The 13 Most Stylish Philly Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Immediately

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Instagram isn’t just a social media platform; it’s a way of life. Millions of people post millions of photos on the ’Gram everyday, in the hopes of sharing a unique perspective on ordinary life and maybe scoring an exclusive waist-trainer/detox tea advertising contract. Even in Philadelphia, the app has evolved from anthologies of “squad pics” to thoroughly curated feeds that consistently serve major style inspiration. Meet the 13 Philly Instagram accounts we’re currently obsessing over. Read more »

How to Wear One Black Dress 6 Different Ways (No One Will Know!)

what to wear over an LBD

It’s all in the accessories. Image via iStock/lolostock.

Everyone’s got that one dress in the closet – the go-to, the fail-safe, the blank canvas. For most, it’s a little black dress. But wearing the same thing can get boring, and lead to the age-old style rut. Luckily, there are tons of trendy, flirty, and super-cute ways to style an LBD for the gods this spring and summer — we’re talking seashell purses, gypsy earrings, and embellished jackets that would make Kanye jealous. Here’s how to wear one black dress six completely different ways, so that your inner alter-egos get a chance to come out and play. Trust us, no one will know you wore the same dress to dinner last weekend. Read more »

What Should I Wear to a Wedding When It’s Freezing Outside?

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Inspiration. | Images via Moda Operandi, The Outnet and Net-a-Porter.

If you have a wedding to go to in the next few weeks and know exactly what you’re going to wear and aren’t at all afraid of freezing your bum off, I salute you. Figuring out what to wear to a wedding is complicated (is champagne too close to white? Does black look too morose? Are wild prints too attention-grabby?). Factor in winter’s tricky curveballs – freezing temps, snow, slush, slippery sidewalks, this weird in-between snow-rain thing that’s been happening this week – and the whole thing becomes even stickier.

So, for those of you with fridges plastered with wedding invites and not a clue as to what to wear, let’s dig into our options. I’ve rounded up easy pairings (why yes, you can wear that sweater with that fancy skirt!) and smart fashion buys (run and get yourself an evening jacket, stat) to get you through the rest of winter wedding season. Mazel! 

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Pubic Hair Oil, Daily Blowouts and Lash Extensions: How We Are All Losing Our Minds When It Comes to Beauty Rituals


Illustration by Michele Melcher.

Something alarming is happening, and as with most things I find alarming or annoying, I blame Kim Kardashian. Lately, women—otherwise sane, relatively grounded women—have stopped washing their own hair.

It started out innocently enough with blowout bars, which nipped at the heels of our beauty scene in 2010. Women, quickly realizing that having someone wash and dry your hair for you is actually quite nice, began showing up more frequently. Date night? Sure! Big meeting? Why not? Yoga class? Okay! Now women parade around Whole Foods with glorious Beyoncé hair. In fact, according to Avi Shenkar, founder of Blo/Out blow-dry bar, women who get blowouts at least once a week now make up 75 percent of his client base.

And that was only the beginning. Read more »

Evolution of a Dress: How I Took a 1970s Gown and Altered It to Modern Perfection

Tailory Before and After

The first cut is the deepest: A before-and-after of the dress. | Images via The Tailory.

When the EIC of Philadephia Wedding announced she was having a black-tie New Year’s Eve wedding, our close-knit group of work friends immediately convened for a what-to-wear powwow. Two women declared they’d try Rent the Runway; another decided to beeline it to New York for a shopping trip; and I considered wearing something already in my closet. (I have a bad habit of buying extremely fancy things like ball skirts and floor-length dresses with no place to wear them.) This was a fleeting idea, though: After a quick survey of my wardrobe, I found that nothing checked off both black-tie and New Year’s Eve boxes. The search was on. Read more »

15 Trends From 2015 That Need to Die

Retrospective trend analysis goes a little something like this: You marvel at the lame stuff everyone thought was super-cool, cringe in self-hatred for the trends you fell victim to, and vow to never follow trends again. (Though, inevitably, you will.)

