Why Is It Delaware “Avenue” but Columbus “Boulevard”?

Columbus Boulevard in South Philadelphia

Is this a boulevard or an avenue? | Photo: Mihai Bojin (license)

One of the more confusing aspects of Philadelphia to newcomers is the name of the street that runs parallel to the Delaware River from the River Wards to South Philadelphia. North of Spring Garden Street, it’s called Delaware Avenue. South of it, it’s called Christopher Columbus Boulevard. Why?

From the city’s founding, Front Street was the original main riverside thoroughfare. Riverfront conditions in early Philadelphia were crude, and Stephen Girard left $500,000 in his will for the construction of Delaware Avenue when he died in 1831. Read more »

The 25 Most Beautiful Philly Streets

Photo | Megan DeTrolio

Photo | Megan DiTrolio

Okay, so Philly may have a bit of a garbage problem, but let’s give credit where it’s due here: Trash or no, the place isn’t a total dump. Far from it. There are lots of spots in this sprawling city of ours that can make you forget you’re in a city at all. And then there are swaths that are downright beautiful because of their total, classic urbanity. Truth is, any Philadelphian worth her salt can offer up one or a few favorite stretches — that charming brick-paved street, that especially stunning tree-lined block, that teeny hidden, historic warren — without much hesitation. Read more »

Ed Bacon’s First, Last Names Misspelled on Street Sign

Edmond Beacon Way (It Should be Edmund Bacon Way)

In May of 1998, City Council passed a resolution honoring a stretch of Dock Street with a secondary name: Edmund Bacon Way. It was named for the city’s former planning commission director — the man famous for Penn Center, Market East, Society Hill and other areas during his 21-year tenure.

“I’m so used to being in this room over there; where that desk is where I came during the 21 years I was director,” Bacon said at City Council while accepting the honor. “I beseeched you — as a very humble servant — to, number one, give me money for the planning commission and, number two, to let me do what I wanted.”

In seventeen years since naming the stretch of Dock Street between Columbus Boulevard and S. 2nd Street after Edmund Bacon, the city has apparently changed it: While running by this morning, I noticed the street sign now reads “Edmond Beacon Way.” Yes, both his first and last names are spelled incorrectly.

The Streets Department didn’t return a request for comment. (Anyway, what would they say?) There’s no sign in the latest Google StreetView from June 2014, so the sign has been installed some time in the last year.

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Should Drivers Be Able to Sue Pa. Over Pothole Damage?



After this past winter, many of Pennsylvania’s roads are littered with potholes — and many of Pennsylvania’s cars are suffering for it.

“In my area, the pothole situation is simply out of control,” says Republican state Rep. John Lawrence, who represents parts of Chester and Lancaster counties. “I have personally reported potholes to PennDOT that have gone unrepaired for weeks on end.”

Lawrence is planning to introduce a bill that would allow motorists to sue the state for property damages caused by potholes.

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Readers Respond: Here Are 12 More Funny Philadelphia Street Names:


You can’t write a list without someone commenting that you missed something — and that’s exactly what happened with our Big List of Funny Philadelphia Street Names in this week’s Philadelphia Sunday. But that’s good! Because our readers came up with a bunch more funny Philadelphia street names that I neglected to include in my first edition.

I compiled some of your suggestions from comments and tweets, and now we have an appendix to the original article. Enjoy! Read more »

The Big List of Funny Philadelphia Street Names

[UPDATE] We heard your suggestions and have published an addendum to the original list: Readers Respond:Here Are 12 More Funny Philadelphia Street Names

Philadelphia has a lot of streets. As a result, Philadelphia also has a lot of street names. Many of them are pretty ordinary. Second. Broad. Main. Yawn.

But many of our street names are funny. Very funny, even. Some of them are funny because they sound silly. Others have amusing origins. And still others make absurd images pop into our heads. Read more »

Welcome to Pothole Hell, Philadelphia


Now that this brutal winter has had its way with us — and I’m just going to pretend that there’s not an entire month of it still on the calendar —we’re left to deal with the terror and destruction left in its wake: potholes. And they are everywhere. Read more »

Turbulent Weather Creating Pothole Epidemic in Philly

Remember last week, when a “polar vortex” hit Philadelphia, and sent temperatures plunging to 3 degrees? Remember how the vortex went away, and by the weekend temperatures nearly hit 60 degrees? And then remember how it got cold again and started snowing today? Folks: That kind of weather is absolute hell on asphalt.

Which means, yes: Pothole season has begun in Philadelphia.
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