From Trash to Treasure: The Story of the Ugliest House in America

HomeVestors franchisee Tom Beerley turned this ugly duckling in Springfield into a swan. | Photos courtesy Tom Beerley via HomeVestors

HomeVestors franchisee Tom Beerley turned this ugly duckling in Springfield into a swan. | Before photos: Tom Beerley via HomeVestors; after photos: Pravada Photography via HomeVestors

You’ve seen those big yellow billboards that proclaim “We Buy Ugly Houses,” right?

Those are the work of HomeVestors, a company that franchises its services to investors who would like to help owners of properties in distress.

Each year, the company sponsors a competition among its franchisees to identify the “Ugliest House in America” as a way of showcasing the work HomeVestors buyers do.

And “showcase” is precisely what the 2016 Ugliest House in America, a two-story home built in 1945 in Springfield, Delaware County, became thanks to the efforts of franchisee Tom Beerley.

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Springfield, PA Ranks High on “Most Like The Simpsons” List

Bart Simpson messes with your head, via

Bart Simpson messes with your head, via

Estately Real Estate Search analyzed 11 different data sets to arrive at its rankings of which actual cities most resemble the fictional Springfield portrayed on “The Simpsons.”  The chart below shows the criteria as well as each state’s ranking in each category. As you’ll see, Pennsylvania does well not only with power plants, which we knew, but with businesses named “Moe’s,” which I would not personally have assumed.

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Jewel Mae: An Italian Villa in Springfield Township

Exterior of Jewel Mae

Exterior of Jewel Mae

Meet the Jewel Mae, a Springtown home fashioned after Italian villas. As can be seen from the photos, its earthy stucco façade, vine-covered garden pergola, and indoor claw foot bathtub (that overlooks part of the giardino) ensure it maintains an Italian aesthetic.

Other highlights include antique carved doors and rustic chandeliers hanging from fifteen foot beamed ceilings. Flooring is comprised of antique pine and heated limestone; arched and double windows have barn wood sills.

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Springfield Country Club’s Tavola Gets a Big Expansion


The Springfield Country Club in Delaware County has expanded its Tavola Bar & Grill with a 6,000 square foot outdoor area. The new area includes dining and lounge areas, a covered bar, misting system, and three fire pits. The expansion aims to make the Springfield Country Club and Tavola a wedding destination.

Check out more on the space at Philadelphia magazine’s Bridal Bulletin.