Naval Square Is in Southwest Philly? Coulda Fooled Me


A reader just sent us a link to a late-January article by Inquirer real estate writer Al Heavens about a unit at Naval Square, the gated Toll Bros. community on Grays Ferry Avenue across from Fitzwater Street and off of 24th Street. It’s headlined “Not just any house for sale in S.W. Phila.” In my past Adventures in Journalism, I’ve learned that it’s unlikely Heavens wrote that headline himself, which makes sense for two reasons: 1. He wouldn’t want to piss off Toll Bros., who would absolutely chafe at an association with Southwest Philly, and 2. It’s a plumb stupid thing to say.

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Prediction: This Newly Listed Graduate Hospital House Will Go Fast

Here’s a newly listed home in Graduate Hospital, aka GradHo, South of South or Southwest Center City. There has been much confusion over the area’s name since the closure of Graduate Hospital, but then again, why rock the boat? Many neighborhoods in Philadelphia have historical names that no longer apply to current circumstances, like Fishtown or Gray’s Ferry. In Squirrel Hill, you might reasonably ask: Where is the hill? (Plenty of squirrels, however.) In Cobbs Creek, you’d be hard pressed to find a member of the Cobb family that settled there. Strawberry Mansion’s homes are not, as some children were told, huge houses made out of strawberries. (Children who were told this may have been traumatized for life. Just editorial speculation, here.)

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