Video: South Street Idiots Break Jim’s Steaks’ Windows

The moment of impact.

The moment of impact.

Every time we start to believe that South Street might be improving, something like this happens. Just before 3 a.m. on Sunday morning some guys decided it would be fun to pound on and eventually ram into the front windows at cheesesteak institution Jim’s Steaks, breaking two large panes and causing what the owner says was $1,850 in damage. Read more »

Fat Tuesday Flashback: the South Street Mardi Gras Riot of 2001


Mardi Gras revelers vandalize a television news van on South Street in Philadelphia late Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2001. About a dozen stores were looted or vandalized as police tried to clear thousands of Mardi Gras revelers from a popular entertainment district.

Easter is early this year, which means Lent is about to start when it’s about 20 degrees outside. That will probably prevent any outdoor celebrations of Mardi Gras today, and everything is scheduled indoors. The rowdiest event seems to be a “bead contest” at Xfinity Live! On South Street, Tattooed Mom’s is holding an Arts and Crafts Happy Hour with proceeds going to Isaiah Zagar’s Magic Gardens.

That wasn’t the case in 2001. Read more »

Foobooz Six Pack: Philly’s Best Pie


Double Crust Apple Pie à la mode from Jones

Philadelphia is a quintessentially American city. We have the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and the Betsy Ross House. Even more important, we have some of the best pies in the country — and there is nothing more American than pie. Here are six of the best places in Philly to get a slice.

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South Street’s Hot Diggity Closes

Menu boards by Hawk Krall

Menu boards by Hawk Krall

Keith Garabedian is closing his South Street hot dog shop after three-and-a-half praise filled years. Hot Diggity immediately seemed like it had always been on South Street and I never considered it would close. Garabedian shares a wonderful thank you letter to his customers, co-conspirators, chef friends and more.

Hot Diggity will be missed.

Read the entire letter on Facebook.

Hot Diggity [Foobooz]

Abner Silver of Jim’s Steaks Dies

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Abner Silver, the owner of Jim’s Steaks on South Street passed away today at age 79. Silver co-owned Jim’s with Bill Proetto since the South Street location opened in the mid-seventies. Silver became the sole owner when Proetto passed in 2011.

Silver, a jazz buff, was responsible for setting up Jim’s first cheesesteak eating stunt back in 1978, when Lynda Kuerth devoured 11 steak sandwiches. Silver was also the founder of Abner’s Steaks in University City.

Silver had suffered from Alzheimers in recent years but passed peacefully today.

Note from Jim’s Steaks »

10 Holiday Attractions You Must See In Philly

WATCH: Bar Rescue at Lickety Split

Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer at Lickety Split | Photo via Spike TV

Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer at Lickety Split | Photo via Spike TV

Last night, Bar Rescue’s Lickety Split episode ran on Spike TV. Jon Taffer remade the bar into two concepts, Alleged Pizza on the first floor and upstairs, 2nd State Lounge. Taffer had plenty to be offended about in the episode, from owner Tom Gaylord’s drinking to the storage of pizza dough.

Check out the highlights here »

The Royal Theater Is Getting Closer to a Proposed Redevelopment Project


There’s still a long way to go, but Carl Dranoff’s redevelopment plans for the Royal Theater are forging ahead.

Dranoff, if you recall, has been seeking legislative rezoning in order to demolish the historic property and build a new mixed-use structure in its place: a 50-foot tall building with 45 “high-end” rental units, 7,600 square feet of commercial space and a green roof. The Royal’s exterior would be the only original feature kept on Dranoff’s new building.

Now, PlanPhilly’s Jared Brey reports that Councilman Kenyatta Johnson has introduced a bill that would allow Dranoff to build his proposed project with additional density along 15th, 16th, South, and Kater streets.

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Dance Like Beyoncé at South Street’s Millennium Dance Complex


Millennium’s wall-to-wall street art |Photo by Lauren Mame Thomas

Attention all dancers (and Dance Moms fanatics): Millennium Dance Complex, the world-renown dance studio company, is opening a location in Philadelphia. Located on South Street in the former home of Pearl Arts & Crafts, the 39,000 square feet dance, arts, and fitness complex will open Friday, November 28th. But this isn’t just any old dance studio. The California-based Millennium has made its name by bringing the biggest choreographers in the biz to its studios to teach classes and workshops.

And boy, are they bringing them. Their opening weekend alone features classes instructed by choreographers for Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, and more.

The majority of the studios classes will be drop-in style, covering all genres of dance with monthly master classes. (Check out Property’s coverage for more info on the building and photos.) Since half the A-list utilizes Millennium’s training facilities (located in Dallas, North Hollywood, Chicago and more) dancers may occasionally see a pop star hanging out while on tour to rehearse or scout talent.

Philadelphia-born owner Lori Ramsay Long and her 15-year-old daughter are to thank for the new complex. After spending years driving her daughter to New York for professional-track dance classes, Long wondered why she couldn’t find similar-quality classes a little closer to home. Now young dancers from the region can get top-tier training from a rotating cast of celeb teachers without the lengthy and costly commute.

Despite being a West Coast import, Millennium is fully embracing its South Street surroundings: its four huge studios are named after the letters in “Pearl” and marked with pieces of the art store’s original sign.

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