Spencer’s ETA Burger Changes Hours So You Can Eta More Burgers

Diners of University City prepare yourself; its about to get meaty. The brother restaurant of Sabrina’s Cafe, Spencer ETA Burger, is changing its hours and is now open Sun-Mon 11 a.m. – 9 p.m., and Tues-Sat 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. Basically what this change means is that you can treat yourself to one of their various burgers every day of the week for brunch, lunch or dinner. If you’re not aware of what type of patties Spencer’s has to offer, well, we suggest you familiarize yourself. Choose from beef, turkey or veggie patties and enjoy their versions of extremely avante garde burgers. We’re talking over the top, like the Ultimate Spencer Burger,  which features your choice of patty on brioche with mixed greens, grilled turkey bacon, poached apples, roasted red pepper, cheddar cheese and a caramelized red onion raspberry herb ketchup. Talk about a mouthful —not that we’re complaining.

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Six Pack: Veggie Burgers in Philadelphia

Travel + Leisure named Philadelphia the no. 2 burger city in all of America this year jumping up from last year’s paltry no. 22, and second only to Providence, Rhode Island, which, if we’re being honest, at less than 21 square miles barely counts as a city anyway.

So with that said, by my count that makes the City of Brotherly Love the best burger town in the US of A. So with cheesesteaks and burgers it looks like we’ve got the meat thing down. But what to do about our vegan brothers and sisters? Luckily, it looks like Philly is improving on this front as well, serving up killer veggie burgers at some of the same joints making our top meaty burgers. Even if you’re not a vegetarian, try one of these six options on for size. Who knows? Maybe you’ll convert. (But probably not.)

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Spencer’s Burgers Are All About the Toppings

Brian Freedman took a trip on over to Drexel‘s campus to check out Spencer ETA Burger, brought to campus by the team behind Sabrina’s (the brunch spot’s West Philly locale is in the same building). What he found there was “drunk-food par excellence” and patties with scene-stealing toppers that’ll make the biggest carnivore love Spencer’s veggie burgers.

The homemade toppings here take center stage, not just over the meatless burgers but over the beef as well. The meat is fine, mind you—plenty juicy and seasoned with a deft hand—but the toppings tend to be so generously applied, and occasionally so baroque in their constituent combination of components, they simply steal the proverbial show.

The Toppings Are What Stand Out At Spencer ETA Burger [Philadelphia Weekly]
Spencer ETA Burger [Official Site]

Photo by Felicia Perretti.

Spencer ETA Burger Is Now Open

Spencer ETA Burger has just opened on the campus of Drexel University. The burger spot that is owned by the same crew behind Sabrina’s Cafe and is right across the hall from the Sabrina’s in Ross Commons.

All burgers come are available with angus, turkey or vegetable varieties for $8.50. Combos that include fries and a drink are $12.

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New Sabrina’s In West Philly Is Just A Start

The Italian Market already has a Sabrina’s–where the lines for the luxurious brunch can often stretch long with dedicated fans willing to put in the time to wait for their favorite tables to open. There’s another, more casual location in Fairmount, housed in a converted diner, and the crowds have a tendency to stack up there as well.

And as of two weeks ago, there’s now a third Sabrina’s–a West Philly/Powelton Village version, right on Drexel’s Fraternity Row (227 N. 34th Street, to be exact). But even without the address, it would be tough to miss this one, since it opened inside the historic Victorian mansion right on the corner of 34th and Powelton.

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