Fire Island Pines Gay Resort Goes On the Auction Block

Photo by Scott Barnes

Photo courtesy of FIP Ventures

You queens who bypass Rehoboth and Cape Town for summery gay good times in Fire Island Pines may find this interesting: The resort, which includes Pavilion nightclub, myriad restaurants and some retail spaces is being auctioned off today with a starting bid of $8.5 million—considerably less, New York Times points out, than the $20 million entrepreneurs Andrew Kirtzman, Seth Weissman and Matthew Blesso bought it for in 2010. More from NYT:

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Giant 1,000-Foot Slip ‘N Slide Coming to Philly This Summer

Slide in the City

Slide the City

I don’t have a ton of details on this yet, but I couldn’t resist getting you to think about summer (again) on this cold, bitter, frigid winter Friday in January. So I present you with this fun nugget of info: The folks at Slide the City, who also seem to be affiliated with the Color Me Rad 5K, appear to be working on bringing a giant 1,000-foot Slip ‘N Slide to Philly this summer.

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Your Weekend Workout Playlist: 25 Songs That Will Trick You Into Thinking It’s Summer



I wouldn’t go so far as to say I would definitely trade my firstborn child for the opportunity to be sitting on a sandy beach right now, with my toes in the sand and sun on my face. But if someone were to propose such a trade right now, when my WeatherBug app is so kindly informing me that it feels like seven degrees outside, I might seriously consider it for at least two minutes. Then I would say no, because hellooo, I’m not a monster; I just really hate this cold weather. And I know I’m not alone on that one.

So, my fellow cold-weather-hating friends: What’s the next best thing to actually being in 80-degree sunshine? Tricking ourselves into believing we’re in 80-degree sunshine. And this summer-inspired playlist certainly does the job. Enjoy!

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End the War on Summer

southern-tier-pumking-940The weather today is 81º and sunny. It is pretty much as perfect an August day as you can wish for and yet, forces are battling against summer.

Pumpkin beers have already hit the shelves. Even as one of the most wonderful summers in recent memory rolls on, friends are already bragging about finishing their first bomber of Southern Tier Pumking. But it’s August, why are we rushing towards fall? A trip to the beer store this weekend featured such a display of orange and black, I thought it was opening night for the Flyers at the Wells Fargo Center. I was looking to stock up for a sunny rooftop party, not a hayride. The summer’s hot selling Hell or High Watermelon was banished to a back corner, forgotten like so much Bud Light Straw-ber-rita. Only a single sixtel of Boulder’s Kinda Blue Blueberry Wheat kept our party in keeping with the calendar.

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10 Philly Fitness Activities You Have to Try Before Summer Ends

race st pier

Yoga at Race Street Pier

I’m sorry to burst your summer-lovin’ bubble, but sadly we’ve only got about a month left of this wonderful warm weather and all the good stuff that comes along with it: beach trips, hot summer runs, ice cream trucks everywhere you look.

If you’ve spent the majority of your summer swinging on a hammock, eating water ice and enjoying the weather, that is completely acceptable (and I am totally green with envy), but it’s officially time to abandon the hammock and get moving: We’ve got 10 outdoor activities best enjoyed in warmer weather that we think you absolutely shouldn’t miss. Happy sweating, folks!

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DJ Carl Michaels Presents: 10 Contenders for Song of Summer 2014

song of summer 2014

“Where’s the song of the summer?!”

That is what I keep hearing from people lately, people who say there just isn’t that one song that’s defining summer 2014.

While I’ll admit the season hasn’t been quite as rife with the arsenal of catchy hits we had last year, there are probably about 30 new “song of summer 2014″ contenders I could rattle off for you. I have managed to keep dancefloors full with a variety of under- and above-ground tracks that have become my summer anthems.

I’ve taken a few minutes to list both the pop anthems and some more off-kilter choices that have been moving me. Now take this list and run to the beach, the pool, the nightclub—anywhere you plan to enjoy the rest of your summer. Now you’ve got some great tunes to close out the season.

You can find the playlist on Spotify, or enjoy each track in the videos and playlist after the jump. I’m interested to hear your picks for song of summer 2014. Leave some suggestions in the comment section below. 

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Guide To the Jersey Shore Guides

Photo by Jason Varney

Diving Horse | Photo by Jason Varney

It’s Friday, the ocean is calling your name, it’s going to be absolutely beautiful both today and tomorrow. Leave work now. The Internet has spoken, and here’s all you’ll need to know about where and what to eat this weekend. Read more »

The Edit: 8 Mini Skirts to Wear During Hot Weather


If this hot, sticky weather has you in a style rut (no, a clutch doesn’t double as a hand-fan), don’t fret: Mini skirts are the freshest way to stay cool and bare some leg when the temperatures soar. But before you start stressing about the implications of wearing a mini in the city, the new polished iterations pair just as nicely with a structured blazer as they do with an oversized tee (the ultimate warm weather outfit). So, rather than cowering in the air conditioning until September, snag one of these effortlessly chic minis and show off those gams with pride.

Click here for prices and details.

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