Spotted: Spruce Street Harbor Park Has a Nesting Goose

goose-chifa-940Did you know Canada geese were big fans of Iron Chef Jose Garces’s pork belly bao buns? At least that appears the case as a goose has built a nest just above the Chifa stand at Spruce Street Harbor Park.

The Spruce Goose has been nesting on the container since it was installed, around May 15th. The Delaware River Waterfront Corp’s Emma Fried-Cassoria says no one has gotten a good look inside the nest to see if there are any eggs or goslings in the nest. But as soon as we find out, we’ll let you know.

Spruce Street Harbor Park [Foobooz]

WATCH: Video Captures First Weekend at Spruce Street Harbor Park

In the fifth episode of his “Uncover Philly” series, videographer Cory J. Popp brings us the first weekend of Spruce Street Harbor Park (SSHP)—a perfect minute-and-thirty-second video to get lost in if you haven’t had the chance to check out the glowing oasis on the Delaware Waterfront.

The flick captures everything we’ve heard about SSHP so far: the outdoor roller rink, the food trucks, the hammocks. But it really gets into its groove around the 16-second mark, when the city goes dark and those hanging, light saber-like tree lights illuminate the communal spaces underneath. It’s like something out of a fairyland. Delaware River Waterfront Corporation definitely turned up the notch on SSHP this year. Check out the video above, then head out to experience it for yourself if you haven’t already.


PHOTOS: Sneak Peek at Spruce Street Harbor Park, Roller Rink


We are just over a week away from Spruce Street Harbor Park’s May 22nd opening, and the site is starting to take shape. The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation was nice enough to walk me around Spruce Street Harbor Park and the Summerfest roller skating rink today to show off some of the progress.

You can get a first glimpse of the park at the Endless Summer fundraiser party, held next Thursday, May 20th from 7pm to 10pm. Tickets are $20 and include a drink. DJ Foxx Boogie spins at the rink, while Ernest Stuart plays jazz at SSHP. Read more »

DRWC Releases Summer at the Waterfront Schedule of Events

Summerfest - Penn's Landing

Summerfest rendering courtesy of the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation

Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC) is keeping things bustling along our eastern shore this summer, with Philly’s first outdoor roller rink at Blue Cross RiverRink Summerfest and, of course, Spruce Street Harbor Park. If that wasn’t enough, today, they’ve rolled out a schedule of more than 70 free events taking place at the aforementioned locations and Penn’s Landing and Race Street Pier.

It all starts this weekend, with the Art Star Craft Bazaar, and continues through the end of September with everything from the Roots Picnic and the Philly Pride celebration to more low-key affairs like free movie nights and yoga on Race Street Pier. Highlights of the summer below:

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Headlines: Get Ready for Creative Pop Up Spaces Aplenty This Summer

The warmer weather isn’t the only treat we’ve been given the past week or so. The announcements of the summer pop up sites and festivities have been coming fast and furious. Last week, Foobooz informed us that there will be three (yes, three) PHS Pop Up Beer Gardens this season. We’ll let you wrap your head around that for a second…

… you good? Okay, let’s go.

Yesterday, Foobooz dropped more knowledge on us: the food options at Spruce Street Harbor Park/Riverrink Summerfest and the new designs at The Porch 2.0 at 30th Street StationRead more »

This Year, You’ll be Eating Well on the Riverfront

spruce-street-harbor-park-barges-matt-stanley-940Spruce Street Harbor Park Presented by Univest/Valley Green Bank and Blue Cross RiverRink Summerfest have announced their food partners and the ante has been upped. Franklin Fountain, Shane Confectionery, Federal Donuts, and the revival of Chifa will all go a long way towards making 2015 a year to head to the Delaware River.

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Spruce Street Harbor Park Back for Season Two


The hammocks and LED lights will be back | Photo by Matt Stanley

The Spruce Street Harbor Park is back for a second season. The brainchild of the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation, the park brought LED lights, hammocks, shuffleboard, beer and food to Penn’s Landing for two wonderful months last summer.

This year the Park will also offer a longer boardwalk, more hammocks, more seating, more tables and more greenery.

The Harbor Park, which saw a half-million visitors in 2014 will also have expanded food and drink options. Garces Group will return with all new restaurant concepts, and there will be collaborations with other notable Philadelphia restaurateurs.

Also new this year will be the Blue Cross RiverRink Summerfest. The winter’s ice rink attraction is being transformed into a roller rink for the summer, complete with an island of shade in the middle of the rink. The Lodge is being transformed into a boathouse, with decor to match. Inside the boathouse will be fans, misters and a place to have a bite to eat, a drink and to relax.

The Harbor Park will be open from May 22nd to the end of September, a full month more in 2014.

Spruce Street Harbor Park, Riverfront Roller Rink to Open Memorial Day Weekend [Ticket]
Spruce Street Harbor Park [Foobooz]

Spruce Street Harbor Park, Riverfront Roller Rink to Open Memorial Day Weekend

Spruce Street Harbor Park

Spruce Street Harbor Park image courtesy Delaware River Waterfront Corporation

Spruce Street Harbor Park is coming back. And this year, it will be open a month longer — and there will be a roller rink right next door.

Mayor Nutter, along with with Delaware River Waterfront Corporation officials and corporate sponsors, announced this afternoon details on the second summer of Spruce Street Harbor Park. It will open May 22nd, a month earlier than last year, and will stay open until the end of September.

Also opening Memorial Day weekend is Blue Cross RiverRink Summerfest—a roller-skating rink that complements the ice rink housed at Penn’s Landing every winter. “The development and additions to the Delaware River Waterfront in recent years is truly remarkable,” Nutter said in a statement. “Philadelphians and visitors alike have a new area of the city to explore and enjoy. Read more »

Spruce Street Harbor Park Closes With Free Concert and More


Photo by Matt Stanley

Spruce Street Harbor Park officially closes on Sunday, September 28th, but, as you can probably imagine, it’s not leaving without a big ol’ bash.

The weekend-long closing festivities climax with a free concert on Saturday night by Philly bands Bardo Pond, Spacin’, and Needle Points.

The show starts 7 p.m. and will go until 10 p.m. More information here.

Besides that, there is a whole weekend schedule of events to celebrate the park’s departure—everything from circus performers to photo-booth antics to pumpkin-carving contests. Check out the full lineup below:

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