SEPTA: Don’t Take Selfies on Train Tracks

By Jim Pickerell, 1936-, Photographer (NARA record: 4588217) - U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, Public Domain,

SEPTA tracks in Philadelphia’s Northwest suburbs. | Jim Pickerell, (NARA record: 4588217)U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, Public Domain.

Chances are you’ve seen more than one photo of a young couple strolling aimlessly along a set of old-wooden train tracks. The images are iconic, they’re romanic — and they’re risky. While train track pictures are a photographer’s dream because of the elegant converging lines and scenic backdrop, they’re also a train engineer’s worst nightmare.

As the weather warms up, and the trees begin to bloom, SEPTA is attempting to discourage spring photographers looking to hold such photo shoots from heading to the tracks.  Read more »

What Spring Sounds Like in Windows-Open South Philly

Dickinson Square Park | M. Fischetti for Visit Philadelphia

Dickinson Square Park | M. Fischetti for Visit Philadelphia

There are a lot of ways to measure the arrival of spring in Philly.

Technically, it began March 20th, before the last snow of the year, weeks after that deadbeat groundhog waddled out of bed. Easter isn’t usually a bad benchmark—although that, too, was followed by snow this time around. I used to welcome it the first time my cat delivered a dead baby animal to the doorstep, but ever since Saffron retired, I go by a more optimistic milestone: the first weekend that the windows stay open.

Which is to say, finally, happy spring.

Did it feel good? In true Philly fashion, it was almost too warm. Did it look good? Let’s just say there were a lot of jean shorts and tube socks walking down my block Saturday afternoon. Did it smell good? “Sweet” and “breeze” very rarely go in the same sentence around these parts.

But damn, did it sound good. From Friday night through Sunday evening, last weekend was a pitch-perfect snapshot of the finest season in the finest city. (Brief disclaimer: I’m from here and can’t distinguish the rolling tide of the ocean from the rolling tide of I-95.)

This is what spring sounds like in windows-open South Philly:  Read more »

Cheat Sheet: Your Go-To Guide for Storing Spring and Summer Produce

Greensgrow's spring CSA share | Photo via Facebook

Greensgrow’s spring CSA share | Photo via Facebook

There is nothing worse than getting home from the farmers’ market with an overflowing bag of beautiful produce, then realizing you actually have zero clue where in your kitchen you should store any of it. If you’re like me, you end up just throwing everything in the fridge and praying for the best, then going on with your day. (Hey, I’ve got things to do: My Sunday Aztec Clay mask is not going to apply itself!) But no more of this uncaring produce-related behavior. We are adults and adults store their leafy greens in the right place! To figure out, uh, where that is, we chatted with farmer Katelyn Repash and CSA manager Katie Jacoby of Greensgrow, an urban farm in Kensington, to get the full scoop on how, exactly, to store our favorite spring and summer produce properly. And again, if you’re anything like me, you’re doing plenty of things flat-out wrong. Read more »

Philadelphia Running Calendar: 10 Spring 2016 Races to Have on Your Radar 

As we mentioned just yesterday, spring is right around the corner (12 days, folks!) and we could not be more jazzed. And with the spring comes a slew of spring races. To help you narrow the long, long list down, we reached out to some of our runner friends in Philly and asked them which spring races they can’t wait to run this year.

They listed ‘em off and now we present you with this: 10 spring races to have on your radar, from annual favorites like the ODDyssey Half Marathon to newbies like the Philly 5 Mile. Take your pick! Read more »

13 Reasons We Can’t Wait for Warm Weather in Philly

Yoga on the Pier | Photo by Matt Stanley

Yoga on the Pier | Photo by Matt Stanley

Lately, the weather has been like a flaky Tinder date. One minute, it’s sunny and warm and the next, it’s cold and isn’t answering your texts. Okay, maybe the ghosting-on-texts part doesn’t apply, but the cold definitely does. This week alone, the temperatures are supposed to flip-flop between the 40s and the 70s. Just as confusing as your last Tinder fling, right?

But the first day of spring is just 13 days away (!!), which means that temperamental weather should soon — hopefully! — be a thing of the past, with warm temps here to stay through September or so. Below, 13 reasons we can’t freakin’ wait for warm weather in Philly. If you’ve got reasons to add, list ‘em off in the comments! Read more »

WATCH: “Philly in Bloom” Catches Philadelphia in All Its Springtime Glory

Philly videographer Cory Popp has wowed us with videos over the past few years, namely a couple works that feature Philadelphia covered in snow and ice. They were gorgeous in the dead of winter, when we didn’t mind looking at stuff like that, but ain’t nobody got time for that right now. With that in mind, I present Popp’s latest, “Philly in Bloom.”

Read more »

TONIGHT: Earth Day Dinner at Vegan Commissary

Even Vegan Food Can Be Delicious

Even Vegan Food Can Be Delicious

For those of you who don’t have a lot of tree-hugging friends posting about it on Instagram, today is Earth Day. Inexplicably, despite the gravitas of this enormous day, I was still expected to show up to work today. I know, it’s shocking how little people care about our planet. Nonetheless, some people know how to celebrate Earth Day correctly. Tonight, Vegan Commissary is taking a break from serving its traditional weekend brunch fare and opening up for a four-course $45 dinner.

The menu is heavy on the spring flavors, and right now is arguably the best time to eschew meat and dairy anyway because the produce is just starting to get exciting again. I mean, I’m not going to be a vegan, but I support you if you are.

The first course is a baby arugula salad with rhubarb and strawberries, followed by asparagus and artichokes served with sprouted barley and meyer lemon. The main course is risotto with spring greens, morels, and black pepper ricotta, and dessert will be a caramel coconut budino with pineapple and pistachios.

You can make reservations by calling (215) 964-3232.

Vegan Commissary [official]

8 Reasons to Go for a Run Today (Besides the Amazing Weather)

Photo via Schuylkill Banks/Facebook

Photo via Schuylkill Banks/Facebook

Have you been outside today? It. Is. Amazing. It’s 70 degrees and sunny, and basically everything we’ve all been dreaming about for the past six months. And it is the perfect running weather. But if sunshine isn’t enough incentive to get you to lace up your sneakers, we’ve got a few more reasons you should definitely get out for a run today — like to get your runner’s high on, for one — below. Read more »

Market Report: The Most Figure-Flattering Looks to Wear this Spring

Images via Net-A-Porter, Intermix, and brownsfashiononline.

Images via Net-A-Porter, Intermix, and brownsfashiononline.

  • Transitioning from winter’s effortless layering can be tricky. Behold, a guide to figure-flatting spring fashion to ease the transition. [Vogue]
  • At last, Kardashian lips are attainable for us mere mortals. Warning: bruise mustaches might be a side effect. [Elle]
  • Mascara has a knack for getting, well, everywhere when you’re in a rush. Here’s how to get mascara off of basically anything. [Refinery29]

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