Best of Philly: Wardrobe-Salvaging Pros

wardrobe-salvaging pros

iStock / TommL.

Got that one coat in your closet that’s so darn cute but totally has a huge tear in the lining? How about those Italian leather shoes that you waited a little too long to shine, and now they just look sad? Luckily, Philly’s got some pros that will breathe new life into your most treasured belongings, so you can reuse instead of replace — and save your heard-earned money for, well, these BOP-worthy meals. Read more »

DNC Outfit Ideas: 5 Stylish-Yet-Professional Looks to Land You on the Best-Dressed List

Images via Rent The Runway

Images via Rent The Runway

On July 25th, thousands of skirt-suited women and pleated-pants-wearing men will converge upon the Pennsylvania Convention Center and Wells Fargo Center to watch Hillary Clinton (finally) be announced as the 2016 Democratic Presidential Nominee. As any brief trip to Washington, D.C. will show you, fashion isn’t necessarily the point of focus on Capitol Hill. However, that’s good news for you, fashion-minded DNC goer, because you can easily wow the nation’s leaders with your political savvy and style sense. Here are five outfit ideas that will land you on the DNC best-dressed list, featuring the five most requested items for the DNC from Rent The Runway. Whether you’re a wrap-dresses-only type of gal or jumpsuit addict, we’ve got the best outfit combos to get you through the Democratic National Convention in style.

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This Is How Often You Should Really Be Washing Your Jeans

Several jeans with different shades of blue hung on the door

Leave denim dirty? | iStock/Azahan Rosedy.

There are two camps of people: Those who wash their jeans, and those who don’t. It’s actually extremely divisive, like cilantro or Donald Trump. Non-washers claim that abstaining from the washing machine allows jeans to develop the best, most natural signs of wear and, in the case of raw denim, helps the jeans mold to your body to become a sort of second skin. Those who do wash say, well, ew.

The debate has been going on for some time; even Levi Strauss CEO Chip Bergh weighed in, urging buyers to stop washing their denim. Tommy Hilfiger agrees, and so do the folks at French clothing brand A.P.C., who have even gone so far as to include a ‘no-wash’ rule in the employee handbook. There are de-smell tricks, ones that denim heads swear by, and these range from the basic (spot clean) to the interesting (stick ’em in the freezer) to the weird (run into the ocean in them and then roll around in the sand to break them in!).  Read more »

7 Items to Spring Clean From Your Closet

spring cleaning banner

Snooze. | Images via Old Navy, Free People and Forever 21.

As a shopping enthusiast with a minor tendency to hoard things, I pretty much avoid cleaning out my closet like the plague. You don’t have to tell me what a chore it is. However, once you get those tired, neglected clothes out of the cobwebby recesses of your closet (after intense nostalgia and slight panic have reared their ugly heads), this overwhelming feeling of satisfaction takes over. (You don’t need to cling on to that shirt—you’re over that shirt!)

To help guide  your wardrobe purge, here are seven items to spring clean from your closet, according to us fashion-minded editors behind Shoppist. (In other words, we implore you: Don’t keep those shoes—we’re sick of those shoes.) Read more »

Are Your Outfit Details Accidentally Making You Look Sloppy?

look sloppy

Image via iStock.

There are some secrets that people who always look put together just know to follow. For the rest of us, it’s a mini-miracle if we make it out the door with our hair done and shoelaces tied. But it really doesn’t take that much time to go the extra mile and look polished. Here are eight outfit details that make you look sloppy, whether you realize it or not.  Read more »

You Need to Shop This Massive Tibi Sample Sale Right Now

Tibi Sample Sale banner

Savings are just an email entry away, shoppers. | Image via Tibi.

Remember how we’re always going on about how fast-fashion is the worst, save your money and invest in lifelong, quality garments, blah, blah, blah? If you don’t have the luxury of shopping for designer goods and paying your rent, I understand how this message could fall on deaf ears. (Solidarity, my friends). However, every so often, the wardrobe gods smile upon us, blessing us with things like this gigantic online Tibi sample sale happening right now. Read more »

The Easiest Way to Re-Fluff Your Puffer Coat At Home

puffer coat

Care for your puffer so you can look just as stylish next winter. | Images via Style Caster.

It’s sunny and finally feeling like spring today—hurray! This warmer weather has us dreaming of storing our cold-weather clothes away in an attempt to will the climate into turning balmy. Before you do so, however, there’s one step you can take to ensure your puffer coat stays, well, puffy. Try this easy trick before storing your cozy winter puffer away to make sure it comes out of the coat closet next November in mint condition.  Read more »

Red Carpet to Real Life: Tips From a Celebrity Stylist

Red Carpet to Real Life | Lauren McGrath

Black lace is always a good look. | Images via Pop Sugar and HGAB.

I can’t remember the first time I fell in love with fashion, but some of my earliest memories are of me sitting on the floor flipping through my sister’s magazines, ogling celebrity gowns on the red carpet. Today, I still live for the red carpet procession of fabulousness—more so than the awards ceremony itself—and this year’s Oscars didn’t disappoint. I caught up with celebrity stylist Anh Mai (remember her?) to hear which red carpet trends she spotted on Sunday. Read on to see her picks and find out cool ways to incorporate the looks into your everyday wardrobe. Yes, it can be done without looking like a prom queen.

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The Look: 10 Ways to Wear Ruffles Like a Grown Woman

the look frills

Clockwise from top left:; Sephora; Proenza Schouler; Dress and Blouse: Moda Operandi; Net-A-Porter; Alexander McQueen; Steve Blaine; Victoria Beckham; Tabitha Simmons.

After seasons of pared-down simplicity, fashion’s boomerang back to ruffles, flounces and frills is nothing short of exuberant, perfect for the recovering minimalist. Read more »

14 Stylish Coats That Won’t Ruin Your Fancy Outfit

coats banner

There’s still time to add this to your wish list! | Nasty Gal.

Although it may not feel like it in the slightest, guess what, people? It’s December, and it won’t be this balmy and beautiful forever. Now is the time to snag some stylish outerwear – right around the holidays and before the cold front hits. While you’re out party-hopping, don’t spoil that fancy ensemble by pairing it with a not-so-cute coat. Take it from us: That pill-y peacoat just doesn’t jibe with your cute cocktail dress. Leave the everyday outerwear at home, and opt instead for one of these fabulous options.  Read more »

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