This is precisely what just happened here at Shoppist. In an entertaining look back at 2015, we picked out 15 trends we would love to leave behind forever. Consider this your guide map to a new-year closet clean-out. And, finally, a reason to ditch those knee-high gladiator sandals. Read more »

How to Honor Black Leaders With … a Sweatshirt?


The “School of Thought” collection. | Image via Philadelphia Printworks Lookbook.

You’ve probably heard of Washington and Lee University, James Madison University and Franklin & Marshall College. But what about Tubman University? How about Lorde University? Welcome to a new world of academia, one imagined by Maryam Pugh, co-founder of local screen-printing company Philadelphia Printworks, and designer Donte Neal of Mars Five.

The duo recently teamed up for a six-piece collection of collegiate crewneck sweatshirts. Each sweatshirt bears the name of a prominent black leader and, according to the Printworks site, “imagines a different world where colleges and institutions have been established based on the philosophies of Marcus Garvey, Audre Lorde, Ida B. Wells, Harriet Tubman, George Washington Carver and James Baldwin.”
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Shop Talk: The Mall Store You Should Start Reconsidering

Ann Taylor Spring

Yes, this is Ann Taylor. | Images via Ann Taylor.

  • Remember when Banana Republic got a new creative director and suddenly turned from mecca of Job Interview Outfits to OMG-I’d-actually-wear-this-out? Well, another mall stalwart is following suit. Meet the new (and shockingly cool) Ann Taylor. [The Zoe Report]
  • Kate Spade is launching a new company called Frances Valentine, a shoe and handbag line that’ll launch in the spring. It’s described as having a “wholesome but quirky, colorful Americana to the look, though everything is produced in Spain and Italy … putting the price points slightly higher than the Kate Spade of yore.” [WWD]

Next: Let Gwyneth Paltrow sell you a $200 bobby pin!

Non-Buyer’s Remorse: All the Things We Didn’t Buy and Now Regret


A closet hung with the ghosts of things we didn’t purchase. | Main image

Someone in the Philly area owns a blue and white ceramic elephant that looks just like this. It’s part of a pair of matching elephants, both of which were recently for sale at a Pottstown thrift store, $20 apiece. I know this because my coworker Sandy bought the other one.

She didn’t buy the pair of them because, well, how many ceramic elephants does one really need, and also her husband Doug probably would have killed her if she came home with two. Once home, though, she regretted it: If a matching pair of anything is available, why would you only buy one?

“Because I am an idiot,” Sandy said. “I went back the next day. Of course, it was gone.”

The lost elephant. Another item buried in the collective graveyard of Purchases We Did Not Buy and Now Deeply Regret.  Read more »

Shop Talk: 12 Ways to Style Fall Sweaters (Without Skinny Jeans!)

sweater weather

Say hello to sweater weather in a whole new way. | Shutterstock [1] [2] [3].

  • Hallelujah! Finally, a list of 12 ways to style your fall sweaters like a fashion blogger (that means giving the skinny jeans a rest). Seriously, these tricks are so cute and so easy: over a denim dress or flirty summer sundress, with matchy-matchy colors for a monochromatic look, or under a long trench draped over the shoulders. [PopSugar]
  • Looking to maximize your height in any way possible? Look no further than Gigi Hadid’s trick to looking like you have legs for days: Wear heels the same color as your skin tone. Find some cute nude patent leather pumps like Gigi’s and prepare to strut like a supermodel. [WhoWhatWear]
  • Kerry Washington’s hairstylist (you know she’s the real deal) explains the proper way to detangle textured hair to avoid breakage. Top tips include using a wide-toothed comb, deep conditioning beforehand, and taking a little advice  from Caesar: Divide and conquer. [The Fashion Spot]

Up Next: Cindy Crawford’s beauty secrets and proof that bra sizing is a total mess

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