Market Report: 5 Eyeliner Mistakes You’re Making

  • MR13Raccoon eyes, begone! Did you know cat-eye beginners should use gel instead of liquid liner? And stop pulling on your eyes to get a straight line. Tilt your chin up instead and look down for an ultra-smooth swipe. Hey, the more you know. [Elle]
  • Have we all reached our Michael Kors saturation point? Analysts are beginning to worry that the Kors bubble has finally burst. This is not so great for Philly, as Kors is opening a store on Walnut Street. [CNBC]

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7 Hilarious Reviews of Blake Lively’s New Lifestyle Website ‘Preserve’


The PRESERVE homepage, a study in sepia, dramatic silhouettes and fonts straight outta Colonial Williamsburg.

At long last, Blake Lively’s new “lifestyle site” is here. It is called Preserve and it is one part Martha Stewart, one part Kinfolk, two parts painful earnestness, and five parts Instagram filter. Shoppist’s assistant editor Marina pointed out that the sun-kissed photo of a golden-haired Blake romantically penning the site’s “editor’s letter” looks a whole lot like this photo of Gossip Girl‘s Serena van der Woodsen studying for her SATs.
The resemblance is uncanny.

Market Report: 25 Best Drugstore Beauty Buys

  • MR24It’s no secret that you can find some of the best beauty products in the aisles of a drugstore. Here are 25 of the best products — from drugstores all over the world. (Luckily, most can be found online!) [Refinery29]
  •  According to science, matching and color-coordinating isn’t stylish at all. [Fast Company]
  • Here’s the trailer for the unapproved Yves Saint Laurent biopic. (Warning: It’s in French, without subtitles.) I cannot understand more than 10 words, but I cannot WAIT to see it. [Fashionista]

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Market Report: How to Save Time in the Morning and Still Look Stylish

  • Market ReportWhen it comes to shaving time off your a.m. routine—while still looking stylish—no one’s a better role model than a morning traffic anchor. Her tip for outfit-choosing is smart, and you should steal it. [Huffington Post]
  • Curvy girls: This is your new shopping mecca. Eloquii, the Limited’s shortlived plus-size line, is back, and the story behind it is really inspiring. [Fashionista]
  • Here is every look from the new Kate Moss/Topshop collection. Kate! [Never Underdressed]

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Market Report: 9 Fashion Buys You Should Not Spend Money On

  • MR15They’re tempting, but so not worth it. Here’s what to avoid when you go shopping. [Refinery29]
  • Time to break out more stuff in the back of your closet: Coogi sweaters—you know, those so-ugly-they’re-almost-cool knits—are back. (Also, can you believe Notorious B.I.G. wore them?) [Huffington Post]
  • A contributor for The Cut (New York mag’s fashion blog) wrote an open letter to J.Crew asking for them to bring back an old swimsuit design. This is what happened. [The Cut]

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Market Report: 15 Examples of Face Contouring Gone Wrong

  • S-MarketReportFace contouring has gotten way out of hand. (I blame this on Kim Kardashian.) Sure, it can help enhance cheekbones, but it can also make you look like THIS. [Jezebel]
  • These five spring hair and makeup trends are totally worth checking out. For once, someone recommends going café au lait instead of blonde for spring! [Huffington Post]
  • Oopsie! Nicole Kidman forgot to wear pants. (Also, what the heck happened to her face!?)[Fashionista]

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Market Report: These are the Most Popular, Best Black Tights Ever

  • These are the Best Black Tights EverAnd the award for the best black tights ever—based on editorial recs, sales data and product review—goes to … Wolford Matte Opaque 80 Tights. [Refinery29]
  • Everyone was hating on Kristin Cavallari‘s red carpet coverage at the Oscars. Shoulda stayed in Laguna, K. [Huffington Post]
  • OMG, THE APOCALYPSE IS HERE. Anna Wintour sat in the second row at the Valentino show! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN. [Fashionista]

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Market Report: 9 Reasons to Add Charcoal to Your Beauty Routine

9 Reasons to Start Using Coal in Your Beauty Routine

  • Coal gets a bad rap, but it’s actually great for oily or acne-prone skin as it removes toxins and bacteria. These nine charcoal-based products are worth checking out. [Huffington Post]
  • This slideshow of Johnny Weir‘s most outrageously fab Olympic outfits is flipping fantastic. That Chanel headpiece! [G Philly]
  • Meet ‘Mayhem.’ She’s four and she makes (with help from her mom) amazing paper dresses—some inspired by celeb red carpet gowns. Squeal! [People]

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The Woman With the Most Expensive Wardrobe in the World

The Woman With the World's Most Expensive Wardrobe

Here’s Mouna, in a dress that costs more than your house.

Mouna Ayoub is a regular woman just like you and me. She once worked as a waitress, she eats egg sandwiches and sometimes she wears jeans. And also she owns a yacht, enjoys  sleepovers with the King of Spain and has the largest private collection of haute couture in the world (over 1,600 pieces, each costing up to $400,000).

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Market Report: 10 Must-Know Layering Tips For Curvy Girls

Market Report

  • Yeah, Gisele can wear 49 layers and still look svelte and sexy. But when the rest of the world piles it on, most of us look more like this. Here, everything you need to layer in a figure-flattering way. (Purchase #1: A longish vest without buttons.) [Refinery29]
  • Um, there is a bra with a sensor that detects whether or not the wearer is in “true love” and then, and only then, will it unlock. Holy chastity belt. [Huffington Post]
  • So apparently Marc Jacobs is opening a pop-up shop during NYFW next month where shoppers can purchase goods for the rock-bottom price of … a tweet. Is social media the new currency? [Fashionista]

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