The Menu at Abe Fisher

abe-fisher-logoMichael Solomonov’s Abe Fisher will be opening on Tuesday, September 2nd. Co-owner Steven Cook says “everything from Montreal-style smoked meat and Ukrainian borscht to the American Jewish tradition of Chinese food on Christmas is fair game” for the restaurant that celebrates the Jewish Diaspora.

The Sansom Street restaurant next to Cook+Solo’s Dizengoff and across from Federal Donuts will have seating for 50 plus a full-service bar that seats ten. Two kitchen counter seats will offer a front row view of the action on the line. These seats will be available nightly for walk-in guests.

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Steven Cook and Michael Solomonov Opening Two New Restaurants


Photo by Steve Legato

Photo by Steve Legato

Steven Cook and Michael Solomonov who have gifted us with Federal Donuts, Percy Street Barbecue and Zahav have two new restaurants planned for early 2014. Both will open opposite Federal Donuts on the 1600 block of Sansom Street.

Dizengoff, a casual hummusiya will offer varieties of hummus with fresh pita, condiments and pickles. The 25-seat space will offer a select beer list and be open seven days a week. The restaurant is named for Dizengoff Street, a major Tel Aviv boulevard and the restaurant will be modeled after the hummus spots found all over Israel.

Abe Fisher promises to be “an approachable restaurant serving the cuisine of the Jewish diaspora.” Solomonov says the food will be inspired by “the foods and dishes found in the Jewish communities outside of Israel, from Montreal and New York, to France, Hungary and Italy.”

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Federal Donuts Coming to University City

Federal Donuts - Ryan LavineMichael Klein confirms what a Foobooz commenter posted a few weeks ago. Federal Donuts is coming to Sansom Street in University City. The new space will be next to Doc Magrogan’s Oyster House at 3428 Sansom Street. Steven Cook says “We are thrilled to announce that we will bring our tasty donuts, fried chicken and exceptional coffee to the University of Pennsylvania campus when we open our third Federal Donuts location at 3428 Sansom Street in early 2014.” Cook co-owns Federal Donuts along with Michael Solomonov, Tom Henneman, Bob Logue and Felicia D’Ambrosio.

Also confirmed in Klein’s piece is that another Federal Donuts will indeed open at 7th and Fairmount.

Federal Donuts opening in University City, North Philly [The Insider]

Citron & Rose Moves Forward


The last time we heard anything from Citron & Rose–the kosher restaurant opened in Merion by David Magerman, Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook–it was that Cook, Solo and their chef, Yehuda Sichel were leaving. It was a weird moment and no one really seemed to know what to make of the sudden rupturing of the partnership that had brought to the Main Line one of the most interesting restaurants it’d seen in years.

But now there’s new news from C&R, and it’s pretty big.

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UPDATED: Solomonov and Cook Out At Citron & Rose?


Yes, they are. And they’re taking their chef, Yehuda Sichel, with them.

Official word has just come down from the Cook/Solo camp, saying that they “have concluded [their] consulting arrangement with Citron and Rose,” and that Sichel–who has been chef de cuisine since before the place even opened to the public–will be headed back to Zahav (where he came from) “temporarily.”

So what does all this mean? We’re not sure yet. We know that Citron & Rose is staying open (despite losing its exec chef, chef de cuisine and partners), and that owner David Magerman is still in control. But really, that’s pretty much ALL we know at the moment. You can read the statement from Cook and Solomonov yourself after the jump.

The official statement (AND UPDATES), right this way

Percy Street BBQ Gets a New Menu


Photo by Drew Lazor

Percy Street BBQ has been rolling out a new menu this month. The menu gets a bit away from the orthodox Texas barbecue roots of the South Street barbecue spot and gives chef Erin O’Shea a chance to show off what she can do. Don’t worry though, the brisket is still the brisket, but check out some of these new menu items.

Owner Steve Cook tells us the new menu answers the question, how’s the best way to prepare this. Take the pork belly, which has been reitroduced as an appetizer, the dish is now served with potato bread, cured egg yolk  and a touch of sweetness by way of maple syrup. And it already has picked up fans. Another new item, the lamb ribs are served with braised sauerkraut and apples.

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Citron & Rose Has An Opening Date (And A Menu)

While it seems like we’ve been waiting forever for Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook to get their newest (non-fried-chicken-and-donut) concept off the ground, we now have official word that Citron & Rose, the partners’ Glatt kosher deli at 370 Montgomery Avenue in Merion, will be opening to the public at 5pm on Wednesday, November 7. Honest to god, this has to be the best food news to happen on the Main Line in forever.

But we don’t just have the opening date. We’ve also got some details on the menu and the kosher cocktails (yeah, you read that right) being put together by Cook, Solo and chef Yehuda Sichel. Check ‘em out after the jump.

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More Federal Donuts Coming Your Way Soon

Apparently, partners Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook just don’t know when to stop.

Which is good, because, as a proponent of the too-much-of-a-good-thing-is-never-enough school, I personally think there should be as many Federal Donuts locations as there are Dunkin’ Donuts locations–meaning one every six blocks or so. And it seems that Cook and Solo feel the same way because, in this morning’s Laban interview with the partners, Solomonov described his vision for the future of Federal Donuts:

“I just want to get big enough,” says the chef, who also co-owns Zahav, “where we can have delivery guys in chicken suits scooting around town on mopeds fueled by recycled fryer oil. How awesome would that be?”

That would be precisely super-awesome, actually. As a matter of fact, I am four-square in favor of anything that involves people in animal costumes rolling around town on scooters, motorcycles, tricycles, whatever. And the fact that these chicken-suited heroes would also be carrying delicious fried chicken and donuts to people in need? Well that’s just better.

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