StreetEasy Philadelphia: Gone As Quickly As It Came


When I met with StreetEasy reps Daniel Sultan and Deborah Conway at La Colombe on 19th Street in March, things were looking good for the real estate website’s Philadelphia launch. The Soho-based online tool for the New York market offers listings, development news, sold-stuff buzz, and much more. It’s an invaluable tool.

Despite the fact that I was embarrassed to be eating a heavy pastry while Sultan and Conway were both observing Passover, we had an energetic meeting during which we discussed neighborhood boundaries, ways to connect with the community, and StreetEasy’s vision for making Philadelphia one of its successes.

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StreetEasy Is Coming to Philadelphia!

The Soho-based StreetEasy, a website that offers very detailed information about sales, rentals, new developments, price chops and hops, and more, will be going live in Philly in about a month. The site’s enormous popularity is due to the fact that it often goes beyond listings and provides tools and services (some of which are pay-only) that can’t be found elsewhere.

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