Nomad’s Roman Pizza Gets Closer

Photo by Alex Tewfik

Photo by Alex Tewfik

Construction is underway at Nomad’s new pizza spot at 1305 Locust Street. As seen in the photo above, a Nomad Pizza awning has installed. Work continues inside, but not on a pizza oven, Nomad’s Stalin Bedon and Tom Grim can rely on the oven that has been there when the space was Girasole and Spiga.

Interestingly, the name on the awning is Nomad Pizza but Michael Klein reported that the name will be Nomad Roman. A tip that the pair plan on offering suddenly en vogue Roman style of pizza that has sprung up on menus around town, including at Pizzeria Vetri and Bufad Roman-style round pies.

Nomad Roman [f8b8z]

Foobooz TV: Nomad Pizza, Ready For Its Close Up

In terms of restaurant world trade-offs, the one that happened at 7th and Kater is just about the best deal anyone could hope for. Yes, we lost Horizons when it bailed on the space back in July, but Richard Landau and Kate Jacoby leaving South Street meant they were free to go on and open Vedge in Washington Square West–which, according to all reliable sources, is the kind of place that can make even a dedicated carnivore weep at the deliciousness of a radish.

In the meantime, Horizons closure cleared the way for Tom Grim and Stalin Bedon to bring more than just a pizza truck to Philly. It allowed them to open another brick-and-mortar location of their interstate Nomad Pizza empire (the other location is in Hopewell, NJ), which had local pizza fanatics drooling from the word “go.”

And now, with all the final details cleared up and that big, beautiful oven cranking, Nomad is ready to debut. There’s a friends and family dinner tonight. Tomorrow, the place opens for business for real. Here’s what it will look like when the doors finally open.