SoWe Makes Way for The Strip Joint


Yesterday marked the last night for SoWe at 918 S 22nd Street. The Graduate Hospital (South West Center City) gastropub has closed to be rebranded.

The new concept, which is aiming to open on Saturday, January 25th, will be the The Strip Joint – “for the love of steak.”

The following was posted late last week on SoWe’s Facebook page.

Read SoWe’s statement and weigh in on the name. » 

Where We’re Eating: SoWe in Graduate Hospital

sowe-bar-400I’ve gotten better service at the DIY froyo place off South Street than I did at SoWe. One Saturday night, I made a reservation for 8:15. The table wasn’t ready then, so our party of four was ushered outside, where we waited five minutes for a server, and then another 10 minutes for the drinks she forgot to bring us. The cocktails were comped, which almost made up for the fact that it was nearly 9 p.m. when we were finally seated—at a hastily arranged table outside the dining room, next to the bar, with broken hinges that kept knocking big flanks of wood against our knees. After the move, our food was brought out at random. My mussels and mac-and-cheese gratin were delivered simultaneously, while my friend’s starter soup came after her tuna tartare. Oh, and then our waiter decided to argue with us when we raised objections. If the food had been exceptional, the nonstop horrific service might have been forgiven. Alas, it was not.

SoWe [Foobooz]

First appeared in the December, 2013 issue of Philadelphia magazine.

Tonight: Free Food, Booze And Bacon At SoWe


So sure, you could go out tonight and pay for your dinner like a sucker. Or you could head over to G-Ho’s SoWe where they’re celebrating their first anniversary by giving away the house to anyone who makes it through the door.

So what’s on the giveaway list? How ’bout free sliders from the kitchen (burger, pork belly, chick pea fritter, meatball, chicken mole and vegan reuben varieties), free draft beers from the bar, free samples of the new chocolate bacon bourbon adult milkshakes being mixed up by bar manager Craig Steel (yes that’s his real name, but you can make fun of him anyway) and free homemade mini ice cream sandwich cookies from chef Jenn Choplin.

Or, you know, you could go and pay for a 20-piece order of chicken McNuggets and go eat them alone in your dark apartment. Your call.

SoWe [Official]

SoWe Bar & Kitchen Begins Sunday Night Dinner Series


Hey, speaking of Justin Swain, SoWe Bar & Kitchen has just introduced their new collaborative dinner series, which features the Rex 1516 chef as the first guest chef  this Sunday, April 21. The kitchen will be serving an innovative four-course prix-fixe menu created by Swain and executed by him, SoWe’s regular chef, Jenn Choplin and the SoWe crew.

This is part of a special collaborative dinner series featuring up-and-coming sous chefs (and star bartenders) preparing their best drinks and dishes for diners. This special event will be held every third Sunday of the month for the rest of the year with a rotating line-up of chefs and bartenders.

Check out Swain’s inaugural menu after the jump

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Chef Jennifer Choplin Rolls Out Her First Menu at SoWe


Chef Jennifer Choplin who spent time cooking for Joey Chmiko at Resurrection Ale House is back in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood at SoWe. She’s been there a few months now and has recently rolled out her first full menu at the 22nd and Carpenter bar/restaurant.

The new menu features items like taco tartare, spicy pork rinds, a vegan reuben, a meatball sandwich, hoisin glazed crispy pork belly and her own take on fried chicken. Also available, doggie ice cream for furry customers who will be hanging out at the outdoor seats.

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Four Local Restaurants on United States of Bacon Tonight


Tonight at 7 p.m. on Destination America, formerly Discovery Home & Leisure, is featuring four local restaurants on United States of Bacon. As you might expect there’s a ton of bacon on the show but we have to raise an eyebrow over the inclusion of McNally’s Tavern’s Schmitter. Surely a great gluttonous sandwich, but as the diagram above shows, bacon is not a normal part of the Schmitter. Now bacon is available for a dollar add-on, but who needs bacon when you already have steak, grilled salami, cheese, fried onions, tomatos, special sauce and even more cheese?

Four Philadelphia stops on United States of Bacon and some deals »

Free Frozen Yogurt, Free Pulled Pork, Free Shake Shack and Free Breakfast This Weekend

In the event that your payday falls next Friday instead of today, here are some free offers to note:

PhillyChitChat announces via TwitPic that today is the grand opening of Red Mango, where they’re giving away free frozen yogurt (with toppings!) from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Also, t-shirts to the first 100 customers, in case you feel the need to rock a frozen yogurt tee. Read more »

SoWe Opening in One Week in Graduate Hospital

Nancy Law and Troy Barton are a week away from opening SoWe at 22nd and Carpenter, Monday, April 23rd is the targeted date. The bar and restaurant takes over from Divan Turkish Kitchen and features a menu from Royal Tavern alum, Maureen Stoebenau. The menu features a selection of snacks, salads, sandwiches and plates. The menu tops out at $21 with the 5 Spice Chili Rubbed Duck Breast served with mustard greens, soba noodles, peanuts, charred pepper sauce.

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