Should Drivers Be Able to Sue Pa. Over Pothole Damage?

After this past winter, many of Pennsylvania’s roads are littered with potholes — and many of Pennsylvania’s cars are suffering for it.

“In my area, the pothole situation is simply out of control,” says Republican state Rep. John Lawrence, who represents parts of Chester and Lancaster counties. “I have personally reported potholes to PennDOT that have gone unrepaired for weeks on end.”

Lawrence is planning to introduce a bill that would allow motorists to sue the state for property damages caused by potholes.

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Readers Respond: Here Are 12 More Funny Philadelphia Street Names:


You can’t write a list without someone commenting that you missed something — and that’s exactly what happened with our Big List of Funny Philadelphia Street Names in this week’s Philadelphia Sunday. But that’s good! Because our readers came up with a bunch more funny Philadelphia street names that I neglected to include in my first edition.

I compiled some of your suggestions from comments and tweets, and now we have an appendix to the original article. Enjoy! Read more »

The Big List of Funny Philadelphia Street Names

[UPDATE] We heard your suggestions and have published an addendum to the original list: Readers Respond:Here Are 12 More Funny Philadelphia Street Names

Philadelphia has a lot of streets. As a result, Philadelphia also has a lot of street names. Many of them are pretty ordinary. Second. Broad. Main. Yawn.

But many of our street names are funny. Very funny, even. Some of them are funny because they sound silly. Others have amusing origins. And still others make absurd images pop into our heads. Read more »

Welcome to Pothole Hell, Philadelphia


Now that this brutal winter has had its way with us — and I’m just going to pretend that there’s not an entire month of it still on the calendar —we’re left to deal with the terror and destruction left in its wake: potholes. And they are everywhere. Read more »

Turbulent Weather Creating Pothole Epidemic in Philly

Remember last week, when a “polar vortex” hit Philadelphia, and sent temperatures plunging to 3 degrees? Remember how the vortex went away, and by the weekend temperatures nearly hit 60 degrees? And then remember how it got cold again and started snowing today? Folks: That kind of weather is absolute hell on asphalt.

Which means, yes: Pothole season has begun in Philadelphia.
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