Tiffany’s New Ad Campaign Features Same-Sex Couple for the First Time

Photo by Tiffany & Co.

Photo by Tiffany & Co.

A real-life New York gay couple appears in Tiffany’s latest engagement campaign, the first in the company’s history to feature a same-sex couple.

The handsome fellows are sitting cozily on a stoop in The Big Apple in the black-and-white photo. In the corner is the phrase, “Will you promise to never stop completing my sentences or singing off-key, which I’m afraid you do often? And will you let today be the first sentence of one long story that never ever ends?”

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Seven Fashion Trends To Embrace In 2015—And Three To Avoid


Which are you ready to try?

Another year, another long list of trends that will sweep through stores. And even if you swear that you don’t care about trends—which, yes, can feel alarmingly fleeting and curiously random—it’s impossible to completely avoid their influence. And this is where it gets tricky: Which are actually worth following? Sure, culottes seem like a good idea, especially when expertly styled in the pages of Vogue and on willowy street-style stars, but what about in real life?

Here’s a handy rundown of seven trends you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2015—all of which are worth adopting, and none of which will ever fade entirely out of style. (Proof: Platforms are back.) Oh, and just for good measure, I’ve also got three that you should probably avoid. Consider this your guidebook to looking fresh this new year.

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Market Report: 11 Pairs of Tights That Won’t Give You a Muffin-Top


  • This morning officially ushered in the season of the tights. Here are 11 pairs that won’t roll down or give you the dreaded Hosiery Muffin-Top. (Cue cheering.) [Fashionista]
  • Scary fact: Thieves can easily steal your credit card information just by walking past you with a special scanner. Freaked out? A design team has created a line of purses and wallets that prevents this identity theft.  [Styleite]
  • The trend I’m digging most for fall: Fringe! Here’s how to do it without veering into Pocahontas territory. [Wall Street Journal]

Next: Blake Lively is rocking the whole maternity thing, and the most popular pair of black work pants ever.

Market Report: Your First Look at the Next Designer Collection for Target

  • MR9Joseph Altuzarra’s long-awaited designer collection for Target is a mere 11 days away! Here’s your first look. [Target]
  •  This is the most exclusive, expensive online shopping club you’ve ever seen. (Wanna join? Good luck. “It’s not for around 90 percent of applicants.”) [Vogue]

Click for the definitive guide to applying false eyelashes, and a look at what NPR hosts wear to work. (It’s not what you think.)

Fashion Conundrums: Are You Too Old For That Hemline?


The great length debate.

Last week, I went to a wedding. One of the guests was a politician, there with his wife who looked to be in her mid- to late-forties. Halfway through the ceremony, a friend leaned over and whispered to me:

“He won’t ever be president. Look at his wife. She doesn’t have that First Lady look.”

I rolled my eyes, because talking politics — or anything remotely political — with this particular friend is sort of like running a marathon: You begin not knowing why you ever started, you’re dazed, confused and hating life halfway through, and deliriously exhausted at the end. But I stole a peek at the woman a few pews up, and had to agree: It wasn’t a good look.

Let’s get this out of the way: Unless you’re a celebrity, I don’t really care what you wear. If it makes you feel great, go for it. Still, there are certain sartorial offenses that drive me crazy, and they generally fall into the Too Tight/Too Short category. This was the latter. The woman’s body was incredible; her arms had the Gwyneth Paltrow Ripple, that subtle cut in the arm just beneath the shoulder. (Side note: GOOP got it by doing bizarro dance moves like this.) The non-First Lady also had a flat stomach and Jessica Simpson’s new legs. And she was showing it all off in the world’s shortest dress.

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Market Report: Juicy Couture Might Not Be Completely Over

All About Oscars Style

  • Juicy Couture is still on track to close all of its stores by the end of the month, but it looks like the brand has some major plans up its sleeve to coincide with new company ownership. [Fashionista]
  • Scandal fans, we have the best news ever. This fall, you’ll be able to purchase looks plucked right from the show at The Limited. An odd collab, but it’s promised that fixer Olivia Pope will be donning many of the looks this season. [WWD]
  • Change up your classic French manicure with one of these infinitely cooler iterations. [Huffington Post]

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10 Philly Fashion Instagrams You Need to See This Week: Snoop Dogg, Cheeky Tees and a Vintage Aviator Collection

Images via Instagram.

Images via Instagram.

This might be the most variety we’ve ever crammed into an Instagram roundup, Shoppists. (It was a busy week in Insta-land.) We found everything from Snoop Dogg in a Phillies cardigan (bonus points to who can guess where) to a boutique on wheels to a sparkly rose gold, diamond-encrusted ring. If this doesn’t get your creative juices flowing, we’re not sure what will.

We weren’t kidding about Snoop Dogg—click here for the proof.

WATCH: Abs for Days in TatteeBoy’s Sexy New Promo Video

tatteeboy promo video

Philly gay-owned clothing company TatteeBoy just released its first full-length music video, an ultra-sexy short film showcasing some of its newest looks for the season. The clothes are great and all, but it’s the model in the video, personal trailer Joe Soussa, that’s got me all blush-faced.

Check out the video below to watch him dress up, then dress down, then — thank goodness — dress down a few more times. Word of caution: This may be NSFW for some workplaces, and watch your eyes, because an ab or two may pop out and poke you in the face.

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