Police Looking for South Philly Arsonist

The South Philadelphia arson suspect walks through the Sunoco gas station at 18th and Oregon.

The South Philadelphia arson suspect walks through the Sunoco gas station at 18th and Oregon.

The Philadelphia Police Department is asking for the public’s help to identify a man wanted for arson in South Philadelphia. Read more »

Cops to South Philly Drivers: Um, Don’t Leave Your Car Running

Cat on the roof of a car

A cat on the roof of a car (that has not been stolen) in South Philadelphia | Photo: Dan McQuade

Police have a message for car-owning residents of South Philadelphia: Don’t leave your car running.

According to the Bella Vista Neighbors Association newsletter, police have noticed an uptick in car thefts on the eastern half of South Philly this year.

In the last 30 days, 41 cars were stolen in the 3rd District, which goes from the river to Broad and Bainbridge to the stadiums. Police report that 25 of them were stolen with the keys in the ignition and the motor running. “Police advise drivers, including delivery drivers, to take keys with them and skip warming up the car or truck,” says the newsletter. Read more »

A South Philly Woman Voted in a Dinosaur Costume

Shaunna Van Elsis stopped this afternoon when she saw her Halloween costume still sitting on the floor of her room. She’d worn a giant inflatable dinosaur outfit on Halloween and hadn’t put it away yet. She was cleaning the house and picked up her costume.

“I just looked at it,” she says. “I hadn’t voted yet, and I’m like: You know what, you see all those YouTube videos of the dinosaurs ice skating, and I figured, ‘Why not?’” Read more »

Video: In 2016, This Shit Still Happens to Gay People in Philly

South Philadelphia resident Donald Whitfield caught on video calling his gay neighbor a "faggot."

South Philadelphia resident Donald Whitfield caught on video calling his gay neighbor a “faggot.”

If you haven’t been to South Philadelphia since the 1990s, a lot has changed.

Yes, there are all sorts of trendy bars serving fancy beers, and you can get award-winning Norwegian and French fare on the same strip where you’ll still find old-school linguini and meatballs. But one of the most noticeable and dramatic differences that this historic neighborhood has seen is an incredible influx of gay residents.

Indeed, South Philadelphia has become its own gay mecca. And that’s why one gay couple was so shocked when their neighbor unleashed a homophobic tirade on Tuesday night. Read more »

WATCH: Residents Chase, Catch Runaway Pig on Washington Avenue

An animal control officer and a pig in South Philly

A member of animal control attempts to corral a pig that was loose in South Philadelphia on Labor Day | Photo via Dave Lembeck

It was an ordinary Labor Day for Colin Weir — to begin with, at least. He was browsing a Facebook group for his neighborhood, Southwest Center City Philadelphia, when he saw a fascinating post: There was a pig in an empty lot at the corner of 24th and Washington. As he went to investigate, his wife, Lisa, handed him a slip-lead collar and leash. The hunt was on. Read more »

Dept. of Minor Miracles: Nobody Is Parked on the Broad Street Median Today

Look Ma, no cars in the median! | Photos: Holly Otterbein

Look Ma, no cars in the median! | Photos: Holly Otterbein

This morning, South Philly residents awoke to see something most of them had never seen in their lifetimes: South Broad Street completely free of parked cars in its median.

That was the first miracle. The second was this: the Philadelphia Parking Authority only had to tow away a handful of them.  Read more »

PPA: We’ll Tow Your Car If You Park In the Middle of Broad Street During DNC

Photograph by Claudia Gavin

Photograph by Claudia Gavin

People have been parking their cars in the middle of Broad Street for as long as anyone can remember, even though it’s against the law. It’s just one of those Philly things, and one that has apparently been going on for at least 100 years. But one agency known best for killing everyone’s fun has announced that your car will be towed if you attempt to park it on the South Broad Street median during the Democratic National Convention. Read more »

An Electric Light Mural Just Arrived in South Philly

A light installation titled “Electric Street” just arrived in South Philly, and it looks exactly how it sounds.

The mural is the brainchild of artist David Guinn and lighting designer Drew Billiau, and it’s up and ready to view on Percy Street, just south of 9th and Wharton streets. Streets Dept.’s Conrad Benner has pinned the location on Google maps, since it’s a little difficult to find.

Read more »

Bok Adds Six New Tenants, Immersive Art Exhibit

Photo Courtesy of Klip Collective

Photo Courtesy of Klip Collective

The former Bok Technical High School — now just known as “Bok” and owned by Scout Ltd., added six new tenants and an immersive temporary art exhibit this week.

The building is at just over 10 percent occupancy of its approximately 216,000 square feet of leasable space, Liz Maillie, leasing manager for Scout Ltd. told Philadelphia magazine.

The new tenants include the Garces Foundation, Top Banana Printing, Revival Letterpress, Philly Security Shell and a furniture design company, Milder Office. Read more »

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