WASTELANDS: New Video Series Follows Urban Explorers Into the Depths of Philly


Earlier this week I shared a video made by local filmographer Cory Popp. It captures collector Betsy Alexander’s home in Fitler Square, which she has turned into a veritable toy and art museum with trinkets she’s been amassing since she was a tot.

I was pretty taken with the short film, so I chatted with Popp to find out what he’s up to next. Coincidentally, he has a new four-part film series debuting next week. “Wastelands” follows Philly urban explorers like Streets Dept‘s Conrad Brenner and Ruin Porn‘s Tracy Levesque as they traverse into the depths of Philadelphia to document some of our forgotten—often fascinating–landscapes.

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Ishknits Puts Some Clothes On That Weird Freedom Sculpture at 16th and Vine

This wins the day: Streets Dept. has snaps of Philly street artist Ishknits’ latest installation. This time she’s knitted an outfit on Zenos Frudakis’s Freedom sculpture at the old Glaxo-Smith Kline building at 16th and Vine. Now, instead of simply running out of a wall, it looks like it’s running for joy from an amazing sale at American Apparel.

Streets Dept Announces TEDx Walk

Photo credit: Streets Dept.

Photo credit: Streets Dept.

Exciting news! In conjunction with TEDxPhiladelphia 2014, Conrad Benner — creator of the street art blog Streets Dept and Property contributor– will be hosting a TEDx walk on Saturday, March 29th.

The tour, which will focus on the city’s public artwork, will highlight everything from commissioned murals to graffiti. It will start in Midtown Village and end in Fishtown with an El trip in between (ticket info below).

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In Philadelphia, It’s the Worst Winter for Potholes — Ever

Utility trench or Pothole at 18th and walnut rittenhouse

On the heels of yesterdays’ news of our snowiest half-decade ever, there’s an interesting fact in this story by PlanPhilly’s Christine Fisher: The Philadelphia Streets Department has filled more potholes this winter than any one in history. Like, probably dating back to 1682 or something.

“It’s been an unusually tough winter, and with potholes being repaired at a record pace an increased investment in paving is being made in this capital budget,” said Andrew Stober, chief of staff at the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities.

The Streets Department has already repaired more than 12,200 potholes.

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This Is Why Your Trash Hasn’t Been Picked Up

On Tuesday, Philly Mag’s Victor Fiorillo noted his trash hadn’t been picked up in awhile, and made a dire threat/promise to dump his garbage on the lawn of Streets Commissioner David Petri.

It’s possible the Streets Department—which is responsible for trash pickup in the city—took notice: This morning there’s a “detailed explanation” for the trash delay on the department’s website.

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Welcome to Pothole Hell, Philadelphia


Now that this brutal winter has had its way with us — and I’m just going to pretend that there’s not an entire month of it still on the calendar —we’re left to deal with the terror and destruction left in its wake: potholes. And they are everywhere. Read more »

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