatwave Tour at in the Convention Center’s Oceanfront Arena.

Fighters scheduled to attend are John Cena, Sheamus (pictured, above), Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan, The USO’s, Big E, and Bad News Barrett.

Tickets to the event are only $15 a pop, and can be purchased here.

The Ultimate Jersey Shore Fitness Guide for Summer 2014



We know, we know: Your annual Jersey Shore vacation consists mainly of days spent on the beach, nights spent on the boardwalk, and as many trips to Manco & Manco as you can feasibly fit in between. But consider this: What if your itinerary this year included a fitness activity or two, as well?

Whether you just want to spectate or join in the fun, we found a summer’s worth of fitness activities up and down the Jersey Shore to keep you busy. From 5Ks to surf contests to a whopping three triathlons, there’s something for everyone. And yes, many of these events are family-friendly, so grab the kids and bring them along. (Psst! We even included some super fun fitness classes that are going on all summer long. How does beach yoga sound?)

Welcome to your Best. Summer. Ever.

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