Your Fashion Nightmare: Liberty Shoe Service Closes Suddenly; 35 Pairs of Shoes Go Missing

Liberty-ShoesFor several weeks, TAKE SHOES TO BE FIXED has been on my to-do list. So when I walked by my go-to spot, Liberty Shoe Repair on 18th Street, and saw a man taping a sheet of paper onto the metal gate over the door, I was surprised.

“Wait, did this close?” I asked him.

“Two weeks ago,” he said. Then launched into a stream of curse words, all directed at Liberty’s owner, who’d suddenly closed the shop after 21 years. The man pointed to his sign: SHOE-SHINE BY JUNE (“GLASS MAN”) @ BLUE SOLE SHOES 1805 CHESTNUT (NEXT TO CONTINENTAL).

You’d be cursing, too, if you left shoes there.

Another Sad Store Closing: Claire Dickson Boutique

Claire-DicksonOver at Shoppist, news of store closings usually are met with loud gasps, long sighs and, if a store is really, really good, cries of “Noooooooo.” (Those resonated down the halls yesterday, when we got wind of Arcadia in NoLibs closing.) Today, there were more audible gasps, as we got word that 30-plus-year-old Lafayette Hill’s Claire Dickson Boutique is closing.

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BREAKING: Plage Tahiti is Closing at the End of June


Plage Tahiti. Photo via Yelp.

Plage Tahiti has long been regarded as Knit Wit‘s younger, trendier sister.  Today, owner Ann Gitter confirmed that the store, located at 128 South 17th Street, will close its doors on June 30th. “I’m totally excited about it,” Gitter told me over the phone. “It’s going to make my other store [Knit Wit] so much more fun.”

Gitter also noted that the closing has nothing to do with difficult landlords or rising rents. While she does admit that the layout of the store is tricky (and shoppers who’ve been to Plage can attest to this: The narrow layout and rather tight stairs to the second floor can be difficult to navigate), she says the main reason for closing is to boost the vibe of Knit Wit, which tends to cater to an older clientele with its high-end, higher priced selection.

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Retail News: Ardmore’s DSW is Moving to Wynnewood


It’s official: The front window of DSW in Ardmore.

Shoppist got word that DSW‘s Ardmore location will be closing and making the move to Wynnewood come March. The relatively small Ardmore outpost (in comparison to other colossal DSW locations) is certainly in a less-than-idea spot: at the rear of a hard-to-find, underwhelming strip mall with limited parking off Lancaster Avenue. A sales associate at the Ardmore store confirms the new location will be housed in the second floor of the former Borders (80 East Wynnewood Road, seen below), with a Mad Mex on the first floor. Sorry, no closing sales to look forward to, but hey! Margs and shoes!

Click here to see the new location.

WTF Is Going On With J.C. Penney?


Last week, J.C. Penney announced it will cut 2,000 jobs and close 33 underperforming stores as it tries to reverse poor profit performance. You might also be aware that the struggling department store has had quite the baffling year—from CEO changes and questionable tactics to bizarre commercials and plunging sales. Here, a little timeline of what the retailer has been up to:

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Three Sirens Boutique Is Closing

store-closedSad news arrived in my inbox over the weekend: Old City’s Three Sirens Boutique is closing its doors on January 12th. I chatted with owner Emma Carpenter about why she’s closing, the difficulties she faced as an independent boutique owner in Philly, and what she thinks Old City needs to be a thriving retail destination. Her answers might surprise you, and they’ll certainly give you an interesting look at what it’s like to be on the other side of the counter.

Spoiler alert: It’s not always pretty.